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Studying with the children of the topic “Fruits” rarely costs without the creation of appropriate applications. The most common fruit is an apple. Looking at this product, kids can make many options for crafts from different materials.

How to make paper?

Creating paper apples is better to start with the simplest applications that do not require special techniques. For example, the first can be the work entitled “Vintage”, depicting fruit in the box. Creative process will require the use of paper brown, red, green and blue, ruler, pencil, scissors and glue.

It all starts with the creation of a box: 4 strips of 21 centimeter long and 2.5 centimeters wide are cut out of the brown sheet and. One of them is immediately cut in half to obtain the sidewall design. Box assembly is carried out on blue paper. In long strips glue only the edges are covered, after which they are attached in parallel. Short blanks are fixed at the edges completely.

Fruits themselves are cut from red paper sheets 7 by 8 centimeters. Each blank is folded in half, and on it a pencil is indicated by the contour of halves apple. By making a cut on the planned line, it will only be left to add a stalk and leaflets from green paper to the fetus. Having created a couple more apples, they will need to be removed in the box, that is, fix under loose parts of the container. It is worth mentioning that according to the similar scheme, you can create “large and small apples on a plate” appliques, “apples on the tree”, “Apples in the Bank” and others.


Publial application on the topic “Apple” can be performed both on a cardboard substrate in the form of a fetus and on a disposable cardboard plate. And in that, and in another case, the essence of the creative process is to use torn paper. The surface of the apple, the leaf and branches are filled with ribbon pieces of paper suitable color until the white base is hidden (paper is attached to the glue). You can also pre-twist these fragments in lumps either at all use the sliced ​​squares of three colors: red, green and brown.

If the basis is a cardboard apple, the kids will have to try not to go out for its contours, but when using one-time dishes, a small disturbance of the boundaries, on the contrary, will be a plus.


To create a simple apple applique “Apple”, suitable for the guys of the middle group, it will take a dense white paper, a gouache of red, orange and yellow, colored paper and green shades, green felt-tip pen, scissors, glue and ruler. To statenly follow the instructions, you will have to start with white paper paint paints. The background is better to make red color, and yellow and orange use for inclusions, but in general the kid can paint as he wants. While the workpiece creates, you can create a leaflet. For this, the leaf plate is cut out of the paper of the green shade, then it is drawn on it. The use of a pencil will allow you to give a sheet a small wave bend.

The fruit twig will come from a small brown rectangle, rolled by a tube. When the basis of the fetus is dry, the entire sheet will need to cut across the strip 3 centimeters wide. The first of them will need to be collapsed into the ring and lock on glue. From the second strip, the ring is also twisted, but it should already be on top of the previous. In the same way, all multicolored blanks are attached, but it is important to ensure that their places of gluing are on one side. The last strip will have to hide the places of gluing. At the end of the work on a bulk apple, a sheet and twig are glued. The whole composition is fixed on a cardboard substrate.

This master class can be simplified in such a way that it will be available for young children 3-4 years. The leaf is scratched in the same way, but then only one strip will be required of it. The billet is folded by the harmonica, which, in turn, closes the glue into the ring. A twig twist twists from a brown rectangle, and a pair of leaves are cut out of the green.

At the end, these details are glued on the fruit.

Another interesting master class will allow the child to familiarize themselves with the elements of the Origami technology. The list of required materials and tools includes colored paper, white cardboard, scissors and adhesive pencil. The first thing from color paper from hand or on the template is a three symmetric apple and one leaf. In addition, you will need to prepare a pair of yellow strips, the width of which will be 1 centimeter, and length – 29 centimeters.

Next, all three apples are folded in half. Half of one detail is labeled with glue and half the part is glued onto it. You should also do with the third detail. If everything is done correctly, then the unfolded blank forms a bulk fruit. To get a worm strip folds in half, forming an angle of 90 degrees.

Next, one part of it is bends up, and the other is to the side. Alternate these two actions with each other should not be able to get a miniature harmonica. The worm is glued or painted a face, after which it passes on one of the “pages” apple. The second strip is folded in the same way and glued to another part of the fetus, as if the insect broke his hole and curses through it. A beautiful frame for appliqué is formed from colored paper, treated with curly scissors and a curly border composter.

On the A5 sheet of format from all sides, lines with an indentation from the edge of 2 centimeters. Strips are cut off with curly scissors and decorated with a composter. The resulting details are placed on the edge of the background, and an apple is glued in his center with a leaflet.

Manufacture of fabric

Fissure loskuts left after creating some global product can also be adapted for apple applications. For example, in the work you can depict two fetas: one will be in red tones, and the other in the green. At the preparation stage, you will need to choose the suitable pieces of material, as well as to prepare a pair of paper templates with a detailed image and well-stated borders of the apple pair.

The selected fabric can also be sampled by a web – a special non-woven tape from polyamide fibers that gives the main material.

The creative process begins with the fact that all the details are numbered on a paper template, which should be painted in different colors, after which they are cut. Another pattern is used to draw an image on a piece of dense light fabric, which should be the basis. Next, separate parts are cut from the paper blanks from different flaps, then the fruit is assembled in stages. Details are recommended first to attach on the pins to evaluate, harmonious is the color. Only then they should be glued or sewed. It will be enough to walk along stitch contours.

Other ideas

It seems very original application in the form of a basket with apples from cotton disks. To work, you will need a gouache, water and cups-unpoles. In cups divorced paint, necessary for staining fruit, for example, yellow, green and red. Each disk (the future of the apple) dipped into the selected paint and postponed on a rag until it dry. After the workpiece is dried, they will have to wash the brushes with glue and fix on paper in the amount in which he wants. As for the basket, it can be pre-drawing with paints, cut out of colored paper or assemble from several layers of cotton discs left practically white.

In another master class, the composition first formed on paper, and then scores. To create it, the child will need a sheet of corrugated cardboard as the basis, cotton disks, scissors, PVA glue, gouache, tasters, water with water and markers. To make a basket, 7 cotton disks will need to be cut in half. Semicircles in the amount of 14 pieces are fixed to the base in such a way that there are no clearance, but it turned out a basket. For example, three rows can be made as the basis: there will be three blanks in the upper and average, and in the bottom – two. Then on top of the ranks two layers need to distribute the remaining semicircures.

The handle for the basket is obtained by cutting 9 semicircles in half. To create this item, you will need to glue the paper only parts with rounded riding. Apples are cut out of solid cotton disks: fruits, leaflets and twigs. Optionally, they can be supplemented with other fruits. They are immediately fixed inside the basket. Finally, all parts are painted with paints using the wax method.

If necessary, work lies in the frame of cardboard of another color.

About how to make a punch apple “Apple”, look in the following video.

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