All about colors from Foamiran on the wall

All about colors from Foamiran on the wall

Cashing the independent design of the photoconents or decorating the room for the holiday, it is worth considering the creation of a flower arrangement from Foamiran. Volumetric flowers, fastened to the wall, is completely easy to do on their own, but they will look very impressive.


Decorative flowers on the wall are most often created from Foamyran – modern, environmentally friendly material. Its significant advantage is the ability to change the form by heating, as well as give the finished product volume. The wide palette of shades allows you to create design from wall volumetric buds of any varieties. Material material is easily cut and fixed reliably with hot glue. Finished products are distinguished by an attractive appearance, and it will be placed in almost any interior, from classic to Scandinavian.

By the way, it is with the help of a flower arrangement that it is convenient to mask some disadvantages of repair or stools, as well as create an indoor focus.

The decor is made to fill or a whole wall, or some part of it.

To create phoamyrah flowers, in addition to the most material of different shades, the stapler will be required, hot glue and, as a rule, the basis for bud. Sheets should be selected with a thickness of 0.5 to 2 millimeters, giving preference to glytter and marshmallow varieties. Iron will need to work to give petals of beautiful bends, and the molds will give them a texture. With the help of flock powder on the surface of the stamens and leaves, velvety is created.

Technique implementation

To learn your own hands to create different flowers, start better from one master class, and then just adapt the technology for other varieties and invented varieties using ready-made schemes and patterns. For example, you can create a giant bout of an abstract variety for which it does not even need a pattern.

  • At the preparatory stage, the master will need to be designed by Foamiran from different shades, a cardboard sheet, glue and scissors.
  • By independently making templates for the petals of the standard rounded shape of different sizes, it is necessary to cut from color material for 6 pieces of large, medium and small parts. The base of each petal is done on a small incision.
  • Next, the tip of everyone will need to give a beautiful bending in the direction from itself, using the iron heated to the minimum temperature.
  • The finished petal turns over, and its ends glued next to the cut for the formation of natural form. Six large petals are connected to each other in a circle with a small fattest. Further, the details of the middle and the smallest size are made in the same way. On the reverse side for reliability, the bottom of the bud is sickled by cardboard.
  • The new sheet of phoamyran first bends in half and cuts into a fringe from the bend. Repeating this sequence with two sheets, you must alternately twist one around the other to form the heart. Ready stamens pinned in the middle of the flower.

Vividly the whole manufacturing process is presented in the following video.

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