Torsher from Isolon with his own hands

Torsher from Isolon with his own hands

Interior decoration can be accessible if you highlight some free time and do something with your own hands. Luminaires from such a popular material, like isolon, can be an excellent solution for room design. To do this, you will need several girlfriend tools, blanks and step-by-step instructions. As a result, you will have a new floor lamp in the form of a beautiful flower that will delight the eye.

What could be the lamp?

If you decide to make the manufacture of a lamp from Polyeneetylene, as elsewhere called isolon, options may be somewhat. You can make a large flower that will shine bright or will be a nightlight in your bedroom. If you like chamomile, why not make it from isolon, which is also suitable for making roses, lilies, chrysanthemums and terry tulips.

The size of the lamp can be as you wish, because the blanks are made on personal preferences. Growth floor lamp in the form of a high plant will revitalize the room, and the night light on the end will look elegant and cozy. In this work, it all depends on its own imagination, you can embody any ideas and make a lampshade, sconce or chandelier, as you wish.

Such a thing in the interior will add exclusivity, besides, this does not require much experience, it will take free time and consumables.

It is worth noting that in the lamps from Isolon, it is recommended to use LED lamps that give cold or warm light. Design can be made in the form of a flower, fruit, abstraction, what is just enough for your imagination. If you want to decorate a central place in the room, then the big growth flower is best suited. From such a lamp it is difficult to tear away, it looks magically and gives the comfort room.

What will be required for work?

To start masture a new product for your interior, it is necessary to decide what exactly you want to do, after which you collect the necessary consumables and make tools. Set standard, without it, it is impossible to do when working with isolon.

For the ceiling you will need a finished electrician so that the lamp began to work. If it comes to creating a flower, it is necessary to prepare a sufficient amount of insulation sheets. The thickness of the material should be no more than 3 mm so that the petals are fine, but stable. At your disposal should be a plastic coupling, the diameter of which corresponds to the molding cartridge. We will need a LED lamp and a chosen shape, transparency and power cartridge. For the performance of the lamp, you need an isolated flexible wire, fork and switch.

And so that the flower is stable and high, prepare the pipe of the corresponding length.

As for the tools with whom you will work, it should be a hairdryer and scissors, a thread with a needle, a glue gun and a stapler. The most responsible step is the fasteners of the wire to the lamp. You can use a dramatic container as a stand, it can be a basket or a pot with a flooded cement mortar, where the flower stem will be fixed. For artistic painting, thin brushes need, acrylic paints, sponge and glossy varnish to create a dew effect – it all depends on the flight of your imagination.

Manufacturing process

First of all, you need to choose a type of flower, after which it is necessary to determine its size and height. If you like roses, why not make a lamp in the form of your favorite plant. It is better to make support large so that it can withstand the design of the design. Your attention is offered a master class on making a rose-lamp from Isolon with their own hands. It does not take a long time if you immediately prepare everything and follow the instructions.

Plafon assembly is a key stage, since the petals of the future flower will be attached to it. The procedure consists of several steps. To start with the cartridge, you need to remove the ring and glue it on the coupling. Following this from thin soleton 25×25 cm cut out blanks of petals. In such a size you need to do at least 12 parts. Then cut 8 drop-shaped petals 20x20cm and 5 cups with a size of 20x5cm, who have tips on one side have teeth.

The result will exceed all the expectations, even if you never did anything like this.

To the rose flower looks natural, It is necessary to treat a hairdryer each petal and give it an art form. The material is perfectly amenable to thermal influence, so you can do anything out of it. After cooling, the insole is acquiring the form in which you left it.

After the items are prepared, you can collect a bead for a lamb. The petals are alternately and in checkers are glued to the couphe. In the first row there are the smallest elements, then more and more. To ensure a long service life of colors, it is recommended to use not only glue, but also to fasten the petals with each other using a stapler or sew in invisible places. The thinner of the isolon, the more petals for buds it will be needed so that the buds look lush.

On the leaves and petals you can draw a streak, painting them with a thin brush and acrylic paints. You can put a natural rose as an example, explore its structure and pass it in your product. As a support, a plastic or metal pipe is used depending on what you have prepared. It is necessary to cut off the desired length and twist the ring from one end (if it is a flexible tube) so that the design can stand. To give a stalk natural look, it needs to be a little bend.

Connect wiring you can independently, Observing the rules of electrical work. The conductor is done through the ceiling and passes through a stalk tube. The top of the support must be glued to the coupling using a gun. To hide traces of glue, it is enough to use previously prepared chashelists and decorate the top of the stem. Buds itself with a flapon fasten with durable glue. Flower will not look like naturally, if there are no leaves. For this, the billets made of green soles are cut on the same scheme, the hairdryer is given a natural form. Starids are also drawn a thin brush. You can create a dew effect using a glossy varnish as a drop.

It is important to check how stable the design will be.

To get a working flooring, you need to connect the luminaire to the mains. For this, the cable is processed, its ends are cleaned to connect them with a fork. If you plan to use the switch, the wire is carried out through it. Then it remains to screw into the cartridge light bulb and check your lamp. In some cases, ice strips are used, which are attached to the inner surfaces of colors, it is suitable for night lines.

Put your new lamp in the room and can enjoy reading. Growth flower will give the interior of the liveliness and will be the subject of your pride. You can create a variety of products with the help of isolon and other healthy materials that will be found in any house. Fantasize and embody ideas!

About how to make a hander from Isolon with your own hands, see the following video.

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