Options for autumn crafts on the topic doll

Options for autumn crafts on the topic & doll &

For a little girl, the creation of autumn crafts will become much more interesting if the selected theme will be somehow connected with dolls. The finished product may turn out both flat and volumetric.

How to make a craft from a real doll?

For school or kindergarten, it is quite easy to make a “queen of autumn”, if you use as the basis an old Barbie doll or a similar toy similar to a girl or a girl, but in no case on a baby.

Tools and materials

In addition to plastic figures, it will require dried leaves and flower boutons, tapes, fabric, cardboard or tight paper. The main tools for needlework will be scissors and construction glue.

In fact, the entire workflow will be to import dolls in the dress from the leaves, so the natural material must be properly prepared.

Bright foliage of an unusual form is pre-dried a couple of days between the pages of the old book with a weighting agent or processed by an iron with double-sided protection from a pair of sheets of paper. It is important that the plates get rid of excess moisture, but remain moving. Similarly come with separate petals, as well as flat flowers. Volumetric buds are dried, being suspended heads down.

To make a craft of long-term, leaf plates are better treated with paraffin or glycerin. In the first case, the candle melt on the stove, and as soon as the wax becomes liquid, a sheet is lowered into it. It is important that the paraffin does not have time to boil or did not turn out too thick. The plate is immediately removed, turns over and again plunges into the substance by the other side. For drying, the material is laid out on a newspaper or white paper.

In the second embodiment, the leaves are left in a solution of glycerol and water connected in proportions 1: 2. After a couple of days, the material can be delivered: it will find a beautiful shine, but will retain his form.

Step-by-step instruction

Autumnal Beauty Dress Frame Designed from Cardboard. To do this, the trapezium is cut, the top edge of which will correspond to the waist of the doll, and the lower – the desired hem. The height of the trapezium is equal to the length of the future product. Optionally, the model of the dress can be modified.

A good solution will take a ready-made fabric dress that will remain only to decorate with natural materials.

Cardboard suit lifting is also cut out of paper or material with similar properties. The base of the dress will be able to fix on the doll with the help of glue or scotch. The sheets can be glued to the Cardboard with construction glue in an arbitrary order or with the layout of the ornament or pattern. Previously, they are lubricated with a fixing solution on both sides. Hem is better to decorate with small flowers like chrysanthemums. You can also use chips of larch, acorns, seeds, berries and other gifts of nature. It looks gracefully in the dress, whose skirt is framed using golden spikelets.

As an additional accessories for dolls, a hat decorated with dry flowers, a basket, filled with harvest, decorations from rowan berries or a small umbrella from multi-colored leaves. To complete the composition on the topic “Golden Autumn” for a toy girl should prepare the corresponding background. It is worth mentioning that the skirt of the doll can be made of half of the plastic bottle, in the neck of which will need to secure the top of the doll. Reliably fasten the leaves with the help of the “Moment of Crystal” glue, and a mixture of PVA and water taken in equal proportions will be suitable for cardboard base.

Manufacture of corn

A simple master class allows you to create a real autumn season symbol – corn doll. For work, you will need: Fresh corn by-car, which should immediately separate the stilts and the peel, the branch of autumn berries, a pair of dry fizalis fruits, a few dried flowers and fresh flowers with flexible stem, dark beads, glue and thin wire.

The process begins with the fact that the veil wrappers are connected to the bending of the edges and are used to form a lush skirt. The design is fixed on the basis of a wire or even a thread that is immediately masked by dry boutons. For example, taking the flowers of white and blue shades, the first can be used to form a belt, and the second – to decorate the bay dress and hem.

The bottom of the costume is also decorated with viburnum or cranberry berries, fixed threads or polymer glue. Corn storks are used to obtain hairstyles. To make it beautiful, some of the strands can be thrown back or bang forward in the form of a bang. Finally, out of living colors with flexible stems, ribbons and berries walled wreath. Dark beads are used to designate the eyes, and Physalis is needed to obtain noticeable earrings. The head is decorated with a wreath, and a smile from any red fetus sticks on face.

Beautiful woman on paper with his own hands

Craft with the image of autumn beauty easy to do and just on paper. In work, do not do without a cardboard base, glue, scissors, colored paper and a large number of dried leaves. First of the sheet of dark color, the face and hand of the girl are cut out, which are then fixed on white cardboard. Silhouette and lush hairstyle of the heroine are drawn up with multicolored leaf.

Additionally around it you can organize leaf fall.

An image of a girl carved out of the magazine and fixed on cardboard. From leaves, herbs, petals, feathers and beads are drawn up her hairstyle, dress and background.

Other ideas

By the way, a funny doll will be able to construct and on the basis of pumpkin. Such a simple master class will be available for incarnation even with young children. In addition to the oblong fetus, a rectangular fragment of the fabric, landscape sheet of white paper, yarn, like curls, plow glue and needles with threads will be useful for work. The creative process begins with the eye: they are drawn on paper and glued on the pumpkin. At will, on the face of dolls, eyelashes, eyebrows and ruddy cheeks are immediately drawn.

Further on the figure with the help of glue, mouth and nose are fixed, also made of paper. Hands of beauties are cut out of the same material. The flap of the fabric turns around the pumpkin and slightly stitches the back. In front of the dress, you can make a small cutout. The hair of different lengths are formed from the yarn of brown or beige color and alternately stick on the top of the top. The hands of the dolls bend from the side of the shoulder, the PVA is missing and hiding under the dress.

Original game doll can work out of cones. At first, the silhouette of natural blanks is a silhouette of different sizes, and then each of them turns into a white cloth and tied up at the top, leaving the tail. It is important that at the same time for the strapping, about 15 centimeters of threads. Recommending the silhouette, but already from packed cones, it will remain to tie them into part in order to fasten the figure. You can even sew them. Hair dolls are obtained by gluing slices of yarn. Clothes for her stitched separately.

Detailed instructions for the manufacture of autumn crafts “Doll” can be found in the following video.

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