All about crafts from Foamyran on March 8

All about crafts from Foamyran on March 8

The idea of ​​creating crafts from Foamiran on March 8 is popular with adult needlewomen, and in children. This material is easy to work, it is distinguished by the universality of use, keeps the form and very decorative. Make postcards and flowers, bouquets and magnets to the eighth of March from the wicked and simple phoamyran, with your own hands, even a person without experience – only you need to make a little effort.


A gift should be beautiful and original. Crafts from Foamiran on March 8 fully comply with this definition. You can make them out of glitter – brilliant raw materials or ordinary matte sheets, pleasant to the touch. Foamiran is distinguished by plasticity, it takes good shape, it is characterized by the richness of the color palette. For the manufacture of thematic crafts and gifts, the material of Iranian production is not bad – the most beautiful flowers are obtained, in the presence of experience you can take raw materials from Korea and China, more subtle and elegant.

On March 8, it is most often given simple crafts: miniature bouquets, elegant compositions, bracelets or ridges, decorated with original decor. Children can make appliques – work with material is completely safe.

For the manufacture of the same type of products, it is better to prepare templates and stencils from the very beginning to help cut out parts.

Ideas of crafts

There are many options for products from Foamiran, which can be created with your own hands for the holiday of March 8. Among the most popular options we note such.

  1. Postcard. The easiest version of the present. You can make a flat or bulk version by creating a real masterpiece.
  2. Application with flowers. Simple option for the youngest children. Even a preschooler will cope with such work.
  3. Bouquets to the eighth of March. Beautiful and simple gift option. You can make a mini bouquet, and then turn it into a boutonniere or brooch.
  4. Baskets. Interesting gifts can be made of multicolored phoamyran. Inside, you can put a sweet treat or another surprise.
  5. Refrigerator magnets. Good reminder of the festival, as well as a completely unscrewing gift for teachers or colleagues.
  6. Combs and other hair decorations. Especially popular rims and hairpins, acquiring incredible decorativeness with the right execution of all actions.
  7. Bangles. They allow you to make an unusual present mother, girlfriend, daughter, creating a topical and exclusive decoration.

This is only a small part of what can be created from the Foamiran do it yourself. Experienced masters create real floral compositions in baskets, not worst and looking very realistic.

Technique implementation

About what crafts by March 8 from Foamiran can be made with their own hands, you can speak infinitely. But it is better to perform a job 1 time, to appreciate all the advantages of such a gift for personal experience.

The simplest products are easy to create with step-by-step master classes.


For the manufacture of elegant festive baskets, you will need a certain set of materials and tools. Among them – wicked and ordinary Foamiran (sheets of green, yellow, blue, orange, red, pink color). To connect parts, you will need a thermal terminal with rods, a special marker with sparkles, tweezers and scissors. For decoration, beads or small beads will be useful. For the formation of the foundation, you will need 4 blanks from cardboard – as a template: a plate with leaves, a large flower with 8 petals, small and meded circle.

Carved patterns are transferred to phoamyran sheets, cut out. A large flower cuts through petals, which are then glued together with each other in a circle, forming a miniature basket. Patterns of a glitter marker are applied to the green leaf. Small central part can also be decorated. A strip of 1 cm wide is cut out of a width of 1 cm wide, closes in the ring, sticks between the parts of the flower as a handle. Its top is decorated with a bow, assembled from the same material, but a contrasting color. A bead is fixed in the center. Basket ready.

Mini bouquet

For the manufacture of a miniature flower bouquet to March 8, a minimum set of components will be needed:

  • Ceramic or polymer vase in the height of “stems”
  • scissors+
  • awl+
  • Iron for heating the material+
  • Sideboards+
  • Figure punch or stencil-flower (1 part)+
  • Color Foamiran (Pink, Blue, White, Raspberry)+
  • Transparent glue+
  • Flexible thin wire of green (can be in braid)+
  • Small yellow beads.

The sequence of action in the manufacture of crafts will be the following.

  1. From the Foamiran, details are made by the number of flowers. For each you need 2 elements. If you plan to make a lot of parts, it is worth using a special figured hole package of a suitable size.
  2. Heat the iron. Silk or “Wool” mode is suitable, the total temperature should not exceed 100 degrees. It is consistently stacked on its sole, seeking the edges of each of them acquired a rounded shape and a small bend.
  3. Put the elements on each other so that the petals are in a checker. Sille to do in the center hole.
  4. SCELOWS Open the wire on the segments of the desired length – 15 cm quite enough. If it is twice, with a loop in the middle, this indicator doubles.
  5. On a single wire beads attached with a glue way, forming a “stamen” of a flower. It is better to fix their second or instant glue, applying a drop to the tip of the metal twist, and then having dipped it in beads. On double – bent, the foundation can be driven, and then bend and twist the edge of the loop. In this case, turn the wire better to the niz.
  6. Insert the finished leg into the center of the flower.
  7. On the same scheme, make other elements for a bouquet. Collect composition. Put it in a vase.

Mini bouquet can be turned into a boutonniere, wrapped its base with decorative paper or decorating it with a beautiful ribbon. Such a composition by March 8 will enjoy my mother, and grandmother.

All about the crafts from Foamyran, see the following video.

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