Variety of Appliques on the topic Animals

Variety of Appliques on the topic & Animals &

Appliques in the form of various animals do, as a rule, children in the middle group of kindergarten. The child whose age is 3-4 years or about 5-6 years, it is easy to cope with such a task. Plus to everything, the creation of such crafts from paper helps to develop his imagination and teaches independence. About what animals can children make from colored paper, tell me in the article.

What pets can be done?

There are many options for creating with your own hands of volumetric and flat applications in domestic animals.

For crafts, the following materials will be required:

  • glue stick+
  • Simple pencil+
  • Sheets of colored paper+
  • Cardboard sheets+
  • Multicolored markers.

The easiest option is This creation of flat applications from geometric shapes. Let’s wonder for starting it. So, from oval and circles you can make almost any pet. For example, to make a cat, you will need to draw three circles of approximately the same diameter. Two circles lay aside, and the third cut strictly in half. After that, we proceed to the formation of the applique. Two whole circles – this is the head and body of the animal. We bind them together with glue, overlapping the head on top of the body. The remaining parts in the form of semicircles are paces and tail. Glit them to the body.

Now we draw two approximately identical triangles on color paper, cut out and glue – this will be the ears of the animal. It remains to draw him a face with a mustache with the help of a marker. We glue the finished craft to the cardboard. Ready! If desired, the figure can be supplemented with other colored paper elements – for example, cut for a cat bright butterfly or a bow. In addition, the application can be diversified using drawings with colored pencils or flomaceters.

Similarly, from circles and ovals you can make any other pet – for example, bull, opener, dog, bird or pig.

More painstaking and long-term is the work on the pussy children’s applique in the form of domestic animals. For such work, you will need:

  • Colored paper+
  • cardboard+
  • Flomaster+
  • Simple pencil+
  • scissors+
  • Glue-pencil or PVA glue.

First of all, you need to mark on the cardboard a pencil outline of a pet, be it a cat, piglet or dog. After that, you can start working with non-ferrous paper. It must be broken into small and approximately the same pieces, and then fill it with a drawing, attaching it with glue. If you work with PVA glue, then in this case you need to be careful, because there is a risk to pour them all the crafts, thereby spoiling it. After that, you need to draw a felt-tip pen of the animal, and circling a black marker of the contours of his body. Publishing appliqué is ready!

Make a volumetric pet painted paper is also easy. Consider creating a cat. To do this, you will need a dense colored paper, scissors, glue, circulation and markers. Work progress Next: For a start, we draw a semicircle on paper, and then cut out and form a cone from it. After that, cut out the strip of the same coloring, the width of which should be about the same as the lower part of the cone, not more. Cone glue, thoroughly missing the edges of the semicircular glue. Stripes we turn into a ring and also glue around the edges, thus getting head.

Now cut out the rest of the following parts: two large triangles and two small for the formation of ears, thin stripes for mustache, two eyes, nose, paws and tail. Little triangles glue somewhere in the middle of big, thereby get two ears. We fee the bottom of the parts, we wash the glue and glue the cat to the head. Now form a muzzle. To do this, glue your eyes, mustache and nose. In front of the eyes separately, with the help of felt-tumbers pupils so that the cat looks more realistic. Now we make a small slot in the bottom of the head, we wash the place with glue and fix on the cone until it stops. It remains only to glue the rest of the details, and the handicraft is ready.

Making wild animals

From colored paper, baby will also be easy to make wild animals that live in the north, in Africa or in the forests. The easiest way to make an ordinary applique of geometric shapes – for example, zebra, forest owl, wolf, bear or fox.

Such a difficulty is suitable for kids who only learn to work with paper. Older children to make a similar craft will be unlikely to be interesting, they can be created by the creation of a breakdown applique.

Consider the creation of appliqué in the form of a lion – a resident of hot countries. For such a craft, you will need the following materials:

  • Colored paper+
  • ruler+
  • scissors+
  • glue+
  • cardboard+
  • Plastic eyes.

First, print a template and supply it on color paper, after which cut out. So you get the main details, but it is necessary to glue them in the correct order. So, first of all, the cardboard must be glued with the body with the rear paws, the head with the ears and the tail with a tassel. Only after that we glue a piece with front legs.

Now they shake a circle on a sheet of colored paper circle, the diameter of which should be greater than that of the template muzzle. With the help of a ruler and a simple pencil, we celebrate the space for the slits, after which we take for scissors. Note that to create fluffy mane to cut the circle to the end is not necessary, otherwise the item is simply falling apart. Having finished with this detail, we glue the mane to the head. Breeding fruit top, and to her – plastic eyes. Extend the remaining missing parts with markers. Delica is ready!

Fabulous options

From colored paper or cardboard you can also make a fabulous animal, for example, the hero of the famous cartoon – Cheburashka. The easiest way to make this character from geometric shapes – circles. To work, you will need:

  • Brown and light paper+
  • cardboard+
  • glue+
  • scissors+
  • Feltolsters.

From brown paper cut 8 pieces of about the same circles diameter. From light paper cut out two smaller circles. We glue all these details together, forming Cheburashka. From the sheet of white paper, we cut the eyes of the hero, the felt-tip pen of pupils on them. Feltaster also draw mouth.

Eyebrows and nose can also draw marker or cut out of dark paper. Delica is ready!

You can also make a volumetric applique in the form of a fabulous animal, for example, in the form of a dragon. To do this, you will need:

  • Colored paper+
  • scissors+
  • Plastic eyes+
  • glue+
  • Simple pencil.

To begin with, it is necessary to cut on the template the main parts of the animal – 2 parts for the body and 4 for the paw. Now we take a separate piece of paper and, retreating along the edges of 6 centimeters, we draw a line on it, similar to the side of an equally trapezium.

Unnecessary areas in the form of triangles cut off. The resulting part we fold into the harmonica on 8 parts, after which I bend it in half. So you get wings for your dragon.

In the same way, we make another detail – the breast. However, now the workpiece must be folded into the harmonica on 16 parts. Now draw cloves in the form of a wavy line and cut them out so that you subsequently had the ability to glue this item.

It must be fixed in the area of ​​the back with the help of glue between two halves of torso.

Breasts glue in front of the same way. After that, crepaim legs, tongue and plastic eyes. It remains only to deal with wings. To do this, you need carefully not to spoil the craft, make a slot on the back for the wings and insert them. Delica is ready!

On how to make a charming hedgehog from paper, see the following video.

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