Crafts from pine cones

Crafts from pine cones

Crafts from pine cones – one of the most accessible options that can be made for a competition in kindergarten and to school with your own hands. Natural material is suitable for creating beautiful autumn compositions, it looks attractive, it is good to stain, decorating.

Master classes for working with pine cones will help make autumn, winter, spring compositions in a variety of techniques.

How to make christmas decorations?

The idea of ​​dressing the house for the New Year holidays decorations from natural material will be accurately like both children and adults. A simple handicraft is made quickly, while it looks very smart.

Get the original elements of the decor made of pine cones can be with minimal cost. The easiest way will be painted in gold.

About how to do it right, tells a step-by-step master class:

  • Prepare the desired amount of dry pine cones+
  • take a clean bowl or tray+
  • cover the surface of each cone transparent glue+
  • Sprinkle with sparkles (the thick coverage will be, the smartest will be decor)+
  • Golden sequins can be replaced with silver or white, depicting the sodium sneezing.

Also for the New Year tree you can make a beautiful suspension, tagging on its base atlasal tape. It is possible to decorate the surface of the scales in this case using nail polish or safe dyes in the ballot.

New Year’s wreath – Crafts, which can decorate not only a big Christmas fir, but also the front door or window. It is assembled such a product based on a segment of a plastic pipe, which came the rings. You can also use a plywood or dense cardboard frame. The billet is wrapped with a wide satin ribbon fixed with the thermopystole.

Then you need to act like this:

  • Prepared cones are neatly fixed in a circle on the surface of the base (fixes them is recommended by a thermopystole)+
  • The remaining gaps are filled with shiny christmas toys, elegant bows, other festive attributes+
  • Fill in the entire surface of the wreath, it can be covered with special artificial snow+
  • Attach the loop for hanging the subject in the interior.

Wreaths can be made and as supports under the festive table. In the frame of the cones spectacularly look at the candlery, fruit vase, candlestick.

Production of autumn crafts

Autumn – the best time to make a variety of toys or useful devices, duch decor from pine cones. The abundance of available natural material allows you to create numerous crafts, combining leaves, fruits, nuts, acorns, other forest gifts.

Detailed manufacturing schemes will be useful not only for schoolchildren, but also for kids, their parents. After all, creative contests on the subject of autumn are regularly held in educational institutions in September. For example, you can always make a beautiful cock.

Such a drawing will immediately create the desired mood, emphasizing the brightness of the paints characteristic of this time of the year. For work, you will need 2 pine cones, bright red, yellow and green plasticine. Mine leaves of rowan will help imitate wings, and berries of this tree will be useful. For the tail it is worth collecting dry stems and wheat leaves, rye, other cereals.

Build crafts occurs in such a sequence.

  • Rowan leaves cut on strips along the length, giving them the kind of feathers. Stop on a large sides on the sides with a yellow plasticine.
  • Make a tail, gathering in a bundle of stems and leaves of cereals. If you failed to collect them, you can make a tail of several sheets of different sizes and color, cutting them into the stripes, and then impoverish each other. The tail is fixed on the sharp end of the big pine cone plasticine.
  • From green plasticine to make a stand. Put on her a cockerel. Decorate the base of the stand berries rowan.
  • The head of a smaller size is made of a cockerel head. It is placed in a blunt end, equipped with a red plasticine crest and beak, a beard, from black material make bird eyes.
  • Bird neck makes red plasticine. Decorate with an arched rowan leaf, cut into strips. All elements are connected to each other.

Delica is ready. It can be decorated to your liking, changing the color and size of materials. Children such creativity will definitely.

Other ideas

When making crafts to a kindergarten, to school or for home, it stands from the very beginning to deal with how to handle the material. Like a resin of pine, the cones in heat change their properties. They are revealed, the scales will contact, which can create difficulties for obtaining products of a particular form.

Preparing the material for the creativity of children with your own hands, it is necessary to dip in advance the collected cones in a slightly heated solution of joinery glue – enough and 30 seconds. Then the gifts of the forests are dry, no longer fear of deformation.

If you need to pre-change the shape of the cone, it is immersed in water, soaked, and then tighten with the rope. After giving the desired position, the material is dried. Then rope can be removed.

For 3-4 years

The smallest children are better offered simple, but bright crafts. For example, owls from cones and felt. It will take brown, orange, blue, white, yellow and black material, scissors, stationery glue. 1 owls 1 fir bump.

The procedure for manufacturing will be like this:

  • From brown felt Cut wings, silhouette of head owls+
  • Clear a small triangle of orange material+
  • Cut Circles from Fetra (2): Large Blue, Mid-Wine, Small White and Tiny Black+
  • sequentially stick them on each other, forming the eyes of the bird, fix everything on the head-mask+
  • Printed orange beaks+
  • pin set a wide part to the surface of the table+
  • Secure on her with the help of glue head and wings of owls.

Simple handicraft ready. In the process of working on it, children will work the skill use of scissors, will be able to show fantasy.

Hedgehog from cones and plasticine – another version of creative work. With its manufacture I will cope with the child of any age. To work it is worth selecting materials of a rounded form, you can additionally bake them in the oven to achieve a more complete disclosure of scales. For peeling legs and faces choose beige, gray or brown plasticine, black for a nose. For the eye it is worth stocking of black beads or purchase them ready in needlework stores.

The procedure for the formation of the figure of the hedgehog will be:

  • From the plasticine to roll the ball of medium sizes, give it a slightly elongated shape, making a muzzle+
  • You can additionally make neat ears from the same material+
  • from black plasticine roll the ball, put on the tip of the fruit of hedgehog+
  • Range future paws in the form of 4 plasticine “sausages”+
  • linked to open the scales forward, fasten your head and legs on it+
  • On the muzzle to put eyes from beads or ready-made elements.

Hedgehog is ready. The handicraft can be easily turned into a real toy if it is supplemented with non-plasticine parts, but weighing for modeling or polymer clay.

For 4-7 years

Senior Preschool Children can make more complex craft crafts. For example, on the competition you can draw a figure of a real forest deer with thin legs and branched horns. For work it will take natural material: 2 large pine cones, straight and sideways sprigs. Plasticine is also useful, scissors for trimming, thermopystoletole and rods for it.

Master class on the manufacture of a beautiful deer involves the following actions.

  • Prepare material. For the head, a compact rounded pine cone is selected, a more elongated body is suitable for the body. Also, it will be necessary to cut 4 identical on the length of the deer legs, select 2 branchy “horns” to create the main decoration of the Forest Animal Figurines.
  • Shape a figur. Pin-head fasten on the body at a small angle so that she watches up and slightly to the side. As soon as the position is found in which these elements will be held smoothly and tightly, you can apply glue. Fix parts of the crafts.
  • Segments of natural material for legs insert into holes between scales. Finding the optimal position for all 4 limbs, they are fixed with glue from the thermal system. Wait until the composition hardens.
  • Check the stability of the figure. If necessary, you can shorting the lower parts.
  • From branches with branched fragments at the ends of making 2 horns. Find a place on your head. It is important that the twigs are thin, did not outweigh the head.
  • At the tip of the heads-heads fasten the plasticine nose of bright red. It turns out a beautiful and funny deer, fully consisting of natural materials.

Decorate the finished figure can be different. For example, a Christmas mood of the craft will give bubbles or beautiful red bows on the horns. Autumn deer can decorate rowan berries and a mini wreath of leaves. Summer – flowers and herbs.

In the next video you are waiting for five simple and beautiful craft craft.

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