All you need to know about artificial flowers compositions

All you need to know about artificial flowers compositions

Artificial Interior Floristics became popular in ancient times. With it, you can emphasize the appearance of the premises, give him a highlight. Any event will become stylish, festive, exquisite.

Pros and cons

Artificial colors compositions are characterized by a number of positive parties.

  1. For a long service life. For a long time Floral products retain an attractive view.

  2. Artificial flowers do not need to make feeding, transplantation or watering.

  3. Pests and pathological conditions do not affect artificial plants.

  4. Similar interior compositions do not cause allergic reactions in people with increased sensitivity to pollen flower crops.

  5. Masters needlework appear opportunities for showing their skills, professional skills.

  6. Artificial floral products will stand in any room even in conditions when it is too hot or cold, without losing its attractiveness.

  7. The ability to select various color solutions, regardless of taste preferences. If desired, designers recommend painting flowers in the desired shade.

  8. Artificial plants do not come into disrepair. You do not need to worry that their pets will damage them.

  9. Return an attractive appearance of culture can wash in warm water with soap.

Artificial colors have and negative sides. After some time, the product is unpainted, dust settles on the surface. In the second case, to solve the problem, it is necessary to wash the product. Burnout corrected will not work. Such a plant will have to throw.

The composition is distinguished by static. She will not give new buds, sprouts. And the flowers do not smell. To correct this shortcoming will help the application of essential oils.

Review of species

Artificial floral compositions are popular. They are beautiful, stylish. Autumn Artificial Flowers Going to Outdoor, Wall Mounted, Desktop, Decorative Bouquets. Put the decor on the table, hang horizontally on the wall.

Attractive look Suspended composition. For this apply small flowers.

Various specimens look in the bouquet. Beautifully watch a combination of roses with orchids. Such a suspension composition will fit the room with an original one, will make it alive, contributes to creating a positive attitude.

In a pot

Such plants are accurate copies of real cultures. With their help decorated premises in homes, office buildings, beauty salons and restaurant organizations. The appearance of each species is original.

With this reception, interior defects are successfully masked. In this way, it is easy to hide communication systems and unacted pipe structures.

Eliminate lablems of layouts are also possible using pot artificial plants. Often they cope with this insignificant palm trees and ficuses. In this case, green elements are striking with their unusual forms. They are difficult to distinguish from natural branches and leaves. The base is a floristic sponge or foam.

In the basket

Artificial flowers collected in a beautiful composition using a basket appetively look. Many designers advise floral baskets install inside spacious premises. In small and extended rooms, use such decorations is not recommended. They can visually reduce space.

The basket attractively looks a bouquet of classic type. He is striking his luxury. This vegetable composition is attractively looking with various wall decor options.

In a vase or kashpo

Original issues any solemn or festive event, if you place a vase with flowers or cheat around the perimeter. Compilation of a beautiful bouquet will not take much time. It is necessary to carry out work, taking into account the size and shape of a vase or kashpo.

In this case, the combination of roses and tulips is suitable. Flower arrangements look as original if they are made with orchids, iris and some other plants.

To emphasize the originality of such a composition, you should put a bouquet in a beautiful vase. Decorate flowers can be table. So, it is enough to place wine glasses and glasses along the table, placing inward small bouquets. Decoration of the dining table will also be the use of high glass tanks.

Cachepo with floral plants hang on the walls. You can decorate with their help the territory in the garden, the veranda. Beautiful lilies, original roses, attractive nasturtiums are placed inside. Many other floral plants are also suitable for use.

Panel and Topiaria

The art of creating a panel of flowers is in demand since a long time. These paintings will help to decorate the room, make it attractive. The wire is applied wire, moss.

In modern conditions, the last material was replaced by special sponges. They have artificial plants, greens, fruits. It is done so that there is no free space. Decorative elements take different sizes.

Any space will help to decorate the original Topiari. They emphasize the solemnity of the event, will give ease.

To the original to decorate the living room or any other room, you can sprinkle on the walls of ivy. It will hide all flaws remaining after repair work.


The popularity of this German artistic style is growing every year. For him fit artificial and live flowers. For bidermers choose large floral heads with short stems. Flowerons easy to assemble in a round bouquet.

Compositions in the form of bouquets, while applying both different flowers and identical plants, but made in different color solutions. White roses with purple, as a dominant can perform in this bouquet of pink lily.

The formulation of each of the decorative elements should be dense. Decorate the composition follows with spikelets or beads. In the process of manufacture, you should do everything possible to hide from eye foliage, stems. In paragraph, there must be inflorescences and boutons.

Various compositions emphasize the attractive appearance of the room will make it stylish.

When performing biodemers, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of tones. Especially attractive will be the flowers of gentle and pastel colors.

Features of creating with their own hands

Make a composition of artificial colors is not labor. First you need to prepare everything you need. Arm yourself with the following floristic fittings:

  • Artificial floweries and branches on their taste+

  • Special foam, which will perform the role of a hardened porous sponge+

  • Floral foam (oasis)+

  • Adhesive pistol+

  • scissors, secateur+

  • accessories allowing to decorate a bouquet+

  • Floral special wire.

When everything you need prepared, you can make a bouquet. Imagine step by step how to collect a floral composition.

  1. In the center set large and high copies of flower compositions.

  2. Around small elements. In the same in the height of flowers, legs are cut.

  3. All components are fastened with floristic wire.

  4. Ready bouquet put in a vase, Cachepo, fixing his adhesive gun.

At the last stage The composition is decorated with various decorative elements. Attractive looks bouquet, decorated with satin ribbon, rhinestones, beads and other similar decorations. At the same time, experts recommend to show fantasy, making the design unique.

Where to put interior bouquets?

Put interior bouquets of artificial flowers in any room. It is recommended to choose a place taking into account the layout layout. Consider where those or other flower arrangements made of artificial flower plants will be attractive.


Small vases or baskets suitable for decorating kitchen shelves. They are put next to the banks, inside which are cereals, spices.

Along the walls you can hang kashpo with artificial flowers. Dried flowers, herbs or branches are suitable for kitchen. Dried berries and fruits as decoration as decoration.

Living room

In this room, you can experiment for floristically, to express your fantasy to the full. For the classics it will suit the decoration in the form of a large palm tree. It will allow you to make an angle beautifully.

Attracts attention to the choice of high vase in which you can put roses and gladioli. Pick floral cultures depending on taste preferences.

Lockers, tables, shelves with books are made up with small vouces with artificial flowers. A small vase can also be put on the fireplace available in the room.


In the hallway, the walls decorated with liaans. They emphasize the style and give the charm room. This option is suitable for a narrow hallway.

In the presence of a spacious room, you can set the elongated floor vases with bright bouquets of artificial flower plants. They will give the charm room.


For the bedroom, it is recommended to use all sorts of panels with orchids, roses and other colors. As a decoration, you can put a vase with plants on the dressing table.


For the balcony make a choice in favor of beautiful vases, panels. To create a composition, artificial roses of different colors, lilies, tulips and other plants are used. Walls are decorated with lianams or ivy.

Examples in the interior

Floral compositions are attractively looking at the interior. Consider several examples in more detail.

Bouquets made up of gentle hyacinths or valves will be suitable for the bedroom. Calm dahlias, sunflowers, roses and a number of other artificial flower plants are also selected.

In the halls and halls, the boxes with flowers are attractive. For this, roses, loyers, peonies will fit.

For the decoration of the garden, the balcony or veranda is suitable for a flower arrangement in the form of a cone. Inside place roses of different shades.

Artificial colors are popular. They will allow the originality of the room, making it more attractive.

How can I make a composition of artificial colors See in the video.

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