All about hairpins from Foamiran

All about hairpins from Foamiran

Despite the large selection of hair jewes, many fine sex representatives prefer to make accessories independently. Handmade hairpins – original products that have no analogues. Prepare the necessary materials and tools, you can make a decoration that will be only in a single copy.


Handmade Accessories Fans Love Barcasts from Foamira. This is a practical porous material with which it is convenient to work even a novice master. It is presented in a wide variety of colors. With the help of artificial colors you can quickly make a colorful and beautiful addition to any hairstyle. Such decorations are wonderful both young girls and mature women.

Despite the fact that the finished products look spectacularly and expressively, it is possible to make them at home from the price of materials available. Finding a detailed master class, make an original decoration with your own hands.

To give accessories of elegacity, use Brilliant Foamiran. This material attracts the attention of others by colorful radiance. It is worth noting that it is more difficult to work with it than with conventional porous sheets. It is more dense and hard. Brilliant material is perfect for products of any stylistry.

In the Russian market, Foamiran appeared relatively recently. In a short period of time, it became in demand and gained popularity. You can buy it at any needlework at an affordable price. The canvases are presented in a wide variety of colors, and pastel shades received widespread.

So that the aircraft looked charmingly and retained the appearance, it is necessary to properly select the consumables. The optimal thickness of the quality sheet is 2 millimeters. FOAMIRAN, manufactured according to the approved standards, is safe for health and non-toxic. He also keeps the form and does not break when used.

To give products greater expressiveness, sheets can be painted with dry pastels or other paints. Such a reception will make artificial flowers more realistic.


For loose hair

For long or short loose strands, you can make the following options:

  • hoops and rims, supplemented with flowers, leaves, butterflies and other elements from porous material+
  • Practical and comfortable clothespins, complemented by handmade elements.

With such accessories, the appearance will be significantly transformed. The image will look more feminine, colorfully and smart.

For collected hair

If you like to collect your hair, pay attention to such accessories:

  • Clips of large sizes+
  • Studs and invisible+
  • Rubber of various thickness and length.

Design ideas

Using practical material, you can make simple decorations of various topics.

  • If you want to make a small girl accessory, pay attention to Bright and colorful design options. For children, you can choose your favorite characters film or cartoons (Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Fairies, Unicorn).

  • For school You can make lush and colorful bows. Make several options, for every day and for festive events, for example on September 1.

  • Another option for small children and young girls – ears. Such a funny decoration will definitely attract attention and give the appearance of notching carelessness and playfulness. It may be the ears of Mickey Mouse, cat, squirrels and other options for every taste.

  • Universal clips and other decorations – flowers. This is an excellent option for representatives of the fine sex of any age. You can make lush roses or neat small daisies. Accessories with plant topics are suitable for spring image.

  • For hottime, you can add hair accessories Candy or ice cream made from Foamyran. Wonderful option for colorful image.

Such hairpins will harmoniously look with a bright dress or another outfit.

Tools and materials

The list of tools and materials that may be needed in the manufacture of crafts will differ depending on the selected master class. However, you can make a generalized list of all necessary.

  • Main material – Foamiran sheets. Colors and shades Choose depending on the creative idea. You can use the usual version or material with the glitter (sparkles).
  • Prepare sharp scissors. You can also use a stationery knife or blade, but it is much more convenient to work with scissors.
  • To fasten individual elements, you will need glue or special Adhesive Pistol.
  • For quick and convenient cuts of individual elements (leaves, petals, etc.) are used Billets. Make them from cardboard or tight paper. You can make them alone or download stencil from the Internet, print it and cut the necessary workpiece.
  • No additional elements also do not do. Masters use felt, silk, satin ribbons and other materials. In addition, there may be a line or wire for the manufacture of stamens, ammunition of insects and other elements.
  • Some craftswomen are painted Foamiran. In this case, it will take a palette of dry pastels.

Do not forget to prepare the foundation to which you are going to attach the workpiece from the phyamiran. It can be a hoop, hairpin and another accessory.

Production options

To make it yourself a stylish decoration, it is necessary to choose a clear and detailed master class for beginners.


To make a neat and stylish bow, prepare the following:

  • Sheets of porous material of any color+
  • Foundation (blocking of the desired size)+
  • Thermopystole and consumables for it+
  • paper or cardboard to make pattern+
  • handle or pencil+
  • scissors.

Performing work is stepdown below.

First you need to make a pattern. On the material selected for the manufacture of a template, you need to draw three elements for the future bow: the basis, a bow and the top of. If you are difficult to draw them, you can use the finished template from the Internet. The obtained billets need to be attached to the Foamyran and circle them with a pencil, as shown in the photo.

After carefully cut the desired item. On the photo of the master makes a bow of brilliant material.

Now you need to make a butterfly. For this, each of the ends of the workpiece must be attached to the center and fix with a small amount of glue. The picture shows how to do it.

The resulting butterfly glit to the base with sharp edges. That’s what should happen as a result.

In order for the product to be completed, we complement it with the top element, a piece of ribbon. First fasten the workpiece in the center, and after the edge is tailored and fix the bows.

The bow is ready, now you need to glue it to the selected basis. It can be a hairpin or any other hair accessory.

Spring Flower

Adjust the image can be delicate and feminine decoration in the form of a flower.

To make it, you will need such materials and tools:

  • Line or meter+
  • Toothpick+
  • Adhesive Pistol+
  • Thin porous sheets, thickness – 1 millimeter, this is a special Iranian Foamiran+
  • Additional brilliant material, in this master class, use ecocuse+
  • Hairpin without decorations and additional elements+
  • comfortable and sharp scissors.

The manufacturing process is easy.

First you need to cut from the Foamiran square. Sizes – 4.5×4.5 cm. It will take 3 squares.

Take a ruler, put it on the diagonal of the square element and spend the toothpick by the material so that there is a noticeable, but shallow trail. Work carefully not to damage sheet.

Cut the square on the line in half. As a result, it should be 6 identical blanks, as shown in the picture.

Put one of the parts on the table, the basis for yourself. With the help of the line measure one centimeter from sharp corners and make a neat notch with toothpicks.

Cut the corner, focusing on the notches.

We use the resulting billet as a stencil, and on its basis you prepare the remaining triangles.

In the center of the lower edge we apply a little glue and fold the element in half, as in the photo.

Penitate carefully the edge to get a “wave” and fix it with glue.

We do a procedure on both sides.

These are such neat blanks as a result.

Now you need to connect the petals, for this side surfaces you need to apply some glue and press the items to each other.

When gluing five parts, a neat and bulk flower.

Go to paper. Cut a piece of 2×3 cm in size, as shown in the picture.

It needs to draw a template in the form of a sheet and a circle.

Apply the pattern to shiny fabric and cut a pair of elements – one sheet and a flower center.

We process edges with candles, matches or lighters.

Shining round blanks we apply to the center of the flower and glit.

The leaf is glued below.

Here is a charming flower resulting in. It remains only to attach it to the hairpin and enjoy the pretty decoration made by your own hands.


Hair accessory, complemented by a bright butterfly, is remarkably suitable for a girl or a young girl.

To make a butterfly, you need to prepare certain consumables and work tools:

  • The hairpin to which handmade decoration will be attached+
  • Foamiran sheets, thickness – 1 millimeter+
  • Material with a glitter, you can use a dense foamiran or buy a small piece of artificial leather+
  • Light or white felt+
  • Ready mustache for the butterfly, they can be found in the store for needlework or make yourself from wire (fishing line) and beads.
  • scissors+
  • Tight paper+
  • Toothpick+
  • Glue for metal+
  • Adhesive Pistol.

Step-by-step master class looks like this:

  • From paper you need to make a blank in the form of a rectangle, dimensions – 7×5.5 cm+

  • fold the resulting element twice as shown in the picture and draw on it a wing of the future butterfly on it, hold the workpiece with your fingers+

  • Cut the workpiece on the planned pattern and deploy, this is the butterfly resulting from+

  • Attach the stencil to the porous leaf and carefully circle it with the toothpick, leaving a lightweight and barely noticeable contour+

  • We will need two identical parts+

  • One of the elements must be pressed in the center and fix with a glue gun+

  • Now turn the blank with the opposite side and applied a drop of glue on the other side (to reduce the connecting part, you can cut a little material in the middle)+

  • We connect two elements, glue a bulk butterfly on a flat blank+

  • Go to a brilliant material and cut a thin strip from it 0.5 cm+

  • edges process open fire+

  • Brilliant element from one end glit to the back of the insect from Foamiran+

  • Striped need to carefully wrap around butterfly+

  • fix a brilliant tape, and cut off too much+

  • Now you need to add a mustache for realism, fasten them too with inside+

  • From light felt cutting the lining for a metal hairpin or other accessory+

  • we glue it to the hairpin with a special glue and leave until complete drying+

  • on top of felt glue butterfly and get a stylish hairpin.

Note: When using the glitter material, the main thing is not to overdo it with its number. A large number of shining elements in hair jewelry looks harmonious only in the manufacture of accessories for girls.

Beautiful examples

  • Bright butterflies made using brilliant sheets. Accessory complemented pearl beads.

  • Metal comb with volumetric snow-white roses.

  • Colorful decorations with gentle pink buds, supplemented with green leaves and stamens.

  • Clumps with saturated violet colors. Despite the fact that the craftswoman used the material of one shade, the product looks spectacular.

  • Neat hairpins with lilac flowers will decorate any hairstyle.

  • Stylish bezel for spring or summer image. The selected shades of the phoamyran contrast and emphasize each other.

  • Flowers on this hairpin look expressively and realistic.

  • Instead of colors and butterflies, add gum can be brilliant stars.

  • Perfect option for a girl. Shining bows are complemented by ears and unicorn horn.

  • Volumetric and Magnificent Handmade Accessory. Large pink flower supplemented two bootons.

  • Bright red poppy will look expressively both on light and dark hair.

  • Female image perfectly complement the hairpin with a lush peony bud.

              • Wrap, decorated with multicolored artificial flowers. Stylish option for a bright image.

              Master class on making hairpins with a flower from Foamiran in the video below.

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