A variety of applications on the topic tree

A variety of applications on the topic & tree &

Applique on the topic “Tree” is one of the most common crafts in young children. It is noteworthy that it can be adapted for any time of the year – for example, a picture of a blooming fruit tree looks beautifully in the spring, in the summer it is designed to emphasize the beauty of the forest, the fall of paints shows in the fall, and the elegant Christmas tree will be appropriate. Today we will introduce you to the most interesting ideas of applications from paper and other materials.

How to make paper?

The easiest way to make an applique on the topic “Tree” from paper – even kids will cope with this work. Just draw a brown barrel on a landscape sheet with branches, and then with stencils cut out of colored paper yellow, red and orange leaflets. Billets are glued with adhesive pencil.

No less interesting and other way to manufacture wood. In this case, the trunk is also drawn by pencils or paints. But to create a crown you need to grind a plot of multicolored circles, and then just place them on branches.

Older guys can be offered to make beautiful bushes.

For this they have to remember all their drawing skills.

First on a white sheet of watercolor paint a light green circle. When it is completely driving, you need to draw a brown felt-tip pen and branches.

Cut strips with colored paper. Fold each harmonic blank. Draw in the center of the outline of the flower, cut off with scissors. You should get a lot of multicolored flowers.

After that, it will only be left to stick the flowers on the prepared wood crown, the easiest way to put them on the adhesive pencil.

If you attach flowers only for the middle, then you will get a volumetric.

To arrange flowers, their central part is decorated with sparkles or rhinestones. If desired, the contour of the blanks can be squeezed by watercolor dark green shades.

The resulting flowering tree is cut and glued to a dense cardboard sheet. It can be fixed on the basis of the whole, or allow the edge to look out – in this case, the effect will turn out to be more voluminous.


Very beautiful trees are obtained from torn paper. To create such an unusual applique, you will need:

  • Dense cardboard as a basis+
  • Cardboard disposable plate+
  • Colored paper.

To begin with, colored green paper, yellow, red or orange colors are torn on small pieces. Then a disposable plate is lubricated with PVA glue, and chaotic places in it fragments of colored blanks. Thus, a volume crown of wood is formed.

A trunk is formed from the rectangular paper blank of brown.

So that it looks plausible, you can draw more dark stripes on it – it is easiest to make it marker or paints.

Delica is ready. It will only be left to glue the main elements to the cardboard base.


The volumetric tree will have if you take the colored paper, the bushing from toilet paper and buttons.

No less interesting is the idea of ​​creating a volumetric tree from a paper package. To do this, its upper part is cut into thin strips, after which the lower part of the package twisted and each strip separately.

You must have a figure, resembling a relief trunk of a tree with branches.

Abundantly lubricate the workpiece on one side with glue and secure on a dense cardboard base.

Decorate the resulting tree leaves. They can be green, orange, red or yellow – it all depends on what time of year you depict.

Such a picture can be safely hang on the wall of the children’s room.

A good idea of ​​creating bulk crafts will be a curly autumn tree of paper rings. Work includes a few simple steps.

  • For starting from colored paper, thin strips are cut.

  • Divide them in half.

  • Twisted in rings and fastened with glue.

  • Improvised leaves stick on a pre-drawn tree crown.

Here is a beautiful tree you will succeed.

But, perhaps, the most beautiful carving tree from napkins.

First you need to take the napkins of autumn colors, deploy them, impose on each other and form 16 squares of the same size.

After that, the most interesting part of the work begins. Napkins need to be launched so that it turns out lumps – improvised leaves.

The resulting blanks are glued to the drawn trunk, forming a crown.

If you wish, you can make the winter applique. Winter is a magical and fabulous season, when nature freezes and is transformed, and the white and silver shades are dominated around.

You will need:

  • Dark blue cardboard+
  • Colored paper light blue, bright blue and brown shades+
  • hole puncher+
  • scissors+
  • pencil+
  • glue stick.

Winter tree will be manufactured in bulk machinery.

First take two sheets of light blue paper and one sheet of saturated blue. They are folded together and bend in half.

Near the scene draw the silhouette of the halves of the winter tree.

Sharp scissors neatly cut drawn crown.

These are such blanks of various shades of blue color for the winter tree you should get.

Next you need adhesive pencil. The tree is glued together, while the glue is applied only on halves of blanks.

Next you need to prepare a tree trunk. It is cut out of paper brown and glued at the bottom of the applique in the middle.

After that, you can move to gluing the crown of the future winter tree.

Work is almost ended. It remains only to take advantage of white paper and hole punch. With their help, you can create snow – round snowflakes are glued to the crown of the tree.

To create a winter tree in the technique of collage you can also use cotton wool or cotton wheels.

And so that such a drawing looks more spectacular, it is sprinkled with a glitter.

From hearts

Amplifted guys can be offered to make a tree from hearts. This will require a corrugated color and white cardboard and a standard tool kit (scissors, pencil, ruler, PVA glue and patterns).

First you need to take the color paper of the same color, but different shades. It cut the hearts of three sizes from it. All you will need 8 pieces of large, medium and small blanks of each color.

Hearts are twice. After that, a tree trunk is cut out of the colored cardboard and glued it to the cardboard base.

Next draw a circle – in this way the contours of the future crown form.

The biggest hearts are laid out around the circumference so that they attach the shape, did not go out for the contours.

Then you need to glue the hearts, glue is applied only half of the workpiece.

Medium Hearts of three different shades are placed on the basis and glued with glue.

Next you need to place and glue the heart contour of the smallest size.

To make a picture of more lively and expressive, cut off the birds and glued them to the branches.

At shutdown, several hearts leave near the tree trunk.

Wood Production Options from Natural Materials

When creating an applique on the topic “Tree” for kindergarten often use natural materials. Easiest to take fallen and dried leaves. Such crafts are invariably obtained interesting and very beautiful.

Production technology is practically no different from the usual applique. To start, draw on a piece of paper contour stem and branches. When he gets free, lay on it dried leaves in any order you like.

Best of all, such leaves are fixed on the adhesive pencil.

Autumn tree can be made from pumpkin seeds. To create such an unusual craft, it will take a sheet of dense cardboard, on it brown gouache draw the outlines of the tree trunk with branches.

If you want the work to look more accurately – prepare the stencil of the tree in advance.

Then you can proceed to the creation of future leaves. For this, pumpkin seeds are painted in shades of autumn palette – orange, yellow or red. You can make it markers, acrylic paints or gouache.

The main part of the leaves-seeds are glued on the branches. And somewhat selected next to the tree – they will depict the leaf fall.

Unusual application may turn out if the non-drawn pattern is used as a trunk, and take the real branch of the tree. It is glued to the cardboard on hot glue and lay the painted seeds to imitate crowns.

You can also take pieces of paper, fabric or multicolored buttons.

A good idea can be the creation of a tree of fluffy wire and pumps. In this case, the stem and branches are forming from the cuney, stick to the paper on the thermoclay, and placed around multicolored pumps like leaves.

If you have accumulated a lot of old disassembled puzzles at home, you can make a good tree of them. You will need a brown felt, paint and paper. Work will not be great.

Discover the baby’s hand on paper and transfer it to the felt image.

Cut the resulting workpiece, and get it on the adhesive pencil to paper – it will be a trunk.

Draw the grass with green gouache, and then color the puzzles in the desired color (green, if you plan to make a summer tree, or orange, red, if you create an autumn crawler).

The most creative part of the work – the formation of the crown. For this, improvised leaves are placed in any chaotic order.

Other ideas

Applique may be not only on paper. To decorate school offices in front of the autumn holiday, use appliqué on window glass. In this case, it is necessary to cut from double-sided colored paper barrels and branches of the tree, glue the window with a concentrated soap solution.

Maple leaves cut out of colored paper of red, yellow and orange colors.

But more spectacular leaflets drawn by watercolor paints – in this case, you can create transitions of shades of yellow to orange, and from orange in red.

They are also fixed on soap.

An unusual trees can be made of coffee and corn flakes. To create such a craft, you can attract kids from the very early age, even one year old crumb will cope with it. Draw on paper template, and then divide the duties. Let an adult fills the glue in the form of branches, trunk and leaves, and the baby trust the painting of coffee or a cereal.

The main thing is to ensure that the pulp will not be in the mouth of the child.

Unusual technique for creating autumn crafts is plasticine. This is a useful technique – she not only develops the fantasy of the baby, but also prepares his hand to the letter, improves a small motor. To create a pattern of plasticine, you need to draw out the outlines of the tree on paper, then take a piece of mass for modeling and strong movements to smear it by contours.

Showing some imagination, you can use to create wood and any other remedies – peas, millet and even pasta.

Another way to create a tree applique from dry leaves is presented in the following video.

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