Variety of crafts from watermelon bones

Variety of crafts from watermelon bones

There are many ideas to create crafts from watermelon bones. Such work can not only be attributed to the exhibition to school or kindergarten, but also decorate the interior of your home. About what crafts can be made from watermelon bones with their own hands, tell me in the article.

Preparation of material

Before you start working on a cradle, first of all it is necessary to collect the right amount of watermelon seeds, and after the preparation of them. Make it easy. Seeds need to be thoroughly rinsed in water so that they do not leaps during the manufacture of crafts, and after leakage to the colander to get rid of water surplus.

When all the excess water leaves, the seeds need to be poured onto a dry paper napkin or towel. Give the time time so that it is completely dry. If the seeds do not hear, then soon they will begin to mold.

After drying, the seeds are placed in a plastic container or in a glass jar. Capacity needs to closely close the lid, otherwise seeds can be molded.

Appliques for children

There are many ideas to create crafts from watermelon or melon seeds. For example, from this material can be made with your own hands panel in the form of sunflower.

For this craft, you will need:

  • A large number of watermelon bones+

  • scissors+

  • compass+

  • Simple pencil+

  • Tight cardboard sheet+

  • hot glue+

  • Adhesive Pistol+

  • Dry autumn leaves.

Prepare all the necessary materials, you can start work.

First of all, the circle of any diameter with the help of a circulation on cardboard. To subsequently, the craft can be attached to the wall, in the circle you need to do a hole.

Pencil outlines on the cardboard the area of ​​the middle of the sunflower, that is, the place where the seeds will be. After that, we proceed to filling this area. To fix the bones on the cardboard you need to use the adhesive gun.

However, it is necessary to do it carefully, observing safety equipment, so as not to burn and do not break the device.

After that, make the petals of sunflower. To do this, choose beautiful yellow leaflets, cut off from them “legs” and lay them in a circle, fixing with a glue gun.

Delica is ready! If you wish, it can be supplemented with other elements from natural materials – for example, to make any insect so that the panels look more interesting.

It is easy to make a crawl on the topic “Autumn” in the form of a hedgehog. Such work is quite possible to attribute to a kindergarten or school to the exhibition.

For crafts, you will need:

  • watermelon seeds+

  • Cardboard sheet+

  • plasticine+

  • scissors+

  • Simple pencil.

To begin with, outlets on the cardboard the contours of the hedgehog and cut out, thus obtaining the basis for the future craft. After that, fill the basis of the plasticine, while not the touch area in which the muzzle will be located.

After that, in the plasticine sticking watermelon seeds. So that the craft is beautiful, the seeds need to be close to each other, while they must “look” in one direction. So you must fill the entire area covered with plasticine. As a result, you should get eagle needles.

Now out of plasticine form the face of hedgehog: nose, eyes and mouth. Delica is ready!

If desired, it can be supplemented with a variety of elements, for example, to make a fungus or berry plasticine and place it all on the spines of hedgehog.

We make decorations

From watermelon seeds you can also make uncomplicated decorations. Despite all the visible simplicity of such a craft, work on it is quite painstaking. To make such a decoration, you need to make a small hole in every watermelon bone in the middle and stretch through it the line or thread. If desired, such a craft can be diversified by bright large beads or beads, placing them somewhere between the bones.

Crafts for interior

From watermelon bones can also be made with their own hands with many items for the interior. For example, candlestick.

To work will be required:

  • Basis for candlestick+

  • bones from watermelon+

  • glue gun and hot glue+

  • Paint and varnish.

Initially, we glue the basis for the candlestick seeds, while trying to have them close to each other, not allowing spaces. After that, cover the crawler, if necessary, and after drying – varnish. Interesting handicraft for interior is ready!

Similarly, any other element of the interior can be made, for example, a box. The course of work remains the same.

In addition, there are many options for creating interesting paintings from watermelon bones, which will certainly be able to fit in any interior.

To create such a picture with the image of the cat, you will need the following materials:

  • watermelon seeds+

  • Velvet and corrugated paper+

  • scissors+

  • yarn+

  • adhesive gun or “moment” glue+

  • scissors+

  • Simple pencil.

Prepare everything you need, you can start work. First of all print and cut out paper templates, after which we will supply them on velvet paper and cut out. Thus we get the items that will be the basis.

Each of these parts must be placed on the contour of the yarn. It is necessary to do it carefully, so that it is subsequent on the details not sticking glue.

After that, we proceed to work with watermelon seeds. This is a rather long and painstaking lesson that requires perfection and patience. Watermelon Seeds need to fill out every detail, while having them close to each other.

Having finished with this, we fasten all the details with the help of glue and make a stuffing kitty, using beads or beads. Almost ready! It remains to make a cradle in the frame and hang it on the wall.

About how to make cones from watermelon bones, look in the video.

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