All about the desktop lights from Izolon

All about the desktop lights from Izolon

You can decorate the interior with different elements of the decor using many materials. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to have a rich experience, it is enough to ask the topic and start practicing. One of the options for jewelry can be a lamp made from Isolon, which can be found about it in detail to understand how to create something with it with your own hands.


Isolon is a building material that is most often used for isolation. Most knows him called Polystoino Firalylene. The notchy material is not processed, while it has increased strength and is offered at an affordable price. Stitched is a modified variety of canvas, which has excellent performance, but it is more expensive. Such material can be found in the form of rolls or small sheets. As for the thickness, it varies from 0.2 mm to 1 cm. But if you use isolon for decoration, the thin canvas is best suited. Often it is offered in white color, but foil options are with different shades.

Desktop lamps from Isolon are quite popular among needlework lovers. In such products, a soft structure, it is pleasant to work with the material, it is easily cut by ordinary scissors. The big advantage is the resistance to high temperature and fire, so it is precisely you choose to make desktop lamps. Elements of material are easily connected to each other by heating or adhesive gun. Isolon is elastic, but can save the shape, even if it stretch it.

Luminaire can be covered with paints, Since he will not absorb them. Thus, the isolon product will become an excellent solution for decorating any room.

The lamp may be any form that is suitable for interior design.

What are there?

Polyenethylene lamp can be presented in different modifications. If it is standing on the table, it can be made in the form of a bouquet. The choice of colors in this plan is quite wide. Often the masters choose callas, as they are large and voluminous, besides, any newcomer can cope with the manufacture of such a composition. It can also be roses, chamomile, lilies and other favorite flowers.

You can choose any size of the structure, it all depends on the amount of isolon. Flower of such a material can be placed on the ceiling, make a flooring or small sconce, sufficiently stocking with workpieces and take tools, after which follow the step-by-step instruction. Flowers in a pot from Isolon, which will glow, will become an excellent addition to the interior.

Where to put?

Products created by your own hands can be used anywhere. Luminaires are an integral part of any room, so they can be put in the kitchen, to the bedroom, on the table in the office and even in the hallway. This design will give the interior of tenderness and beauty.

Step-by-step master class

Even if you have never been accepted for something like that, but there is a desire to create something original with your own hands, the lamp from Isolon will be a good choice. Make this maybe everyone, if you carefully prepare, to pay a little time and follow the instructions. Such an occupation can be divided with friends, relatives and even children.

Materials and tools

The lamp must have a base, so it will take for it Plastic trumpet with a diameter of 16 mm. It can be purchased at any construction store. Also at the disposal should be Cartridge with ring, Suitable LED Lamp and Transition Coupling. The latter must correspond to the size of the base. Of course, to connect to the network you will need a wire of the length that you yourself determine, switch and fork.

Needed to connect elements adhesive gun and hairdryer. In any house there are usual scissors and stationery knife. As for the isolon, it is necessary to determine the amount of material desired for the lamp and purchase it in advance.

2 mm thick sheets are suitable for newbies, as it is easy to work with the material, it is simply formed.


When everything you need has already been collected, you can proceed to the process of creating an original lamp. You can start S Roses, Since it is a beautiful flower, it is easy for it to make petals from isolon. The side of the two sheets of the material must be done round, for this shears are suitable. The remaining sheets are cut in the form of droplets, it is easy to cope with it.

The next step is to prepare the cartridge. The ring is removed from it, the clutch is attached, it is better to use superclauses for this. The wire is connected to the disassembled cartridge, the ends of which will be cleared. In this case, be sure to remove insulating material. Need to leave about 1 cm of bare wires to insert it into the top of the cartridge. For fixing, the fasteners will be required.

After that, you can close the lid and fasten the clutch to it, passing it through the wire. If it is strongly pressed, the ring can be easily broken, so caution should be taken. Check the connection by unscrewing the cartridge back.

Petals from Isolon One after another are glued to the clutch, turning around her. So that the glue managed to frozen, you need to press the material for a couple of seconds. Such a procedure is done with each petal, and soon the design will be reminded by a rose flower. Sheets can be formed using a hair dryer, which will slightly dispel the material and make it more elastic. At first, in each row there should be 4 petals, then you can add one by one until the flower becomes a full-fledged.

Plastic tube bends into a spiral, And so that it is amenable to formation, you can use a construction or a common hairdryer. The lower part should be left smooth to ensure the stability of the design. The wire is skipped through the coupling, then the cartridge is screwed. Use a glue gun for consolidation.

Rose will not be full without leaves, so it is necessary to make pointed drops with small cloth. They need to be attached at the base of the petals. To heat the leaves, you will need to warm them. At the final stage, the lamp is screwed, the rose lamp is tested. The product can be put in any room and enjoy the fruit of your creativity. If you wish, you can paint the lamp in your favorite color. For this, the cans, acrylic enamel, rubber paint, which are not corrosive isolon.

Such an instruction is suitable for creating any lamp, sufficient to comply with the technical rules, A shape and size can be different. If we are talking about a flower, it is recommended to have an example in the form of a real plant near yourself, so it will be possible to achieve more natural shapes of your product.

Such attention to detail will give a stunning result.

Beautiful examples

Night lamp in the form of a large desktop rose.

Slim pion With a lamp, which will decorate the bedroom.

So can be decorated with insole Plafof in cafe, turning it into a lush flower.

Stunning option Flower bouquets for night light.

What are the lamps from Isolon, see next video:

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