A variety of applications on the topic Lisa

A variety of applications on the topic & Lisa &

Children love to make appliques on the topic “Fox”. At the same time, appliances needlework can be varied. In the material of this article, we will tell about different ways of performing crafts.

How to make colored paper?

Options for creating the applique “Fox” are diverse.

From geometric figures

The easiest way to make a chanterelle of triangles. For the body draw a large triangle, for frills and tail – medium, for ears – small. They are cut out of paper, then glued to the paper basis.

Looks goodFox from Circles. To perform it use one-sided colored paper. The body is made of two parts of the circles: white smaller and orange larger. Tail make semicircular or arcuate.

For the muzzle cut a circle, then it is bent on both sides, forming a triangle. Ears, nose and paws make small circles. Eyes can be drawn or glued. Beads, buttons, sequins are suitable as them.

From Ladoshek

Crafts for kids can be quite simple. For example, it looks unusualApplique from Ladoshek. Make it in different ways.

For example, cut out of colored paper. And the palms can be imprinted on paper, having dipped into the paint, then cut. From the palms it turns out torso animal. From the circles make faces and eyes.

Beautifully look at volumetricAppliques from Ladoshek. To perform their execution, they take a fastener paper, several layers are cut out, then stick and slightly crushed. The more layers, those fluffy fox fur coat.

From torn paper

Such crafts forces even kids. For work take fine colored paper, coloring and glue. Paper cut into small squares or rut on pieces. Then glued into the picture, trying not to leave empty places.

The torn paper can be hitch in paper balls. The principle of work remains the same: the cooked balls are glued on paper. Suitable types of glue – PVA and stationery.


To make such beauty, you need to prepare a lot of small paper squares. Suitable the usual crepe paper of different tones. Pieces glued on plasticine or plow glue, rolling the corner. The cauldron is obtained volumetric, however requires a big perfection.

Production of natural materials

In the fall, you can make a craft from leaves. Such an applique is easy to do. In the paper use golden maple leaves, as well as small sharp leaves for ears and nose. Eyes cut out of paper.

From the leaves of different shapes you can make a torso, tail, muzzle and ears. Interesting paws are obtained from maple seeds. To leave the leaves do not curl the next day, it is better to use dry foliage.

You can make an applique using cereals. For example, on coloring often glue rice, millet, lentil, barley, wheat. Someone creates crafts with colored sand.

The simplest handicraft with a cereal – applique with semi. To perform it, you need color cardboard, paint, glue and cereals. On the cardboard draw a chanterelle and background (for example, Christmas trees, glade). Figures are filled with glue, then a semolina is poured to the surface. When it dries, paint the figure fox.

Other ideas

Often, unusual materials are used to create an applique on the topic “Fox”. For example, white fur makes with wool or cotton disks. For eyes take ready-made eyes with pupils that are sold in stores for needlework.

Beautiful bulk sample applique can be made from disposable paper plates. To do this, they are painted in orange. Then cut: half the plates will be a torso, a narrow triangular part – a muzzle.

For ears, small triangles are cut off. For paws – narrow strips, for tail – small semicircle. After the main details are glued, the “guns” cut out of ordinary paper and decorate the face. For a nose, you can use a conventional black button or small pompon.

An interesting idea of ​​appliqués – use of cups for cupcakes, white and colored paper. Clamps are placed before receiving circles. Then make a semicircular torso. From the other form a sharp fox face. White paper makes jewelry fur coat, out of orange paper – paws and tail.

Children of school age can make a crawl in a quilling technique. To do this, buy special sets or self-cut thin strips on the length of the A4 sheet. Then they twist them and give the right form.

These can be elongated, rounded, pointed or other elements. If you need to make the same fragments, use a special line with circles of different diameters. After preparation, the elements are glued to PVA glue to a previously made flat applique.

You can make a beautiful applique using self-adhesive paper. It can be ordinary, foil and velvet. If combining self-adhesive paper with usual, you can make a volumetric applique.

For example, a beautiful fox will look beautiful, made of paper harmonica. By this principle you can make a torso and face. Fix such elements is the easiest to the stapler. After that, the details are glued to cardboard.

In the next video, you can read more familiar with one of the options for making applications on the topic “Fox”.

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