Crafts do it yourself from all sorts of

Crafts do it yourself from all sorts of

Having a little time and fantasy, you can make a lot of interesting crafts, decor and landscape design items. For their manufacture, you can use any blowing materials, even those that at first glance are subject to disposal.

What to do from traffic jams?

Multicolored plugs from plastic bottles are often used for decoration of flower beds and garden tracks. They are indispensable for the manufacture of children’s crafts. However, there will be many different lids of bright shades for their creation.

Truly invaluable in the household material are wine traffic jams. Of these, you can build a lot of useful crafts, for example, a bulk mat in the hallway or in the bathroom.

From the wine plugs of equal size and thickness, you can build a stylish vase for candies and fruits. This will require adhesive – preferably safe, because food products will be in contact with it. Such a vase can be given any form.

Each man carries with them a big key bundle. In order not to lose them, you can make stylish key rings from traffic jams. The process of creating their creation is simple – you only need to fix the ring in traffic or durable cord. To stop the plug, it is best to do through a hole, insert a fishing line and firmly bind the workpiece. After that, it will only be left to decorate the finished product at your discretion.

With the help of conventional traffic jams, you can escape a boring vase.

Of these, there may be a creative ceiling for sconce. This lamp fit into the interior of the hallway, kitchen zone or veranda. The frame frame is formed from dense wire, you can take the base of the old lamp for the database. The plugs are fixed on the frame with a thick thread, for this they form the holes with a drill.

Due to the regulation of the length of the filament, the plaffones can be made stepdly or more. As an option – you can cut a tube with thin circles and the risk of a frame by analogy with a beading weaving scheme. After that, it will only be supplemented with chandelier decor.

In many houses it is customary to leave each other reminders. As a rule, they are attached to the refrigerator with small magnets. Instead, you can build a stylish notes board.

To do this, you need to buy a frame of suitable size and close it with the rear wall of the plug so that they fill the entire cavity of the frame. Notes are fixed to the surface with decorative pins. If you wish, you can even arrange any word on the board, for example, “Home”.

If you like to look at the phone videos and movies, then you need an ergonomic stand. You can buy it in every store. But why spend money if the wine stoppers are stored at home – you will need no more than 10 pieces.

A practical device will be a laptop stand. It creates an airbag and thus protects the technique from overheating.

A good hostess always has many coins under hot dishes. Most of them can easily construct from ordinary traffic jams. To do this, it is only necessary to determine which stand will be used for which dishes and calculate the necessary parameters of length, width and height.

After that, it will only be left to cut a sheet of plywood on the blanks of the required value and go to them fragments of wine stoppers. Of course, you can simply connect them with each other. However, the option with the basis is more practical.

Products from bottles

If you have accumulated a lot of bottles, you can build a mini greenhouse or a greenhouse. It is suitable for growing flowers or seedlings. Determine the appropriate and size of the greenhouse, draw the manufacturing scheme and secure the bottles with each other with glue.

Landscape decorations are made of plastic bottles. If desired, from this cam material, you can always make a figure of a fabulous hero for registration of a children’s game area. Most popular with gardeners and gardeners use complexes consisting of “bottle” palm trees.

Parents of schoolchildren may like the idea of ​​manufacturing a foam from plastic bottles. You need the following: a pair of liter containers, lightning, thermocons and a sharp stationery knife. Make such school supplies is easy:

  • To start, take a plastic bottle, back up 4 cm from the bottom and cut down the bottom of the tank+
  • Take the second bottle, step up 4 cm from the neck and also cut off+
  • With the help of hot glue, lock the zipper in such a way that one part of it is glued to the first bottle, and the other to the second+
  • Wait until the glue is completely dry and use this unusual product.

    Owners of cottage and gardens from plastic bottles can make water sprinkle. To do this, you need to drill a few small holes along the entire length. After that, it will only be possible to connect the bottle to the hose and turn on the water under pressure. Such a sprayer will be the best solution for gardening crops.

    Interesting crafts can be made not only from plastic, but also from glass bottles. If you collect their for a long time, you can create real masterpieces. For example, using bottles, you can decorate the beds, create a miniature fence or lay out garden tracks.

    Production of crafts from newspapers

    If a stack of unnecessary newspapers accumulated in the house – do not hurry to get rid of them. Crafts from this material can be the perfect interior decoration. The most popular view of the needlework is the manufacture of decor from newspaper tubes. This is not the easiest lesson, but if you understand the basic rules and principles of weaving, you can create stylish baskets, vases and even furniture items.

    The kids will probably have to make the creation of unusual crafts in the style of Papier-Masha. This is not just fascinating, but also a useful lesson for children of younger age. It develops in them the prishability, shallow motor.

    Novice creators can be recommended to make a plate of newspapers.

    • To work, you need a disposable plate-base, it is lubricated with oil.
    • After that, you need to take a white napkin, break into pieces, moisten in water and lay out on the surface of the plate so that it is completely labeled it. After this preparation, you can move to work directly with newspapers.
    • Paper should be tear into pieces with a diameter of 1.5-2 cm, if you cut it, then the material will attach insufficiently tightly. Each wetted and fixed over the napkin layer. When the initial layer is formed, it is necessary to align and thoroughly tumble him. Only after that you can move to the listing of the following. Total will need 5-7 layers.
    • The most latter layer is laid out of white paper. The billet is thoroughly tamped and left to dry. As a rule, it leaves from 2 to 5 days.
    • Once the glue dries, you need to remove the product from the basis and proceed to decorating.

    Another unusual version of the use of printed products – the creation of stylish paintings from magazines and newspapers. Best for this pick up color copies. This technique is often resorted during the creation of paintings. For this cut photos of those places on the planet, where the author wants to visit, and stick to the cardboard.

    Ideas from old clothes

    Old clothes that you no longer carry can always find worthy use. For example, bags, stuffing, soft toys make out of old jeans, and even make pictures of them.

    If a lot of outerwear accumulated in the closet, you can take it to create plaids in patchwork technique. For this, the fabric is pre-cut into squares, rectangles or triangles of the same size.

    From old stretched masses and T-shirts, you can weave a bath for a bathroom or toilet.

    Another creative application of old clothes – creation of frightened for garden and garden. You will need a framework, filler (as a rule, this straw or foam) and a little old things.

    Interesting options from plastic dishes

    Functional things can be made of disposable dishes. For example, paper plates can be painted or creating interesting patterns on them. This practice is especially common in kindergartens – it allows you to teach the guys to draw. Such crafts can be a worthy decoration of the kid’s room.

    Using plasticine or pumps, on paper plates you can lay out panels.

    From flat disposable spoons you can create a one-piece mirror frame. To do this, it is necessary to prepare a fan, cut on the required circuit and paste the mirror on it. Around the circumference, if the mirror is round, or around the perimeter, if it is a quadriginal, glit disposable spoons without legs. To make the product more spectacular, spoons are pre-painted with acrylic paints or aerosol.

    If you have a working alarm mechanism, you can make wall clock based on fine plywood or cardboard (you will stick spoons on them).

    For giving and garden from plastic spoons, you can build decorations in the form of flowers. To do this, you need a sharp knife to separate the handles from the spoons and the hot gun to bore them.

    If you have accumulated a lot of cups – try forming asters. To do this, cut the dishes on the strips and combine them with each other.

    The idea of ​​creating a lamp in the form of pineapple is very popular. To do this, you will need a lot of plastic spoons that give the Torosha to a similar fruit with a scaly fruit.

    The original plafof in modern style will be from chaotic interconnected plastic forks.

    When creating any amusters and ceiling, it should be borne in mind that for such lamps you need lamps with minimal power not exceeding 40 kW or energy saving. Otherwise, plastic will start melting.

    On the eve of the New Year holidays, you can make a snowman from plastic cups. Especially beautiful he will be, if you lay inside the multicolored garland.

    Light crafts from bags

    The old bag that served his age and more unsuitable for their direct functions, should not be thrown away. It is possible to put a porridge with a flower with a flower and hang out on the street – it will decorate the landscape of any local area and will look very strong.

    From the leather bag of large sizes, you can make home shoes. The material can be used both as a sole and for the manufacture of the entire product.

    The bag and side of the old bag will become the perfect material for the creation of youth bracelets. They can be made it from a solid piece or weave from thin shoelaces in Macrame technique.

    With your own hands from the old bag, you can make a case for a smartphone, usually sewed in the form of a pocket.

    How to use rubber tires?

    Rubber tires have been widely used when creating objects of landscape decor. Of these, it turns out stylish vases.

    Experienced masters can make animal figures from tire. A similar element of the decor can be a real decoration of the household plot, creative crafts bring their highlights in the landscape. Especially like this decor kids, so creative ideas can be drawn from cartoons. From the tires you can cut a swan, frog, bear or minion.

    From worn auto strokes can be made of outdoor furniture. Agree, such an attribute is invariably looks spectacular and stylish. Full time to make an autoresine of the deputies.

    Young summer residents will certainly come to the soul of rubber wheels. However, this invention will certainly appreciate and adults. At the same time, it is possible not to be afraid of the user’s safety – the rubber is capable of withstanding up to 80 kg of load, so under the weight of the swinging person such swings will not break.

    If desired, garden tracks can be made from old autores. You will need a few car tires, their side parts are cut in two and laid on the surface of the path.

    We draw attention to the fact that any products from the auto strokes are preferably located in the shady segment. Under the action of scorching sunlight, they begin to highlight a specific rubber smell.

    And of course, with the help of a tire you can make a small artificial reservoir in my field. This requires a large tire, it is best to take a tractor tire – its capacity is 30 liters of water.

    To begin with, prepare the surface. For this, the lower edge of the tires is degreased by a special fluid to ensure good clutch of surfaces among themselves.

    Prepared surfaces are treated with flue for rubber and fasten with film bottom. It is very important that at the same time every square centimeter of rubber was saved, otherwise you cannot avoid leakage problems.

    After that, it will only be used to engage the sealing of joints. When all sections of the gluing are completely frozen, they are treated with a special sealant and leave for 20-30 hours.

    Capacity can be filling out the day after drying the seams. Experienced masters advise first to test the resulting design, the bay in it is not more than a bucket of water. If you notice that the liquid slowly goes beyond the vessel – drain the water and re-process.

    Other ideas

    For the manufacture of crafts, you can use many other things. Tell me how to make unusual items from all sorts of.

    From furniture

    Usually do not buy new furniture to the cottage, there are subject to objects that are no longer needed in apartments. However, from spring to autumn, the citizens spend a lot of time on the cottage. That is why there I want to create a truly comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Disclaimed, cracked cabinets with swollen sash, hazardous beds and broken chairs are unlikely to add the interior of attractiveness. It is not surprising that many rewor the old furniture, giving it a more modern view.

    Those elements that are no longer repaired are used in other ways. For example, you can make a hanger from the chairs, and quite good flower beds and beds are obtained from the cabinets.

    If you paint the old locker, then it can get a pretty puppet house.

    If there is a four-legged pet in the house, then you can make a bed from the old chair, even a whole house, having trimmed with a fur or warm tissue.

    From the trays from under eggs

    Ideal material for needlework recognized containers for eggs. Of these, you can build a lot of useful things. Even a little baby can make a garland of them, which will be a decent home decoration. She may be a New Year, autumn or spring.

    To work, you will need a gouache, a fishing line, a wooden skewer or a branch.

    • The container is cut in such a way as to separate the cells. At the edges of each of them form four slots. The resulting corners are rejected.
    • After that billet stain in a gouache. When working with egg containers, watercolor should not take: it requires a large amount of water – the cardboard can open.
    • Work is almost ready. It will only be left to ride flowers on the fishing line and tie to a splay.

    Such garland looks very effectively.

    If you are going to make a lamp, then instead of a wire stem, use LED-garlands lamps.

    From egg containers, very spectacular flowers are obtained: tulips, roses or snowdrops.

    On one flower I need a pair of egg cells. To work you need to cut two blanks. In one on the sides, recesses form, in the second – make petals. Their quantity depends on what flowers are you cooking: the roses should have at least five roses, for the manufacture of snowdrop enough three.

    Weave the bead and twisted into the stem, intertwined ends. The resulting billets glued down. The center is done in the center – the stem is inserted into it, several flowers are connected.

    By the way, from tray for eggs you can make functional things. He can be a good stand under a laptop. The cellular structure passes the air flow, which warns the overheating of the computer battery.

    Plastic trays can be used for growing a green bow or seedlings.

    From tin cans

    Canning banks – pretty specific material. But for him you can find your scope. So, hostesses often use them as forms for pasting confectionery. Special popularity they use before Easter.

    In the tin pots unpretentious succulents can grow, since these plants do not require a large amount of soil. Do not forget to provide drainage holes, otherwise the bank will turn into a swamp very quickly.

    Very beautiful, lamps and candlesticks from tin.

    Bars from under beverages can be used as decorative items for the garden and garden. For example, you can build a small robot and place it in landings. So he will not only decorate the site, but at the same time scaretings.

    Each house will certainly find many small things that should always be at hand. To create an ideal storage system, boldly use tin cans. They are very convenient to place stationery.

    Every gardener knows how difficult to attract useful insects to landings. From cans you can make the so-called bug houses.

    From pallets

    Pallets today are the most sought-after throwing material. You can make from them anything: furniture, children’s houses, junk and even a full-fledged lounge zone. This list can be continued and continued. Pallets in their purpose must withstand significant loads, so they consist of good quality boards.

    If you cleanse them, to take it, covered with impregnations, varnish or paint, you can create a very stylish element of home or garden design.

    Even more unusual crafts from old things you can find, looking at the following video.

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