All about soleton roses

All about soleton roses

Rose from Isolon – an original decorative product that can decorate and quite a conservative interior, and living space in a modern style, it is not afraid of moisture, suitable for decorating the landscape,. Flowers from this material look attractive, made easily and quickly, suitable for displaying showcases and large-scale objects. To figure out how to make a bud and a cup of hands, find ideas for wall decorations and other interesting solutions, will help detailed master classes for the manufacture of roses from Izolon.


Rose from Isolon – a large-format product that looks attractive and aesthetic with proper execution. This material is a type of foamed polyethylene, intended for thermal insulation of buildings and buildings, as well as used as a substrate when laying a laminate. It is produced in rolls, can have a thickness of 0.2 to 10 mm. Color range of material in building stores is mainly limited to green, red, yellow and white tone. In thematic outlets specializing in products for creativity, you can find any desired shades.

When choosing isolon to create roses, it is important to consider the following points.

  1. Purpose. For photowon and growth crafts choose a thicker material because it is intensively exposed to mechanical loads. In the home decor you can safely use the thinnest sheets. Such roses will decorate a festive table or become a good addition to the design of the bedroom.
  2. Quality material. The correct base for crafts has physical seams, a smooth outdoor surface, an elastic structure.
  3. The presence of a foil coating from 1 side. It will become an additional advantage in cases where it is necessary to make decorative elements for the interior, photowons, themed space.
  4. Width of the canvas. For the manufacture of the most popular – growth, colors use the isolon width of 1 m.

When working it is important to know the basic moments that you have to consider when using a specific material. In the case of isolon implemented for technical needs, it is almost always about a very limited range of colors. Give the product realistic in this case helps acrylic paints that cover the workpiece. To obtain a reliable result, the master must be carefully studying all the features of living roses: the location of the residences, the form of cups and petals, their bends. All products from isolon are created using the highest tool set:

  • Portnovo scissors or mounting knife+
  • construction or household hair dryer with heating over 80 degrees+
  • professional thermopystole – it is needed to switch temperature+
  • Adhesive tape+
  • stapler with brackets and threads.

Almost all the necessary components are usually available to a home master. To work with isolon when creating roses, tubular blanks for the middle (usually from cardboard) are used, as well as individual elements for petals – they are cut by stencil or arbitrarily, from square blanks 10 × 10, 12 × 12, 15 × 15, 20 × 20 , 50 × 50 cm. The minimum thickness of the isolone for creativity is 2 mm, the larger the format, the thicker should be the basis.

For that To make the material acquired more rounded and the bulk form, it is enough to heat up to +70 degrees, and then give the desired appearance. So, on a flat sheet it turns out to create a embossed edge, making a flower very similar to this.

Create waviness is also easy: with a strong tension, the material becomes easy similarity with corrugated paper – this effect can be used when creating crafts.

To hold small flowers of roses from Isolon, there is enough conventional stem: most often it is made of wire in a green braid. Large-format designs are installed on a support from a metal-plastic or polypropylene tube, complement to a solid base. It is important to remember that large-format products from this material are not too stable, they need a rather massive stand or reliable support to resist the plane. For wall mounting colors used metal perforated elements.

The formation of roses from isolon begins with central buds, which is surrounded by semi-walled petals. Further is the flower itself. On the outdoor layer of petals already fully disclosed. For the manufacture of buds, a ball of foam or crumpled paper is often used.

Step-by-step master classes for beginners

Bouquet, basket or whole bush of luxurious roses – an excellent solution for making a variety in a typical decor of a house or apartment, country plot, photo studio. Large growth flowers are perfectly suitable for the use of decorations when making amateur performances. Little roses in a porridge, a vase or pot will decorate a balcony, terrace, windowsill. Interestingly looks and unusual desktop, outdoor, wall compositions. They are issued:

  • on a glass or on a fuzer+
  • on trumpet+
  • in a hat box+
  • In a basket.

Such a composition can be put on the bedside table or use to decorate the hall on the day of the celebration. The bulk design with backlit is well suited for photocons at a wedding or for a photo shoot in the Spirit “Alice in Wonderland”. In the design of the garden, such colors can be framed by a gazebo or entrance to the house, of which beautiful decorative elements for the playground are obtained.

Color gamma isolon with an increase in its popularity in the decorative sphere changed quite noticeably. Today, you can find a pink, black and white two-color, red, yellow, blue, lilac, brown, golden, peach, cream, blue, orange, in the shade of turquoise, purple, burgundy, tea base for flowers in the desired thickness. Moreover, the color nuances exists much more. For example, pink can be “Barbie” and “Fuchsia”, “Chereshnev” and “powder”.

The scheme for creating rose petals and their assembly with their own hands is not too complicated. For work, it is important to accurately and correctly calculate the size of the pattern, prepare stencils or patterns of several species, depending on the complexity of the flower.

All items may have 1 form, but different dimensions are worth considering when scaling. On average, 1 flower takes 1.5-3 m2 material.

The procedure for creating roses from Isolon will be such.

  1. From dense cardboard, templates for leaves and petals are cut out. You can do without them – then the blanks are cut out arbitrarily.
  2. Clear isolon on rectangles and squares. For a large growth of a flower on the leaves and stem leaves about 30-35 cm2 of green material and 1 m2 of color 3 mm thick. Squares are made in size 23 × 23 cm, 25 × 25 cm, 27 × 27 cm, 4 rectangles are also needed 15 × 30 cm.
  3. The middle of the flower is made from the sleeve for foil or paper towels, you can also glue the cardboard tube of the desired diameter. At its end, the commercial film, tape or paper is wound.
  4. Isolon heats over a construction hairdryer. Manually petals attached bending and realistic form.
  5. Around the ball thermopystole with heating temperature from + 80 degrees are attached rectangular elements. All joints warmed with a hairdryer, the bud is shaken by hand. Then in a circle, the rest of the petals are fixed from the smaller.
  6. A single detail is cut off a cup of cruciform slot in the center. Heats up and shaking. Put on the flower sleeve.
  7. Cut leaves. Mixed on the wrapped wire wrapped with corrugated paper, the insole strip is glued on the reverse side. Billets warm up, shaking, fixed on a green rack for flowers or other base. It remains to put on the top of the rose stand on the sleeve.

Flower Ready. It can be installed in the interior, on the terrace or in any other place, if necessary, the design is easily clean, cleared from dust.

Lamp Making Instructions

Beautiful openwork roses from Isolon are not afraid of heating, they can be fixed on the old lampshade, giving him a second life. But much easier will create original sconce with a wall mount. Make it better from the soles of light shades. The order of work will be such.

  1. Cutting material. The rectangular petals of 20 × 15 cm are cut from the isolon – there will be 5, 15 parts of the middle sizes with a drop-shaped end of 20 × 20 cm and large rounded with parameters 25 × 25 cm. Also need 1 round of a long isolone long strip for spiral spinning of the base in the form of an unseassed bud. Optionally, the detail comply with the form – the options of decor with inhomogeneous petals look much more interesting.
  2. Center formation. It uses a cartridge for a low-power lamp candle, placed in a spherical outdoor plander. Around him spirally chosen the longest petal, glued with a thermopystole. Then the middle of the narrow parts is neatly formed, the base is doubled by half, to warm the petals with a hairdryer and bend them better separately.
  3. Phasepno the size of petals increases, they are fixed on the helix, slightly shifting each row. It is important to fix them slightly above the core, opposite each other, so that the edges overlap each other. This will avoid flower scattering. The last rows of large petals are fixed first on the rounded middle, and then the core is already inserted into this base. Here, from the inside mounted loop for hanging on the wall.

How to make an unsecured bud?

For the manufacture of an unpassed pink bud, you need to use the same elements as for a conventional flower. For the central part, you will need 4 blanks 8 × 12.5 cm, 6 pcs. 12.5 × 12.5 cm, cup of 5 parts with a common middle. From trimming of insolon is formed with adhesive tape of a middle of a flower. It is made of pear, a cardboard tube is inserted into the center, for smaller products, you can use cocktails straws.

An undusted bud forms from 3 narrow parts around the core. They are carefully glued to it and to the base of the thermopystole. Then the resulting workpiece warms the hairdryer and assemble in the center, the slide petals. Must get a closed core. The last rectangular petal is fastened to the workpiece, is processed by a hairdryer so that its edges be a little curved out.

Then in a circle, 3 in a row are fixed large square parts, pre-treated with a jet of warm air. Depending on the desired bud of the bud, you can use all the elements or their part. Chesselistic, leaves are manufactured by the same scheme as the ordinary rose of large size

. As a stem, a natural twig or its wire analog.

Other interesting ideas

Apply growth and miniature flowers from isolon in the interior can be quite wide. With their help, you can decorate the recreation area, turning the giant buds into the source of the saving shadow in the heat.

In addition, when decorating a wedding celebration in the open air – in the tents of growth flowers help create the necessary atmosphere without any effort.

Beautiful crafts

  • Metal wire lamp rose. There is no task to achieve maximum realism – the stem is made white, like the second part of the carved sheet.

  • The flower of Isolon looks so realistic that it is easy to confuse with the present. Artificial origin gives only unusual dimensions.

  • An example of the design of a wedding celebration with soleton roses. Luxury growth flowers at the same time become an excellent background to create a spectacular visual series while shooting photos and video.

About how to make roses from Isolon, see the following video.

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