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With the onset of autumn, the season of manufacturing various crafts on the autumn themes begins. A large number of diverse natural material appears in parks and squares, which gives a wide space for creativity. During this period, products created using natural materials are very popular. Craft crafts are incredible beauty.

We have prepared a few interesting master classes for the manufacture of the autumn Lukoshka from various natural materials and reducing agents of various technical difficulties for children of preschool and school age.

How to make clothespins?

An excellent option for the autumn exhibition in kindergarten or school will be the manufacture of crafts “Autumn Lukokhko” from clothespins. Certain with such a task yourself preschoolers will not be able to help parents. The process itself is easily hobbled and adults, and children, and the result will pleasantly surprise.

In order to make such a composition, you will need the following materials:

  • Small flower pot+

  • Wood clothespins+

  • Thermopystole+

  • saucer+

  • twine+

  • dense wire that is easy to sleep+

  • scissors+

  • Diverse natural material (cones, acorns, leaves and other)+

  • Artificial decor (mushrooms, berries, fruits)+

  • cardboard.

Stages of manufacture.

  • Cut the circle from cardboard in size Pot. We glue the resulting workpiece to the pot.

  • We divide the clothespins into two parts. We begin to puncture the exterior walls pots around the perimeter.

  • Slice of wire bend from two sides. One side fix on a saucer using a thermopystole so that the wire is perpendicular to the plate. The second swept end (top) is planted on a pot and fix it with hot glue.

  • And now proceed to the most interesting – the design of Lukoshka. With the help of a thermopystole, fix decorative elements at your discretion. Try to locate all items tightly so that there are no big lumen between them.

Actively use bright elements – Autumn leaves, artificial mushrooms, berries, fruits to add paints to the autumn composition.

Our rich autumnal lukshko is ready! This work of art!

Manufacture of pumpkin

Decorate the interior of any room can be homemade autumn pumpkin basket, which turns out incredible beauty. Such a composition can be made as a craft on the topic “Autumn”.

The main thing is that the children do it under the supervision of parents, as sharp tools are used to create a product.

Before proceeding with the creation of crafts, you need to study the recommendations for working with pumpkin. Here are the most important of them.

  1. Pumpkin Tool Tool Use with Long Blade.

  2. Clean the flesh need a spoon.

  3. After removing the internal pumpkins, it must be dried. To do this, use sheets of paper or newspaper, which will absorb excess moisture.

  4. To make any holes in a vegetable, you can use awl.

To create an autumn pumpkin basket, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • pumpkin+

  • Long blade knife+

  • Large spoon+

  • awl+

  • Various branches with leaves+

  • artificial flowers+

  • Brozdi Ryabina+

  • Natural or artificial fruits.

  • newspaper or unnecessary sheets of paper+

  • Thermopystole+

  • marker.

Stages of manufacture.

  1. Pumpkin for crafts Choose fat, without external damage and spots.

  2. Marker draw a handle of the corrugated form. And also celebrate the place where it will end, then on the perimeter draw the cloves.

  3. Carefully cut out a basket using a knife. With the help of a spoon, take out the whole pulp. We succeed in the inner part of the pumpkin newspaper to eliminate the possibility of rotting vegetable. Take out the newspaper only when it dry.

  4. We start decorating our basket. Fill it with all sorts of fruits, decorate green branches and flowers. If a basket is on the exhibition, replace the fruits and flowers on artificial, so that they do not start rot. Fix them using the thermal. Runa Ryabina Use to decorate the handle.

Rich Autumnal Lukoshko from Pumpkin Ready!

Product with roses from leaves

Every year thematic exhibitions are held in each school annually. You can make an original Lukoshko with roses from leaves as a craft.

This requires the following materials:

  • Small flower pot or small plastic bucket+

  • twine+

  • vine+

  • Watermelon Seeds+

  • Paint gouache+

  • Leaves maple+

  • Homemade rosets made of maple leaves or artificial flowers+

  • Branch of Ryship+

  • Almond leaves+

  • petrolatum+

  • Brush+

  • Fruits Physalis+

  • vegetable oil+

  • Thicks+

  • scissors+

  • Thermopystole+

  • PVA glue.

Stages of manufacture.

  • We take a plastic bucket or a flower pot and shook it tightly with a twine, periodically fix the rope by a thermopystole.

  • Handle form from the vine. To do this, tightly glossing the branches among themselves and give them a curved form.

  • Fix the handle on the inside of the bucket using the thermal system.

  • Fix ready-made flowers made of maple leaves in a basket, fixing them with hot glue. You can use and decorative flowers – all you wish.

And also a basket can be decorated with fruit or mushrooms, various natural materials – chestnuts, cones, leaves.

  • We take the fruit of Physalis and glue them for the tails all over the perimeter of the handle using the thermal power.

  • On the pot draw flowers and decorate it with watermelon seeds.

  • In the intervals between roses, we put maple leaves and fix them with hot glue.

  • Additionally decorate Lukoshko branches of hips and leaf of almond.

Autumnal Lukoshko is ready!

An interesting idea of ​​the crafts “Autumn Lukukhko” can be found in the following video.

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