Variety of Appliques on the topic Spring

Variety of Appliques on the topic & Spring &

Spring is a wonderful time of year, when nature begins to wake up the winter sleep. Everything around flourishes, giving incredible beauty and inspiring creativity. With the onset of spring in schools, kindergartens and houses of creativity begin the annual exhibitions dedicated to the Spring.

Plots for the creation of applications can be the most diverse – creating paintings of spring nature, early colors, all kinds of animals (birds, animals, insects).

In the article you will find several interesting workshops with a detailed description of all the steps to create various types of applications on the topic “Spring”.

Manufacture of paper

There is a huge number of the ideas of the manufacture of spring appliques from colored paper for children. For example, you can make a volumetric spring bouquet of daisies. To do this, you will need:

  • Set of colored cardboard+

  • Set of colored paper+

  • White paper sheets+

  • scissors+

  • PVA glue and brush+

  • pencil.

Working process.

  1. Cut the chamomile. For this prepare squares in size 4×4 cm. Each of them fold in half, and then again in half.

  2. Draw Outlines Chamomile, as shown in the picture. Cut out drawn chamomile.

  3. Deploy and rare Found flowers.

  4. Another option for the manufacture of chamomile flowers is Drawing a whole chamomile. In this case, all the squares we fold on each other and fasten them with a stapler so as not to move when cutting. Then, on the top leaf, carefully draw a chamomile and cut it out. So we immediately cut down all the billets for flowers.

  5. For foliage We take a sheet of paper green, and draw on the reverse side, and then cut out the outlines of the leaves.

  6. We stick leaves On the pink cardboard, which we chose as a background.

  7. For individual leaves, we take a leaf light green. Cut out 5 identical rectangles in size 2×4 cm. We fold them in length inside, and draw contour sheets. Cut them, bending the invalid side inside so that they become a little curved.

  8. We glue the carved leaves Appliqué.

  9. We place, and then fix chamomile on appliqués, gluing only the middle of the flower.

  10. From paper of yellow cut 5 identical middleweights for flowers. Stick to the center of each chamomile.

  11. Slightly bend up all petals, To make the applique volume.

Children’s volumetric applique “Spring chamomiles” is ready!

And also from colored paper you can make such a spring composition like “birds in the nest”.

Ideas from cotton disks

I wonder the applications made using cotton disks. This material has similar features with cotton and syntheps, however, it is much easier to work with it. Using cotton discs, you can make a beautiful bouquet of the valley, flowering spring tree or image of spring nature.

The next master class is devoted to creating a picture awakening from the winter dream of nature. In order to make such an applique, you will need the following materials:

  • cotton woven disks+

  • Set of colored paper+

  • silver cardboard leaf for background+

  • pencil+

  • scissors+

  • PVA glue.

Working process.

  1. To begin with, we will make the necessary blanks. For the sun, we draw and cut out a circle of yellow paper sheet. For its races from the same color we draw 8 identical strips of 1 cm wide, and also cut them out.

  2. Now the tips of each strip glue with each other so, so that we got a bulk rake.

  3. Next on a blue sheet with a pencil delineate the sky line, and cut out the resulting workpiece.

  4. For the river we take a blue sheet of paper. On the reverse side, we draw and cut out the outline of the river.

  5. Light green paper sheet Use for lily of the valley. We draw and cut out 3 billets for flowers. Black sheet of paper Use to create billets of three birds in the form of a zigzag.

  6. Proceed to the creation of the composition. First, glue the sky and the river.

  7. Next, begin to glue the finished rays of the sun, do it in a circle. On top fix yellow circle.

  8. Now Blind birds and stalks of flowers.

  9. From cotton disks Cut off Sugrooby, which will cover our flowers, a few blocks of ice floating on the river, and the buds of the Lily.

  10. Print cotton blanks Appliqué.

Picture of spring nature is ready!

And also from cotton discs you can make beautiful compositions with the image of spring colors. If necessary, cotton disks can be painted in any color.

Crafts from napkins

For the smallest we offer to make a sun slices from napkins, the manufacture of which will become a fun pastime and for the baby, and for parents. In order to make such a craft, you need to prepare:

  • Leaf A2 (Watman)+

  • scissors+

  • Simple pencil+

  • Paints Gouache and Tassel+

  • glue+

  • Wipes of yellow color.

Working process.

  1. To begin with, we prepare napkins. For this, we cut each other 5×5 cm squares. From the resulting squares form balls.

  2. On a sheet A2 Draw a circle.

  3. Next, start drawing the rays of our Sun. For this, paint yellow and red colors are applied to the palm of the baby: one palm yellow, the other is red. Next, put the prints of the palms around the circuit of the circle.

  4. After that, fill the free center of the circle with napkins, tightly gluing them to each other.

  5. After the glue and paint dried, Cut the sun along the contour of the palms.

Our creative sun is ready!

Incredibly beautiful appliques from napkins depicting the spring nature. True, such a composition is more complicated technically, so it will be suitable as an idea for crafts for children of school age.

Application on the topic “Spring” in video.

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