All about wicked Foamira

All about wicked Foamira

If you are familiar with the sphere of needlework, then you probably have noticed that lately, crafts and author compositions from such material are becoming increasingly popular as the wicker Foamiran. Today in our article we will talk more about Glitter Foamiran, as well as consider which products can be made of it.

What it is and what makes it?

First of all, it must be said that the wicked Foamiran is a kind of conventional phoamyran, decorated with glitter (from here and the name of the material – “Glitter” with English translates as “glitters”). Foamiran was specifically designed for needlework, respectively, from it you can make a large variety of crafts.

So, popular and distributed are such products from wicked Foamiran:

  • Christmas tree toys and New Year’s decorations+
  • Hair Accessories (most often hairpins)+
  • Decoration and decorative elements that are used for gifts (for example, bows for a gift box)+
  • Souvenirs and T. D.

Work features with material

Despite the fact that a lot of different compositions can be created from the wicked foamyran, before proceeding directly to operation, it is important to familiarize themselves with all the features and distinctive characteristics of the material. Besides, To obtain a qualitative final result, you need to analyze the rules for working with raw materials.

So, it is worth it in mind that the wicked foamiran is quite thick in its structure, it is not too elastic, so it is difficult for him to give the necessary form. Accordingly, it will not be possible to make elegant crafts.

On the other hand, the wicked foamyran looks very elegant and festively, attracts attention to others.

Glitter Foamiran is produced in the form of small sheets, the cost of which is relatively low. Almost every needlewoman can afford to acquire such material. It is also important to keep in mind that the material is produced in a variety of colors and shades, so that you can make bright and unusual products.

On the sheets of the wicked foamyran, the glitter is applied not on both sides, but only with one. In this regard, it is necessary to be especially attentive when working with the material, so as not to confuse the front side with the wrong.

In the process of heating the material (carried out in order to give it the desired form) Iron or hairdryer must be brought to that side where there are no glitters (t. E. to the wrong).

Necessary inventory

To work with the wicker Foamifra, you will need a number of additional tools and accessories. Among them:

  • High-quality cardboard of big density – this material is useful if you decide to make workpieces of future products+
  • Iron or hairdryer – these household appliances are indispensable in the process of heating the material, with their help you can give the Foamiran in each case form+
  • Glue – In this case, the adhesive gun will be most comfortable and convenient+
  • Scissors – they will have to cut the composite parts of your composition, you can use the stationery, manicure or any other tool+
  • Wire – will be the basis for many crafts, in particular, floral, and it is recommended to use not ordinary, but a specialized floristic wire+
  • Mold – Thanks to this material, you can create texture and texture of your products+
  • Paints – allow you to give a realistic shade of the composition, change the color+
  • The stack is a special tool by which you can give the desired shape to your decoration and its parts+
  • Acrylic varnish – it will help create a glossy effect.

It should be borne in mind that it is not necessary to use all accessories presented above for making crafts from wicked Foamiran. So, in some cases, you will use only some of them, and other elements may also be needed in other situations.

Products do it yourself

You can make a variety of crafts (for example, hair bandages, Kanzashi, and T. D.). Today in our article we present you master classes and simple ideas of products from an unusual brilliant material.


Planting themes are quite popular among lovers of crafts from wicked Foamiran. So, with a glitter you can create a flower like a red poinsettia, a plant with large leaves in a pot, a bouquet of flowers and t. D.

To create a flower composition, you need to create patterns in advance with cardboard. Through this pattern, you need to cut a floral image from the wicker phoamyran, and then give the composition volume (this can be done using heating devices: hair dryer or iron). It will also be needed – it will serve as a flower stem.

If you want to create more leaves, then use the material of another shade to give greater realistic overall composition. To create a middle of a flower, you can use glue and a large bead.

The process of creating puancetics from glytery fomioran in a pot in the video below.

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