We make piping applications

We make piping applications

Creation – an important component of the formation of the identity of any child. A variety of handicraft classes are developing a small motility of hands, help familiarize the baby with the outside world, learn artistically think. One of the interesting types of children’s creativity is the creation Publishing appliqué. This technique is to create various paintings with torn pieces of colored paper.

External similarities with mosaic activate the children’s brain to the development of artistic imagination. This type of occupation is suitable even for the smallest, as there are no direct contacts with sharp objects, by type of scissors or stationery knife.

What it is?

The technical peculiarity of the scrubbing application is to manufacture different parts of the composition of punch pieces of paper. Material can serve as any paper products from which you can make torn pieces – Colored paper, old logs or catalogs of shops, color scotch, wool and t. D.

The technique of work on creating this kind of compositions is very simple, but the result is very spectacular and interesting.

Algorithm execution

Creating any breakfast application has a certain sequence of actions.

  • Thinks in advance the plot or hero, whom we want to portray. Print the stencil character, if necessary, and cut it out.
  • Choose background. It must be dense paper or cardboard, as a large amount of glue used in the manufacture, simply will push the usual sheet of paper.
  • There are two options for making a breakdown applique: on the finished stencil, which is applied with a pencil on the background, or without prior drawing. It is best to choose the first option so that the drawing turns out to be clearer and neat.
  • Publishing appliqué can partially compile one-piece details. For example, depicting the autumn forest, you can draw grass and sky paint, cutting trunks from colored paper, but the foliage is depicted with torn pieces.
  • It is recommended to use adhesive in the form of a pencil, since with liquid glue PVA, the baby can overdo it and spoil the craft.
  • When preparing parts, decide on their size to do everything about the same. The picture made of pieces of different lengths looks inactively.
  • When filling out the infected patterns, you must try to glue pieces, strictly observing the contour of the pattern.
  • For kids it is better to choose large pictures without small details. For school age children, you can choose the compositions more complicated, with a lot of items.

Simple work for kids

You can try to engage in the manufacture of tear-off appliqués with children 2-3 years. As an image, you should choose simple pictures with large items. For example, you can make the sea in the form of a mosaic from large pieces of colored paper. To do this, you will need the following materials:

  • Set of colored paper+
  • Tight background+
  • scissors+
  • colour pencils+
  • PVA glue in pencil.

Working process.

  • We take sheets of colored paper blue and blue and tear them to large pieces. You can make several whole pieces of wavy shape.
  • Next, cut out the circle of the orange color and cut it in half.
  • We start collecting our applique. For this paper pieces glit, forming waves. The sea should take more than half of the sheet.
  • The remaining space at the top of the sheet – the sky is painted with colored pencils using yellow and orange. Black pencil draw two small cups in the form of ticks.
  • At the end we stick our sun.
  • Free space between the glued pieces can be sketched with blue or blue pencil.

Our sea is ready!

A simple variant of the torn applique for kids is the image of the mushroom. You will need the following components:

  • Tight leaf or cardboard+
  • Set of colored paper+
  • pencil+
  • glue stick.

Working process.

  • Draw on a sheet Pattern Mushroom.
  • For this applique, we need the following paper colors – green, yellow, beige and brown. If there is no beige color in the set, you can use a medical plaster in a corporal motkey.
  • Rib cooked sheets for medium pieces, we try to make all the blanks of the same size.
  • We start gently gluitive pieces of paper, trying not to go beyond the boundaries of the template. Print items need to be most tight to each other.
  • The top of the caps are made of brown pieces, use yellow blanks for the inside. Beige pieces of paper or medical adhesive plaster We will use for decorating a mushroom leg. And finally, green grass makes from the corresponding color.

Mushroom is ready!

Appliques for preschool children

For children of kindergartens (4-5 years old), more complex compositions of mosaic appliqués, consisting of several parts. For example, you can use as the ideas of different animals – a cat, a squirrel, a panda, dolphin, owl and t. D.

We offer to familiarize yourself with the detailed master class for the manufacture of pissing appliqué “Bunny”. For the embodiment of the composition you will need the following components:

  • Printed hare template+
  • White paper sheet+
  • Blue paper sheet (for background)+
  • Sheet of blue paper+
  • pencil+
  • scissors+
  • PVA glue and brush.

Working process.

  • Write a hare pattern on a white sheet sheet and cut it out.
  • On a sheet of blue, which will serve as a background, circle our bunny to lay out on its contour.
  • Now take a carved pattern and swear it into small pieces. We try to all be the same.
  • Now glue paper blanks on the drawn hare.
  • On a sheet of paper blue, we draw eyes and the spout of the bunny and cut them out.
  • We glue cut parts for appliqué.

White-white mosaic bunny ready!

Almost every modern child is familiar with a Luntik – a character of a popular multi-sector. The next master class will help you and your child without any problems make a breakdown applique with the image of this Malico.

To work, you will need the following materials:

  • Set of colored paper+
  • Tight white paper sheet or cardboard+
  • Ready stencil stencil, which can be found on the Internet and print+
  • scissors+
  • plasticine.

Working process.

  • Apply a stencil and outline it on a sheet of white paper, which will serve as a background of appliqués.
  • We take a sheet of pink and circle a stencil on it.
  • Cut it and rot on small pieces of the same size.
  • We take a sheet of bright pink and draw on it the following elements for decoring the abdomen Luntka: one large circle with a diameter of 5-6 cm, one size of 3-4 cm, two circles 2 cm and two circles 1 cm. Cut out drawn billets.
  • For the design of the muzzle, we draw on a sheet of bright pink color two nostrils, shape similar to commas, circle of 2-3 cm and two small semicircles – eyebrows.
  • To arrange the ears of the Maligero, we apply a stencil to a sheet of brightly pink and begin to circle your ears. After that, we highlight a part of the ears that will need to be cut out of colored paper, focusing on the finished picture of the application. Cut all the details.
  • Now we start collecting the composition. First fill the Lunting Figure, gluing all the pieces of paper.
  • Then glue the workpieces of the belly. After that, we make a muzzle and ears of Luntik.
  • From black and white paper cut out eyes and glit them.
  • Now we take plasticine pink color, form 2 small balls from it and 2 a little more. Those that are smaller, we put on the places of palms and distribute plasticine, trying not to go out for the contours of the image.
  • Then doing the same with your feet.

Favorite character ready!

Ideas for schoolchildren

At school age, children feel confidently feel, working on the applique in the breakdown style. Create paper applications of ordinary animals (bear, piggy, fish and t. D.) child is not so interesting. For children of younger school age as ideas for creating a breakfast application, complex compositions consisting of a variety of small parts can already be used. For example, images of various landscapes – autumn forest, rivers or sea shore. You can still depict animals, only for stencils, you should choose more complex detailed pictures.

For example, the following components are needed to create a mosaic applique of “Marine Sunset”:

  • Set of colored paper+
  • Tight white background+
  • pencil+
  • scissors+
  • glue stick.

Working process.

  • For a start, we will apply on a white sheet of the contours of the future applique. Draw a horizon line, the setting sun, several circles around – rays, as well as the beach line.
  • We take sheets of paper blue and light blue, we swear on small pieces of the same size.
  • For the beach we take half of the yellow sheet of paper and thin strip of orange leaf. Make some of them small billets.
  • For the rays of the Sun, we take a strip of red paper and half of the leaf of orange. Rwe Mis.
  • On a yellow paper sheet, we draw a semicircle – the setting sun, cut it out.
  • On a sheet of brown, we draw and cut 7 trapezoid blanks – palm tree.
  • From the sheet of green and green colors cut out palm leaves.
  • We glue the semicircle of the sun. Then lay out its rays – orange and red semicircle.
  • The rest of the sky is filled with pieces of blue tone.
  • Then lay out the horizon line from the pieces of light blue. For the rest of the sea space, blue and light blue blanks.
  • Now lay the beach line. Free space fill with chickens of yellow color with orange splashes.
  • Lay out palm trunk, then fix the palm leaves.

Beautiful sea landscape ready!

In the next video, you are waiting for a master class on pouring appliqué.

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