All about weaving from wire

All about weaving from wire

Warning from wire is known to mankind for many centuries. From this material it is easy to twist a simple ring or bracelet, even children are coping with this. More Ancient Egyptians created real masterpieces from wire of different origin. Now such a kind of needlework will allow you to replenish the stocks of jewelry with an unusual product.

What wire weave?

Homemade things always differ in originality. Weaving from the wire requires a certain excerpt, but the fun decoration can replenish your own box or become an excellent gift for loved ones. Weaving is usually made from soft wire. Beautifully looks like products from copper and colored variations.

Skillful needlewomen can make decorations from silver and even from golden wire. Then the product is already refer to the discharge of jewelry and appreciated an order of magnitude higher. However, connoisseurs of wonderful can easily create something unusual and simple wire.

For needlework it is better to use copper, brass, aluminum wire.

Also suitable material from galvanized iron. The easiest way to work with copper, it is recommended to beginner masters without experience. Such metal is not oxidized, so the decoration or decorative product will last for many years.

Coarse wire can be combined with various beads and stones. This allows you to make the appearance of the finished product more elegant and interesting.

It is worth noting that it is possible to weave not only decorations. Man-made objects from this material will allow you to decorate the interior of any housing.

Features of weaving

Wire work can not be called easy even taking into account the existence of a set of devices for this type of needlework. To create a simple product, you will need such tools:

  • Sideboards+
  • Toppers and Kruglogs+
  • Kovyovalenka+
  • springs+
  • Small hammer+
  • Wig Jig (plate with holes and nozzles).

All these items require marginal care and skills for use.

    Needlework from wire for children is simpler, but the result is less fascinating. From the wire you can make jewelry and various interior decorations, such as trees. Independent baskets look original in which fruits or candy can be folded.

    For the implementation of most products you need experience, constant exhausting skills. From the first time to try to do something complicated: the result may not please.

    It is recommended to start with light products to gain experience and not destroy motivation.

    Wire is greatly popular among craftsmen, because it allows you to create a wide variety of items with different purposes.


    There are not so many popular weaving techniques. Each technique is intended for a specific set of products. Welded weaving is Wire Wrap. The technique is intended for braid wire of various beads, stones and accessories. It allows you to make original and interesting decorations.

    It is noteworthy that this method can be decorated with an existing product, for example, glasses frame.

    Also fairly simple in the development of Viking Knit techniques and chain. At the same time, simplicity does not spoil the result. Products look attractive and interesting.

    In weaving, certain techniques for connecting two, three and more wire pieces are used. Consider the main types of such techniques.

    • As braid. A piece of wire need to be passed, and then copold the second part from the first in the place of bend. Many masters fasten the top to the wall with a nail to work more convenient to work. Two wires can be combined with each other, twisting them in one direction. Two harness should be clisted in different directions. As a result, it turns out a pattern resembling a Christmas tree.

    • “Wicker track”. To create a drawing, it is best to use the wire of medium thickness. One end should be hooked so that it turns out a certain width of the track. At the end of the first row, the cord is bent again. The edge is lowered between the ends of the braid. Then the second row beats begins. Gradually, the track is translated to the desired size.

    • “Round belt”. Weaving is made from 4 ends. Each row ends with the sale of the last piece in the hole, which is formed when the initial bending. At the same time, the new row begins on any side. “Rock” can be plane from any number of wires.

    Creating jewelry

    Even the simplest weaving technique allows you to make an unusual product. It is possible to make key chains, crowns, models from intricate patterns and figures. Decorations are usually created from beads in a wire braid. It looks original and suitable for various events. Simple schemes for beginners will allow weaving their first product. Start recommended from something easy. Rings and pendants are quite simple.

    Work does not take much time, so it can be easily done at a time.


    It is from such products that it is recommended to start mastering this type of needlework. To create a ring, such materials and tools should be prepared:

    • copper wire+
    • Big size bead+
    • Pliers and tools with curved edges+
    • The object of the cylindrical form.

      The latter must match the diameter of the finger. It is based on its basis that weaving will be made. Now let’s see what a step-by-step master class looks like.

      1. Take a piece of copper cord with a size of 15-20 cm.
      2. In the middle piece put a bead or other decoration.
      3. Shut a wire on the cylinder. There should be three turns. It is important that the ends of the wire sticking out in different directions.
      4. Take the tail and pull a copper cord strongly. Make three wrecks in a circle of beads. Each next round should be lower than the previous one.
      5. Make turns on each side of the ring. Wire at the same time you need to pull the most tight.
      6. Slide the tip of the copper material with the help of pliers and press to the ring. It is important to arrange the end from the outside. Otherwise, the wire can injure finger.
      7. Put loops as close as possible to each other.


      The product is created on the technique of Wire Wrap. It is easy to master, so suits masters without experience. Materials and tools should be prepared:

      • Copper wire with a cross section of 2 mm – 30 cm+
      • the same wire, but with a segment of 0.7 mm – 60 cm+
      • Small beads – 12 pcs.+
      • pliers+
      • hammer+
      • ruler+
      • Kruglogs.

        Work does not take much time. It is necessary to act according to the following instruction.

        1. Tolstaya wire take the round rolls for the tip.
        2. Screw copper spiral in a step of 2-3 mm. The last coil must be 5 mm wide.
        3. The end of the cord bend in the form of a loop.
        4. Spiral flatten. To do this, knock on her hammer. It is important not to damage the coating on the material.
        5. On the loop fasten a thin wire.
        6. Make turns with beads in the center on the last row of flattened spirals.
        7. Bite off the remnants of the cord and flatten the tip using the Kruglogs. Tightly press to the pendant from the outside.


        There are a large number of wire products manufacturing. On the example of master classes, you can gain experience and hone skills. Let’s see what tips usually give newcomers in this kind of creativity.

        • Use it is recommended metals that do not oxidize. So do not have to hold a patination. For reliability, the finished product can be covered with varnish.
        • Wire will be more pliable if warm it on fire. After that, it is worth graceing it with ordinary children’s cream and rinse with water.
        • Patina not all masters. Finished products can be covered with gold, silver or bronze color. Next is necessarily applied varnish.
        • It is important to draw on paper a scheme and a sketch of the future product before the start of weaving. Work with wire has a lot of nuances, it can be called a filigree.
        • It is important to be patient. Work requires perseverance and attentiveness.
        • Sometimes you can inspire a strange thing. In this case, it is necessary to mentally divide it into details and draw a scheme. So work will go faster and easier. It is worth noting that only those masters who have already gained at least a small experience can do.
        • During weaving, it is important to comply with safety. You should put on gloves to protect your hands from damage. Protective glasses will allow us to protect themselves in cases where a piece of wire will fly in an unforeseen direction. Gently worth handling tools. Each of them carries a potential threat.
        • Calculate the length of the product should be particularly carefully. With tight weaving size increases by 2 times.

        When working with wire, you can not hurry, each step here requires attention and concentration.

            Sure, The masters always have their views on masterpiece, personal ideas and fantasies. With wire you can combine any decor: from beads to buttons. This allows you to make a large number of jewelry in the form of jewelry or interior things. Novice can master master classes and to supplement them with their ideas for originality.

            In the next video you will learn how to make a chain of wire with your own hands.

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