All about bouquets from sausage

All about bouquets from sausage

Edible bouquets are increasingly used as gifts to loved ones and friends. As a rule, they are made from sausages, cheese and vegetables. Bouquets made with their own hands are considered especially valuable.

What are sausage bouquets?

Homemade bouquets made of sausages are obtained not only original and beautiful, but also very tasty. When choosing products, each person can easily control their quality. In addition, collecting a bouquet yourself, you can pick up exactly those products that accurately come to the taste of the birthday man. But there are homemade bouquets and their cons. First of all, it is worth noting that it turns out a beautiful bouquet from the first time. Therefore, before making your gift, you need to practice a little.

It is important that the creation of the first bouquets from the sausage occupies enough time. But the result is worth. Ready bouquets are obtained beautiful and cause only positive emotions from recipients.

Certain components are commonly used to create sausage bouquets.

  • Sausage. In the center of each composition there is dry, ferocked, dried or half-blooded sausage. Welcomes the use of original sausages with an unusual taste. Suitable for decorating meat compositions and sausage cutting. It can be bought in the store or make yourself.
  • Meat products. Used to create gifts and various types of meat: carbonad, ham, bacon. They must be in high-quality vacuum packaging.
  • Cheese. Perfectly suitable for creating sausage bouquets and cheeses. They can be both solid and soft. You can use delicious cheeses with mold, herbs and other interesting additives.
  • Vegetables. To create bouquets use Bulgarian pepper, fresh cucumbers, roots, cherry tomatoes and chili peppers. Beautifully look at the compositions, supplemented by heads of garlic.
  • Greens. To make a bouquet look fresh and more beautiful, it can be decorated with parsley, dill and other types of greenery.
  • Berries and nuts. This decor to decorate bouquets is used less. Finished compositions complement the cranberries, lingonberries, pistachios, hazelnuts, almond or cashew.
  • Bread. Make a sausage bouquet more satisfying, using baguettes, crackers and bread with garlic or herbs.
  • Alcohol. In the center of the composition you can also have bottles with alcohol. It should be in a glass or metal container. To create bouquets, it is best to choose high-quality drinks in beautiful bottles.

Packaging Men’s bouquets can be in craft paper, baskets or floral boxes. Simple minimalistic bows are commonly used to decorate compositions.

How to make it yourself?

Of the materials prepared in advance, you can collect many beautiful bouquets.


Such a composition will be an excellent gift for a man. To create it, you will need:

  • sausages with different tastes+
  • Smoked cheese in chopsticks and balls+
  • garlic baguette+
  • pepper+
  • rosemary+
  • Wooden spanks and scotch+
  • Packaging paper and decorative tape.

Step-by-step process of creating a sausage bouquet looks like this.

  • To begin with, all products need to wipe with napkins and gently decompose on the desktop. You need to do the same with skewers.
  • Large products can be chopped into several pieces. In this case, individual parts of the bouquet will not look too bulky. After that, all the ingredients need to be put on spitting.
  • Next, individual parts of the bouquet must be combined with each other with a tape. Do not try to collect the whole bouquet immediately. In this case, he immediately falls apart.
  • Collecting several separate billets, they must be copped with each other using the scotch. A bouquet will turn out in bulk and beautiful.
  • After that, you can start decorating. The bouquet must be closed into a dense crafting paper, and its lower part of it must be tied with a wide decorative ribbon.

With cheese

The following ingredients will be needed to create such a bouquet:

  • sausages+
  • solid cheese and mozzarella+
  • Large grapes+
  • Bread sticks+
  • greens+
  • Sucks, wrapping and coated paper.

Master class on creating this composition consists of several stages.

  • For start-up cubes of solid cheese and cheese balls need to wear on thin spats.
  • I need to do the same with sausages. On each thin skeleton, you also need to wear a few large grapes.
  • All these billets should be divided into several bundles. The edges of the spedes need to be wrapped in scotch.
  • After that, you can start assembling. Meat and cheese “flowers” must be combined with sprigs of rosemary or any other greenery and bread sticks.
  • Ready bouquet must be packaged in coated paper. This will prevent the appearance of ugly fat spots on the main package. Next, the bouquet needs to be in wrapping paper. It is necessary to tie it up with color ribbon.

If a gift will be handed the birthday not immediately, keep it before the beginning of the holiday it is necessary in the refrigerator.

With vegetables

In summer, a meat bouquet can be supplemented with plenty of fresh vegetables and greenery. To create a bright composition, it is worth choosing the following ingredients:

  • Bulgarian pepper red, yellow and orange colors+
  • Bright sharp pepper+
  • Red tomatoes Cherry+
  • Baguette with herbs or garlic+
  • smoked cheese+
  • sausages+
  • Fresh greens.

Also in advance it is necessary to choose the coated and cigarette paper of suitable colors, decorative ribbons and spanks. The scheme for creating such bouquets is quite suitable for beginners.

  • For starts, long sausages need to be cut into parts.
  • After that, all the main ingredients must be accurately riveted on the spanks. Drops of juice must be immediately wiped out with a paper napkin.
  • Further, all these billets must be divided into several beams, and their edges can be copper with a tape.
  • Large leaf of decorative paper needs to be folded so that it turns out a triangle. In the middle it is necessary to put the coated paper, folded in two layers.
  • Next you can start assembling a bouquet. All major ingredients are stacked on paper. Free space between them is filled with greens.

After that, the free edges of the sheets must be accurately fixed, the bottom of the bouquet to tie out an satin ribbon.

In the basket for women

There are more complex bouquets from sausage and cheese. Creating such a composition usually takes more time, but the flowers in it look very realistic. Before you start assembling a bouquet, you need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • Sausage slicing+
  • Cornishons+
  • Solid and smoked cheese+
  • olives+
  • Spicy sausages+
  • Bacon or ham.

Prepare toothpicks, skewers, sharp knife, scissors, coated and wrapping paper, and a wicker basket. The process of creating the original composition consists of several stages.

  • First of all, soft cheese is cut on thin slices. At its edges do neat cuts with a knife, creating smooth petals. From the resulting billets you need to make bulk flowers. So that they hold the shape, each of the buds need to be copped with acute toothpicks.
  • Of thin slices of cheese, sausages and bacon twisted neat roses.
  • Smoked cheese, cucumbers and sausages cut into small pieces.
  • Further all these details are fixed on short wooden skewers.
  • After that, all the blanks are collected in one big bouquet. Olives and roots are attached to the sharp edges of some speakers.

The resulting bouquet is wrapped in two layers of paper. Its lower part must be tied up with a harness or ribbon. Next, the workpiece is placed in a small wicker basket. Paper edges neatly straighten. The composition is obtained bright and beautiful. Basket for such a gift is to select a solid. It is very important to delete attention to the bottom and handle. They must be securely attached and able to withstand a large load.

Useful advice

So that the bouquet of sausages is beautiful and safe, you need to pay attention to the following advice.

  • Products for creating a song should be chosen as much as possible. They should not be too wet or dry.
  • Products must please smell. There can be no traces of the sausage on the surface of the sausage.
  • Original gift compositions can be complemented not only with fresh berries, but also fruit. Best for their decoration apples or oranges are suitable.
  • To make a ready-made bouquet of looting more naturally, wooden skewers before use can be painted in green. To do this, it is best to use high-quality food dyes.
  • Cook edible bouquet is best a few hours before the holiday. In this case, he will definitely not have time to spoil or dry.
  • Work on its creation is in thin silicone gloves.

If you have patience and accuracy, the homemade bouquet of sausages and cheese will look no less beautiful than the purchase composition.

How easy it is easy to make meat bouquet with your own hands, look in the following video.

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