Types of bizidomes and overview of popular models

Types of bizidomes and overview of popular models

When the baby begins to grow up, he becomes even more interesting to know the world around. Assist in this child can be a bizid – a modern educational toy in the form of a house.

Pros and cons

The bizid is a design consisting of four walls and decorated with various functional details. Free space inside the product is used for storing toys and other things belonging to a child. These designs have many advantages.

  • Attractive. Modern educational toys fit perfectly into the interior of any children’s. They look bright and attractive. Therefore, you like such products as adults and children.
  • Functionality. All parts used for designing such a design carry some functional load. They help the child to learn the world around and develop his logical thinking. Regular use of such a toy makes a kid more perfected and attentive.
  • Quality. Modern toys of this type are made of safe materials. Therefore, you can play with them even the little.
  • Practicality. You can use a bizid for many years. The design is suitable for both games and first classes with a child.

The main minus of the bizidomes, in comparison with boards or cubes, are their bulkiness.

But if you choose the model of suitable size, the place for its storage in the nursery is enough.

What happens?

Now there are a large number of interesting bizidomes, which will enjoy both the smallest children and preschoolers.

  • For a young researcher. Such an interesting design will like lovers of detective stories and spy stories. For her decoration, various door locks, lumps and gears are used. Especially interesting to the child will play with a backlit house. Designs with light look very bright and beautiful.

  • For Little Modnitsa. Bizeboard can have not only a classic form. Often such structures stylize under fairy locks. The girl’s toy is usually complemented by hooks on which there are gum, hairpins and a bows. Tight threads or tapes can be attached at the top of the house, on which the baby will be able to talk braids.

  • For the future builder. Another interesting design for a boy is 2-4 years old – a bizid with a panel on which small toy tools are fixed. Free walls of the house can complement all sorts of locks, fasteners and magnets. All the little things that are used to decorate this design must be securely fixed.

  • Musical bizid. Music toys are extremely popular among children of different ages. The basis of the crafts usually decorates the piano, children’s xylophone or part of the musical rug. Different bells, rattles and ratchets are also attached to the base. Play with such a house is interesting both independently and with friends.

  • Developing toy. Wooden design in the form of a house can complement various puzzles. Toy can be equipped with cubes, accounts, gears or homemade labyrinths. Baby in 3-4 years will be interested in spending time, exploring such a house.

There are also designs with letters, numbers, traffic lights and other details.

They help the child better know the world around, as well as learn the basics of the account and reading.

Best models

Now on sale there is a large number of interesting bizidomes. To choose for your child only the best products from proven brands.

“6 in 1” from busymotik

This bulk design is made of wood covered with non-toxic paint. It can easily understand and gather at the right moment. Rope fell to roof. The house is very easy to move from place to place.

Functional bizid is perfect for playing and learning. On its walls there are a labyrinth, dial, gears and all the details that will help the child learn how to use household objects. All elements attached to the walls of the house are distinguished by a large size and high quality.

It should be remembered that the toy contains a lot of small parts. So the baby should play with it only under adult supervision.

The roof of the house complements the styling board. Included with the cradle goes crayons for drawing.

“Miracle House” from the company “Master toys”

This handicraft will lead to the delight of kids of any age. Each side of the bizidomics is decorated in a certain topic. All walls are supplemented with a large number of bright elements that are easy to bring in motion. On the roof of this original building there are several gears and a small labyrinth.

Toy made of wood. Complements its small amount of metal parts. All items are securely fixed.

But leave the kid alone with this bizida is not worth. He must play with him only under adult supervision.

Big plus this house – his low price. For small money, the buyer gets the original design with which his child will be interested in playing not one month.

“I am a builder” from “Master toys”

This toy can also carry any child for a long time. On each wall there is a large number of functional parts. All of them can be touched, twist or move from place to place. Toy perfectly helps to develop fine motility and imagination. In addition, using a bizid, a child can study colors and forms.

Inside the house there is free space. So it is perfect for storing toys and various trifles.

Iwoodplay with electrician

A large wooden design is used for the development of shallow motility, fantasy and child care. On the roof of the elegant house there are bulk figures of different shapes that a child at any time can remove. The basis of the crafts decorate toys in the form of animals, gears and even the dial. Using it, the baby will be able to learn how to determine the time on the big clock.

Two-storey house inside empty. Its large doors easily open. Inside this product can be stored favorite dolls and other toys. Bizid is equipped with electricity. This especially likes the kids.

Bizid “Wooden” from the company “Employed House”

This functional house is easily disassembled into six separate panels. They are easily fixed on the wall or semi.

In addition, any of these details, a child can take with him on the road.

The design is made of high-quality wood and covered with safe paint. The house is completely environmental. Play with him you can even the smallest children.

The house complements a large number of functional parts. Sixters, pockets, colored magnets and labyrinths are fixed on its walls. In the design there is a large stylistic board on which you can draw colored shallow. They come in a set with a house.

How to make it yourself?

Since many bizidomics are quite expensive, many parents want to learn how to make such toys do it yourself. Can cope with the creation of such a craft. All that is needed for this is a consistent instruction, a set of all necessary materials and good imagination.

Tools and materials

Before you begin to work, you need to choose all materials and tools in advance. Most of them can be found at home.

  • The foundation. To create walls and roofs, you can use a fane or furniture shield. This raw material can be bought in building materials store. It is important that a piece of the board has quite large sizes. The optimal width of one wall of the house – 65 cm, height – 55 cm.
  • Tools for working with wood. The master will be needed by an electrolybiz, a shurtpers, sandpaper, roulette and screwdriver.
  • Selfless and adhesive. These materials are used to attach various parts to the domic. Choose to work best of all non-toxic glue PVA.
  • Varnish and paint. These materials should also be non-toxic and fully safe to health. The big plus of such paints is that they practically do not smell. Therefore, it is not necessary to regret the room for a long time after dyeing boards.
  • Functional elements. For the design of the walls of the house, you can use any available materials. Initially, such houses were decorated with only locks and lumps of different shapes and sizes. Now for registration toys, you can use various outlets, switches and button calls. Beautifully based on the house, tapes, lacing, buttons on threads and other cute details will look.

All selected items must be large and bright. So they will attract the attention of the child. In addition, he will not be able to accidentally swallow them or shove into the nose.

Manufacturing process

Featuring all the necessary tools and materials, you can start creating a bizidomics. Step-by-step process is described below.

  1. First you need to draw on paper drawing. This will determine the size of the product. In addition, in this case it will be immediately clear where all the functional elements will be located, because it will be impossible to move them from place to place after attachment.
  2. After that, you can proceed to the processing of all major parts. The basis, sash and doors need to be cut out of plywood or a piece of wood. These billets need to polish well. The surface of all parts should be smooth and smooth. If you do not want to study finishing yourself, you can buy polished boards in a construction store.
  3. Next, you can go to painting the product. Paint on the surface of the board should be applied in two layers. Its shade can be chosen at its discretion.
  4. When the boards dried well, it will be possible to start building construction. Do it at home is not so difficult as it seems. Do not use small removable details for fastening. You also need to ensure that there are no sharp ends on the back of the board.
  5. Ready design worth decorating with multi-colored drawings. For this purpose, it is best to use acrylic paints. They are sold in sets in many stores with hobbies. To extend the life of the existence of the picture, it is worth covered with varnish. The basis of the crafts can also be saved with paper or various thematic pictures.
  6. After that, you can start decorating the design. First, there are more voluminous and heavy parts on it, then soft and lungs. It is necessary to ensure that all elements are not too close to each other. In this case, the child will be much more convenient to play with the biseid.

And homemade design, and the purchase house will become an excellent gift for a child.

So that the baby retains interest in the bizidomics as long as possible, the constituent for him is worth choosing bright and equipped with a large number of functional parts.

A visual review of the creation of bisidoma is presented in the following video.

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