Crafts from cones and acorns

Crafts from cones and acorns

Nature is very generous to materials from which you can make a huge variety of crafts for school and kindergarten competitions or just for home decor. The most sought-after are bumps and aches, it is behind them who are hunting every September, in the hope of collecting as much as possible so that it is their handicrafts highlighted on a general background. In this article, we will look at interesting variants of crafts that can be easily made of cones, acorns and other healthy materials.

How to make a panel?

With the help of autumn panels, you can tastefully decorated the house. For any craft, you will surely need a glue gun that can be quickly and efficiently fix all the elements.

Flower panel from acorns

Collect yellies, dry leaves and small bumps. From the acorns separating the hats – they will become a separate stroke in the picture. As the basis, you can take a tight cardboard, and give it an oval shape. Cut paper or white cardboard on the template, and get on top of the base.

To begin with, it is better to position the drawing without glue to be able to correct the shortcomings.

Take the three yellow and stick them to the panel slightly away from each other. Around them fix six more fruits to form a bud. For stems you can use thin twigs of trees or legs of leaves. Attach them to flowers. Three more sprigs, located diagonally in the upper right corner. At the end and along the bids, stick the heads from the acorns. Cut from the cones to cut the tops and stick them in random order. Panel is ready, you can hang it on the wall or put on the stand to decorate them the shelf in the kitchen or in the living room.

Panel for entrance door

Small master class on the manufacture of door panels, as in American films. For the manufacture you will need:

  • Small bumps+
  • Glue+
  • Peanuts in the shell+
  • Dryechvest+
  • cardboard+
  • Polyfoam or sponge+
  • Beads and a thin rope for decor.

Cut the circle from the cardboard and cover the foam or sponge on top. They will give the volume of the panel and make it visually more. If at home there was no one, nor other material, the foundation can be made independently, cutting into small pieces of the newspaper and seeing it in PVA glue. Next, with the help of a glue gun, fix the bumps and rudely in random order, they must fill the most part of the panel.

Skip fill in peanuts, try to do everything neatly, since they have a fragile shell. Between natural materials will remain small gaps, they should be inserted into the drunks. In a circle, place the beads and tie the bows from the ropes, they should also be fixed using glue. Panel is ready, it remains only to make a loop.

Production of the basket “Daras of Autumn”

This exercise will be an excellent gift for a teacher’s day or another holiday. She looks very rich and will decorate the room interior for a long time.

From chestnuts

In this case, you will need a small basket or unnecessary bowl, preferably without handle. Burst a lot of chestnuts, the largest set aside for the holder. Rinse good fruits, dry and start to fix them throughout the body of a bowl with a glue gun. By gluing one chestnut to another handle. So you will have a real chestnut basket. If you wish, chestnuts can be replaced with bumps.

For volume Fill the basket with a lump of paper, newspapers or put inside a sponge. The optimal option will be a special sponge for colors that florists use to create flower baskets and installations. Start filling the container with autumn gifts. In the edges, insert fir sprigs, in the middle put a couple of slope of Ryabina, gooseberry, do not forget about Zhöldy. For beauty you can pre-insert large maple leaves.

With mushrooms

If your family has real mushrooms, they will be able to help with this craft. Take a wicker basket, put inside the filler for the volume and start decorated. On the sides, insert the maple leaves, the inner part fill in cones and white mushrooms. Complete all Ryabina berries and beads scattered in random. Basket handle Decorate bows, yellow leaves and acorns. It turns out a very beautiful basket with real darities of autumn.

From acorns

As a basis, again, any existing basket is taken, you can take a regular cardboard box. In this case, you will need a lot of acorns. Begin to accumulate the body with oak fruits from the bottom up using a glue gun. Put the basis inside the baskets, start filling. Snap pears and apples on the ships, and insert one. Skip fill in buds of flowers, and edges decorate bunches of rowan with leaves.

Other ideas

The most claimed crafts from fir bumps and acorns for autumn competitions in educational institutions. They can be supplemented by other natural materials, such as leaves, chestnuts, moss, nuts. Consider a few simple master classes on the topic of autumn, which children will be able to make them hands.

To a kindergarten

For preschool children there are a lot of easy craft options with which they can quickly cope.


Children love to sculpt animals. The easiest craft from the cones are hedgehogs. You will need:

  1. cone+
  2. plasticine+
  3. eyes+
  4. Golden spray.

Rock out beige or light brown plasticine ball. Slightly pull it on one side, forming a muzzle. Roll a small black ball, and attach it to the tip, it turns out the spout. Attach eyes to face and slightly push. Roll up four sausages for the paws and connect all the details together. For a more elegant look, color the bump of golden paint or spray.


Another interesting feature for which you will need:

  1. cone+
  2. PVA glue+
  3. Colored cardboard+
  4. leaves+
  5. eyes.

From brown cardboard Cut the circle on a short leg, from yellow – triangle. Stick your nose to face, from above – eyes, if not, you can draw them to felt-tip pen. Insert the circle into a bump with a leg down, pre-lubricating glue. Behind stick the leaves starting from the smallest and ending with a large maple leaf.

Forest Glade

Children from the older group will be interested to make something more complicated. Such a glade will be an excellent decoration of the competitive table. To do this, you will need:

  1. Lid from shoe box+
  2. leaves+
  3. White paper+
  4. branches with leaves+
  5. Breaks Ryabina+
  6. Shishki+
  7. Glue+
  8. White and red threads Moulin+
  9. White cardboard.

To begin with, make fungus. Cardboard cut across two parts. One twist into the roll and swipe it will be a leg. From the second cut a big circle, make an incision to the middle, put the glue on one side, and the other impose from above, the hat turns out. Apply plasticine on the fins of the leg, this action will help install the finished mushrooms on the clearing and fix the hat.

Glue camp the tip of a white thread at the base of the legs, apply a bit of strips in several places, and begin to wipe the thread in a circle, moving up. Similar actions Spend with a hat, wrapped it with red thread. Decorate the leg and smile, a hat – white circles and berries rowan. Connect both parts together, and the central figure of the crafts is ready.

Stop cover from shoe box with leaves, leaving a little space for mushroom. Install it in the upper left corner. On the forefront, place a fir branch, at the base of the fungus, put a little moss, and fasten the maple leaf on the leg. Brozdi Ryabina decompose on the left side, in the corner, put a branch with leaves, and in the middle there are cones and aches.

To school

For schoolchildren, you can choose options more complicated.

A pineapple

Juicy pineapple can be made not only from plasticine or draw on paper, but also with a bump. You will need:

  1. cone+
  2. Green paper+
  3. Yellow paint and brush+
  4. scissors+
  5. PVA glue.

To start paint the tip of the bump of yellow paint, put it dry. Meanwhile, cut a thick strip of paper, make cross-cuts on it, giving each leaf-shaped form. Slightly twisted strips and wrap the figure into a roll, fixing the tip with glue. Insert the resulting figure in the plump and lock. It turns out the original tropical fruit.


Very interesting handicraft, which will be delighted any student. To create it, you will need:

  1. Two bumps+
  2. acorn+
  3. Things+
  4. plasticine+
  5. Adhesive Pistol+
  6. stand+
  7. moss.

You will need a big body bump and small for the neck. Glue them with each other, forming the letter “g”. For the manufacture of the head, take the thrill, roll out the spout and eyes, attach them to the face. Make the horns from the branches and also glue them with a glue gun. Welve your head on the neck, insert your legs from branches with plasticine mugs at the end for greater stability.

Prepare a stand. To do this, take a thick cardboard, divide 2-3 parts and glue them with each other. On the top of the top paper, the sidewalls decorate the bark of the tree. When everything dries, with the help of MCH, make the grass imitation, and on top of it install the finished deer.

Spruce forest

The main feature of this craft is that the real bark of the tree is used as the basis here. Required components:

  1. Three big bumps+
  2. PVA glue+
  3. Green paint+
  4. Big piece of crust+
  5. moss+
  6. plasticine+
  7. seeds+
  8. Rowan berries.

Lubricate the cortex surface with a thin layer of glue and impose a moss from above that imitating grass. Cones roll down with hats down and color green paint. Leave everyone to push, meanwhile do crafts from plasticine. From white mass roll two short sausages, from red Make hats of amansarov, decorate them with white dots.

Let’s do hedgehog. From brown plasticine roll oval and pull one end slightly. On the tip, stick a small black circle, and on the face of the eyes. Torchish fill in seeds. It remains only to distribute all the figures on the perimeter of the base.

Further, see the master class on the grove of the Christmas tree of cones and acorns.

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