All about luminaires in the form of roses from isolon

All about luminaires in the form of roses from isolon

The lamp in the form of roses from Isolon will be an excellent gift for a dear person. This craft can be decorated with children’s room, kitchen, living room or hallway. The lamp allows you to create a romantic atmosphere in the house, maintain heat and comfort. In our review we will give step-by-step instructions for the manufacture of luminous roses on a round ceiling.


Ceiling lamp is not always able to provide full lighting – Fill the lack of light helps flooring and sconce. In recent years, lamps in the form of roses have been very popular – this option will decorate the rooms in the style of country, Provence, Shebbi-Chic.

These unusual lamps will be appropriate in classical interiors, and if we make them made of plated with a metallized film of isolon, the lamp will harmoniously fit into the industrial style.

Among the main advantages of such a self-made flooring, the following can be distinguished.

  • Mobility. Despite the massiveness of the whole structure, such an electrical appliance can easily be rearranged depending on the wishes of the owner.
  • Saving electricity. If you correctly choose a light bulb, as well as the shape of a ceiling, then the lights of the flooring will be enough to illuminate the entire room – this will allow minimizing the use of ceiling lighting structures, for which several lamps often use immediately.
  • Easy connection. The structural features of such a lamp allow the owners not to bother with the connection method, since the device can be turned on directly into the outlet – this can not be said about chandelices and sconces requiring a mandatory pre-conducting cable.
  • Using directional light. Most of the lamps gives soft lamp lighting, which is comfortable for the eyes.
  • Ability to install in the interiors of any type. Due to the wide color palette and the possibility of staining of the isolon made by their own hands, floor lamps can easily fit into any color solution.

Design options

Solon lamps can have a wide variety of designs. They are made in the form of removable floral heads, dolls, fruits and abstractions. The greatest distribution in the room decoration was obtained by growth flowers, lamps, ordinary them are performed in the form of a single or triple rose. They harmoniously fit into a variety of functional premises, look at the daylight, and in the evening it is impossible to remove the eyes at all.

No less effectively look desk lamps in a pot.

If you wish, they can be placed on the bedside tables – they will fill the comfortable bedrooms, and in the nursery can perform the role of night light.

For that To properly decide on the design of the rose-lamp, first it is necessary to determine its main function – If you plan to use a decorative purpose device, then the focus is worth paying appearance, since the design will become an integral element of the total decor.

If the main task of the floor design is the maximum illumination, then you should pay attention to the selection of the shape of the plaffone and the color decision, take into account such a parameter, like the height of the rod, and with full responsibility to approach the technical side of the issue. As for the color solution – everything depends here only from the fancy of the master. Flowers can be black and white, pink, yellow, red, it is very interesting to look two-color lamps in bouquets and baskets.

How to make it yourself?

We offer you a master class, which step by step will tell about how to make a flooring in the form of roses.

Tools and materials

In order to build a luminaire from a flower in the form of a flower, in the first place it is necessary to purchase the main work material. The fundamental point is to acquire it is necessary to stitched polyethylene foam. It costs it more expensive, but during operation, the difference will be noticeable. The crosslinked isolon has a bulk memory, with elevated loads, the material is crushed, but as soon as the pressure on the petal stops – they immediately frame and look at fresh.

It is very important to correctly choose the density and the thickness of the isolon, since they will largely depend on the stability of the product.

The largest elements are usually performed from 3-5 mm from isolon, and internal petals – from the smallest and thin, Here will be enough thickness 2-3 mm. Isolon is suitable for creating lamps based on non-degenerate LED lamps. The use of incandescent bulbs is absolutely excluded – strong heating of the material although it will not lead to a fire, but the appearance of the lamp can cause serious damage.

In the manufacture of petals and give them the maximum realistic forms and bends, a construction or powerful household hairdryer is usually used, if there are some work skills, you can use the standard soldering iron. When creating a flooring in the form of a rose will have to work with hands – this will require the following tools:

  • tailoring scissors or a sharp mounting knife+
  • Construction or household hairdryer providing several modes of operation+
  • Hot glue gun with the heating option and the ability to change the temperature+
  • screwdriver+
  • Thicks+
  • Construction stapler+
  • Paint – preference is better to give the compositions in the acrylic base+
  • The coupling – it must be chosen in such a way that the electric cartridge is accurately entered into the large side, and the small one could adjust under the base tube+
  • Electrical components – wire, ring cartridge, switch, plug, and light bulb+
  • Pipe – You can take any plastic, metal or metal-plastic design, for the desktop lamp will be quite 1.5 meters, for lamping lamp must be longer.

You will also need additional consumables – this is a greasy scotch, cass and wire. Alternatively, you can make a flower-lamp based on a ready-made ceiling – in this case you will only need to arrange it.


Before starting work, it is necessary to determine what height your floor lamp will and what size will be a flower – the stability of the structure depends on. We offer you instructions for the manufacture of individual elements of the lamp. It includes several steps.

Step 1. Creating a flower

This procedure includes several basic stages. To start with the cartridge, the ring is dismantled and glued on the coupling. Then cut blanks at the rate of one rose:

  • 12 parts of 25x25mm+
  • 8 parts with parameters 20×20 mm+
  • 5 parts 20×5 mm size.

Billets cut off the corners so that they resemble a drop.

When everything is ready, you should give the petals to the most naturalistic look.

To do this, they are bent and stretched, pre-heating the material with a hairdryer to increase its plasticity. For a larger decor you can paint the items, draw a streak on them.

After that, you can move directly to the assembly of the bud for the lamp. The coupling sticks chamomile petals made in the very first place – they must be placed to meet each other with a slight bias out. After that, on top attach two rows of petals measuring 20×20 mm, with each subsequent approximately halfway should close the previous.

Next glue two more rows of petals 25×25 mm.

We draw attention to the fact that in the upper parts of all the petals should be at the same height.

So that the flowers from Isolon served for a long time, all parts can be fixed with each other with glue or with threads and stapler.

Step 2. Making a stem

Made lamps made in the form of roses may have a trunk or do without it – it directly depends on the features of the fastening and the functional purpose of the household appliance. For example, if you plan to fix it to the wall, then on the reverse side should be glued to punched. But If you need a floor lamp, it will require support – it is made of a suitable pipe from the pipe.

The manufacturing process includes the following works. Cutting pipe of the desired length near the base is twisted by the ring.

Keep in mind that it is on it that will hold the whole design, it is important to consider when choosing the size of its diameter.

The remaining part of the element is bent in order to give a decorative design. It is necessary to do this in such a way that in the assembled design, the design retained its stability and did not fall

The top of the pipe with a hot thermopystole is glued to the coupling, The connection site is decorated with cups. After you make a rack, you can additionally decorate it – paint, salary a teep tape or decorative scotch.

The more floral buds for your lamp, the more thick there should be a pipe for the manufacture of a stem.

However, even a 40-mm support will be quite enough for the largest growth instances.

Step 3. Production of leaves

Large growth flowers on the stem must be present to the leaves, only in this case the rose will look as much as possible. It is necessary to make it necessary by the same algorithm as all other floral elements. For the start, the blanks on the template are cut, heated with a hairdryer and bend. After that, the leaves are painted, decorate and with the help of hot glue, pistol fixed to the stalk.

Step 4. Connecting electrical appliances

Technology connecting all the main electrical elements of the circuit – that is, the cord, switch, and the cartridge in the roses-lamps from isolon fully corresponds to the standard chandelier. Look these works as follows.

In the course of the installation work through the stem, wiring. Cable must be cleaned and combined with a disassembled fork.

In the center of the lamp design, there should be space for a light bulb, so you can put a LED copy.

Care rules

Objects made of isolon require their very careful care. We give a number of basic rules that will allow your lamp to keep a decorative view as long as possible.

  • Wash flowers need very quickly under the jet of cold water. Material is resistant to moisture, but if it is in water for a long time, it will significantly worsen its appearance.
  • Isolon should not be heated, otherwise his petals and leaves are deformed and change their form. That is why such lamps should not be set near the battery and other heating devices.
  • Roses made from Izolon is not recommended to wipe with a liquid for removing varnish, acetone, alcohols, or other solvents – they are able to change the type of product for the worse.
  • Try to refrain from any mechanical impact, should not be pumped, scratching, as well as tear isolon. Despite the fact that it is a rather plastic and durable material, under the action of a large load, he still can spoil.

How to independently make a lamp in the form of roses from Isolon, see the video below.

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