All about the decorations from Foamyran

All about the decorations from Foamyran

Elegant jewelry and expensive accessories occupy an important place in the life of every woman. Beautiful sexes can acquire them both in the finished form in specialized stores, and independently do at home. For manufacture with your own hands bus, necklace, bracelets, earrings and wedding jewelry use Foamiran, since this material is distinguished by strength and allows you to implement any designer ideas into reality.


Ornaments from Foamyran – this is a fairly new fashionable direction, which is becoming increasingly popular every year. Material from which they are manufactured, is considered the most supplied in processing. With a strong heating of the phoamyran, real wonders begin to occur. If, for example, cut out the petals of roses and move them, then the material will become so plastic that it can be crowned, stretched and compressed. When creating decorations from phoamyran, you can use hair forceps instead of iron to heat instead of iron or construction hairdryer.

Before making your own hands, hairpins, earrings, bracelets and other types of decorative jewelry, you need to choose their design, all design on paper and circulating patterns right on the sheet of material with a seer or toothpick. The main feature of such jewelry is that they should not have too saturated color, so experts recommend to make them from the glitter and brilliant phoamyran.

The main advantages of products from Foamiran include simple care (material moisture-resistant), non-toxicity and exclusive view.


Thanks to such a supple and bright material, like Foamiran, you can create different types of decorations with your own hands. It can be earrings with flowers, gum for girls on a roller, bracelets, necklaces and decorative wedding accessories. No less interesting, decorations in the form of photo frames, hairpins, rims and New Year wreaths.

For hair

From Foamiran, very beautiful hair decorations are obtained, which can be worn as an addition to the image or attach to the brides. To make a homemade hairpin or rim, in addition to the previously made colors, you need to have clips and simple hoops. Hair decorations are done very simply – Flowers are sitting on a metal base with a glue gun.

In addition, flowers can be complemented with bows, plastic rubber leaves, beads.


Now wedding decorations made from Foamyran are greatly popular. They perfectly retain their appearance after the celebration and can serve for a long time perfectly remembered an important event in life. Usually from Foamyran make wedding bouquets consisting of flowers such as lilies, orchids, peonies, chamomiles and snowdrops.

To create such an original wedding accessory, you need to decide on the tone of colors, and also additionally purchase beads and ribbons for decor. In addition, from Foamyran, you can make original decorations for wedding candles, dishes, fuels.


An interesting decision is the manufacture of children’s decorations from Foamiran, which have similarities with applications. To please the child with such a masterpiece, it is enough to find a pattern, it cuts out the material and make all the elements of the blanks. Similar decorations can be used for decoration of children’s rooms. In addition, small princesses can be made of beautiful earrings that can be worn all year round. Gorgeous also looks from this material and children’s bracelets, they give small fashionistas stylish look.

Care rules

Since Foamiran is considered to be moisture-resistant material, the decorations made of it can be washed in a warm soap solution, after which they should be blown up with a tissue napkin. In no case can not clean such decorations in a solution containing abrasive powders. He will ruin them hopelessly. It is also impossible to expose products from phoamyran heating. They should be stored away from lacquer removal fluid, alcohol, avoiding contact with sharp objects.

How to do?

To date, fashionable rigging from Foamiran is greatly popular with fashionable, since they differ in the original design and allow the female image to give tenderness and refinement. For beginners of craftsmen who want to make such products on their own hands, will help the next master class.


First of all, it is necessary to prepare wet wipes, pink and white pastel, leaf of white foamyran, scissors, billets of petals, hairpins, adhesive gun, toothpick and white stamens.

Then the patterns of blanks (3 pieces of different sizes) are applied to the sheet of material, the outlines of their contours are made using toothpicks. After that, the petals are cut, the pink pastels draws their edges. Thus 8 blanks should be treated, 3 of which should be more contrasting, as they will be placed in the center. In order for each petal to acquire an invoice, it is necessary to stroke the iron, choosing the workplace “wool”, as a result, the petals will be much softer and raise.

The next stage will be the twisting of the petals into the tube, it needs to be done immediately after stroking the iron until they got cool. Thus, it turns out a beautiful bouton. After the petals are cooled, they should be straightened, slightly stretching around the edges, as they should be thinner. Further, the flower assembly is performed, the petals can be glued only with special glue, along rows, from more to a smaller billet. So that the petals glued themselves right and do not break down, at the end of the work, it is recommended to insert toothpick in the middle.

While the flower successes, you can proceed to the manufacture of stamens for which the thin wire of the light shade will be needed. Stamens fold in half, bandaged and drawn over the wire in the center of the flower. On the involving side is cut off excess wire, the remaining ends are tied. Ends the manufacture of a fixation of a flower to the hairpin using for this glue. If you plan to glue a flower on a gum, then it is recommended to start it first on a small piece of phoamyran so that the composition does not break.

Bridal bouquet

The most delicate and beautiful flower in such a bouquet is rose. To independently make a gorgeous decoration in the form of a bouquet for the bride and her friends, you need to prepare the following materials in advance and tools: Billets of rose petals, foil, glue, scissors, two sheets of gentle green and pink phoamyran. First, it is necessary to make roses, for this preparing billets from dense cardboard (petals are drawn and cut), then they need to be cut on a sheet of phoamyran by a simple pencil and cut with scissors. It is not necessary that all petals get the same size, 5 small and 5 large petals will need for operation. They should warm them with the iron, then with the fingers gently stretch the edges to give them a waviness.

Next, you can proceed to the direct assembly of roses: At first, the balls roll out of the pieces of foil, the smallest petal rolling around such a ball, then everything is fixed with glue. All other petals need to be glued in a checker, as a result, it will turn out a small bouton. The next step will be gluing large petals, the edges of which should be warm up the iron. The assembly of the rosette is completed with cutting leaves from light green phoamyran, they are also heated with an iron, twisted into the tube and slightly pressed. After that, the tubes are unfolded, finished leaflets are obtained, which are glued on the reverse side of the rose buoy with glue. Similarly, the required number of roses is prepared and a bouquet is formed.


This type of decorations can be used both for the design of everyday and festive image. To make yourself such a beauty, you will need to purchase sheets of phoamiran several colors, cotton wands, sheets of dense felt, toothpicks, and also to have an iron in the farm, PVA glue and a stationery knife. Starting needlework stands from the preparation of patterns for the future necklace and the foundation, which can serve as a plastic suede. In the future, all decorative elements will be attached, the substrate for it must be made in advance from a sheet of thick paper. This will provide the product stability and preservation of the form.

Then, it is necessary to fix the reps ribbon to be fixed, it can be replaced by a chain, ribbons from satin and leather. The choice of material depends on personal preferences and wishes of the girl. The next step will be the process of creating buds and leaves for flowers, which will be arranged on the necklace, for this will be needed by Foamyran sheets. Of the material of coffee and dairy shades, you need to make several billets of petals in size 2 * 1.5 cm, from phoamiran chocolate shades – several rectangles of 4 * 2 cm. Floral petals are prepared from billets of light tones, and from rectangular blanks – floral leaflets, the edges of which should be made of screws.

After all the preparatory activities, all the petals and leaflets are needed, then they can be renewed and twisted, giving natural shape of the plant. Next, the material is bent, with the toothpicks are made on the petals of the residence. Thanks to this necklace will acquire greater naturalness. The manufacture of the necklace is completed by the most responsible stage – assembling the main composition.

Using cotton wands, form flowers, each central petal of which twisted and attached with glue (petals should be glued in a checker order).

The number of flowers on the necklace is selected individually, it all depends on personal wishes. The same applies to the size of flowers, it can be different. Beautifully looks like a piece of phoamyran, decorated with several floral compositions. If desired, the decoration can be supplemented with colored beads, feathers and chains.

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