All about Marshmallow Foamira

All about Marshmallow Foamira

DIY DIY DIY Deliver a lot of pleasure, besides perfectly develop fantasy, occupying free time. For this, there are many different materials with tools, with which you can create stunning products and, even earning on it. Foamiran, which is presented in many colors and different types in great demand. From this material the original floral compositions are obtained, so it is useful to learn more about it

What it is?

Foamiran is foamed rubber, which has plasticity. Due to this property with the material, it is very easy and pleasant to work. This raw material is produced in Asia. Marshmallow Foamiran attracts a great attention of needlework lovers. The material stretches perfectly, while it is not necessary to heat. It is necessary to fasten it carefully using auxiliary materials. The processing of marshmallow Foamiran should be delicately

The material is suitable for creating thin and thick petals, berries and other decor elements.

In the market, the products are offered in the form of sheets of 28×30 cm, which is very convenient. The thickness of them is the same, you can find rolls that have this indicator above the standard. When buying it is recommended to immediately decide what exactly you are going to do from the material, and then choose the size. To work with Foamiran, you need to learn special technology, but it does not take much time.

Comparison with other species

Foamiran is presented in different versions, each of which has its own properties, features and differences. This material is considered noble, and sometimes it is called plastic suede. However, there are signs that combine all varieties. First of all, Foamiran is easily cutting, it is easy to glue. It can be painted with pastel, watercolor pencils, acrylic, use cosmetics for this. It is produced either in rolls, either in sheets, indicating thickness, size and color.

Iranian Foamiran is a reference, it is on it that the other types of material are equal. Mellenic sheets are presented in a rich color palette and sizes. It is in this embodiment most pastel and gentle shades. The difference between Iranian material from the marshmallow consists of less elasticity. Details from it will be poorly stretched, will not be able to hold the right form. If it is overly stretched petals, they will immediately break.

Chinese Foamiran is offered in bright colorful colors, providing more fancy opportunities. On the touch, it is more slippery, under the heat treatment of the petals will be twisted, and this complicates the work. This material is also less plastic than and differs from the marshmallow. However, for the manufacture of colors, you can choose it and it will have to make more effort.

The properties of the marshmallow foamiran differ from the simple one to consider when choosing raw materials for work. His main feature consists in softness, adequacy and airiness. To distinguish this type of material from other, it is necessary to detect such signs as weightlessness, velvety, low density and visible porous structure. It is difficult to call the Foamiran, since the chemical composition is somewhat different. It is easy to determine to the touch, as it is more velvety than other species. As for the color palette, it is somewhat paler, but if you try, you can find raspberry, turquoise, yellow and other paints.

A distinctive feature is that when processing, marshmmary material behaves differently. If you use an iron without paper laying, the Foamiran will start bubble, pushing off from the hot surface, or completely melted. Therefore, it is better to choose a more delicate processing method to give the desired form.

When heated, the material is bonding, and this is a big advantage, since it can create thick items from it.

As used?

Needlewomen can come up with many products and make thousands of compositions that use Marshmallow Foamiran. Many love this material on a number of characteristics described above, it is easy and pleasant to work with it. Usually it is used to create flower arrangements, decorations, decor items. Foamed rubber suitable for working on paintings and panels, for the manufacture of various plants, including berries, leaves, buds, and T. D.

Many masters choose roses, as they are used in compositions quite often. But Foamiran is ideal for making thick peonies and other types of colors that perfectly fit into a bouquet, and may well be part of the interior. Thus, with the help of this velvety material, you can replace live flowers, and manifests the fantasy, create something original.

Decor with buds and petals from Foamiran is suitable for registration of photo frames, decoupage boxes with decorations. If you look for a material for crafts with children, you can safely choose foam rubber. Even a child can easily handle her, because it easily cuts out, you can make different forms from it, glue and create. You can make decorations yourself, using a layout on which “Marshmallow” flowers, leaves and berries will be attached. Girls love to decorate Foamiran rim to complement the image. Thus, it is safe to say that this type of material is suitable for various crafts, it allows you to show your creative inclinations, creating beautiful compositions.

How to work with Foamiran?

If working with Foamiran in a novelty, it will be useful to learn more about him, to get acquainted with secrets that will help achieve a positive result. You can visit the master class on the manufacture of colors from this material. If you wish to create a bouquet of roses, it is enough to have a blank, iron and pastel with it. White Foamyran will be needed for petals that are cut in the form of ordinary droplets. The bottom must be scratching the pastel of the desired color, processing the edge of the workpiece.

As the base of the flower there will be a ball of foil, where it is necessary to pierce the wire so that the rose has a leg. Petals will need to stretch a little, after which it is to bring that they look natural. They are then wrapped around the base, and for consolidation it is necessary to heat the bottom of the petal to the melted state to glue the workpiece. When the flower is ready, you can proceed to the following until it turns out the number of buds that is required.

For leaves, you will need to cut the elements of the corresponding shape and paint green pastels. Stopping can be done by a special form. Wire need to wind the green ribbon and take the tip. Leaves are attached in the same way.

To thin the marshmallow Foamiran, it will be necessary to heat the iron, and then stroke the material through the usual office paper.

You can create unique products, decorate the interior, clothes, getting true pleasure from it.

What kind of marshmallow Foamiran is and that from it can be made with their own hands, you will learn further.

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