Secrets of the manufacturer of the Wire

Secrets of the manufacturer of the Wire

It is difficult to submit a new year without a forest beauty. New Year tree from the wire perfectly fit into any interior and will decorate the house or office. Such crafts may have different sizes. Large outdoor homemade Christmas tree or a small tree will help to quickly turn the usual setting in the festive.

Choosing and preparation of materials

To make the original Christmas tree for the new year, you will need certain tools and materials. You can build a forest beauty from a cinema or copper wire. Very good, a decorative winter tree will look, made of aluminum wire. Thanks to the silver shade of the selected material, the finished product will be well released on the background of coniferous needles.

Silent wire (twist) is quite commonly used as the main material to create crafts. The twist is inserted into the soft toys, from it makes various figures, use a cinne wire and as decor. This material is perfect for creating a Christmas tree. Products made of fluffy cinema wires are obtained very beautiful.

Volumetric fluffy beauty from this material will be decorated with children’s room, office or hall. Make any craft using a multicolored and well-bent wire, even a child will be able, so since the work, it is necessary to attach to her and children. Such an exercise will allow not only to decorate the room, but also to develop the creative abilities of kids.

How to make it yourself?

The construction of a Wire Christmas tree at home will take literally a couple of hours, for such work it will be necessary to minimize the tools. An unusual New Year tree will find a decent place in any interior. Christmas tree can be of different sizes – it can be a desktop version or outdoor design. You can use it as a small New Year’s toy on the real Christmas tree or make the original composition and hang on the wall.

Also, the exercise may be an excellent option for the street. The Christmas tree made from the wire will be a long time to delight with its beauty, an unusual design.

To build such an original forest beauty is easy, especially if we consider recommendations, indicating how to make it step by step.

Master class for the manufacture of winter beauty in the form of a spiral.

  • For such a job, it is necessary to prepare sericulture wires, as well as scissors and scotch. If desired, the garland and tinsel use.
  • It is better to take a wire for wire, it will make the elastic coil.
  • The design starts to do from its bottom. For this, the wire is bend in the form of a circle and fix it in the junction of the tape.
  • Next continue to be bending the wire in the form of a spiral, reducing each subsequent round.
  • On the last tier, the end of the wire should be directed up and use it for the top.

When the design is ready, the spiral is aligned from all sides, trying to achieve smooth contours. It is important that the lower turn is flat, it will ensure the reliability of the design. It can be put on the floor, table, shelf depending on the idea, as well as taking into account the size of the product. The resulting frame is decorated with tinsel or hang garland.

To simplify work, it is advisable to use the foundation in the form of a cone, on which the wire will be filled. It can be cardboard or any other tight material. This will make the wire without flexing the material. The width of the turns can be the most different, and the wire thickness will not have much importance. In addition, such a design can be attached to the ceiling.

In this case, it will not take a lot of space, but it will look unusual.

Forest beauty in a flat version will look very original. This design is usually placed on the wall, panels or in another suitable place. To perform the work, the wire is laid on a flat surface and bend it in the form of a Christmas tree. To facilitate the process, you can draw a scheme in advance on paper, where the bends will be located and put the wire on the drawn lines. Usually make such products in small in size, they look exquisitely and at the same time not at all. To fix the model, you can make a loop at the top and hang it on the wall.

To make a similar design, you need the following.

  • Take a piece of thick wire and folded the contour of the treet.
  • There should be horizontal lines between improvised branches, using a thinner wire.
  • By contour, the design is wrapped with a decorative rain, garland. You can hang new year toys, beads.

You can build a design by making it in the form of a triangle. Inside the improvised triangle is firmly wrapped with garland. It is desirable that the lanterns are placed tightly, completely closing the empty space. The trunk of such a Christmas tree can be put in a stylized pot, wrapped with a tinsel or brilliant cloth and decorate satin bows. The feet of a flat Christmas tree can be placed in a stylized pot, clean it with a cloth, decorate a bow. Under the tree put small boxes depicting gifts.

In another embodiment, such steps are recommended for placing a Christmas tree on the wall.

  • Lay out the contour of the village directly on the wall.
  • To secure use scotch. You can take the usual or use bilateral.
  • Decorate the Christmas tree with flags, toys, beads.

A wire with a diode ribbon can suit the original option for decorating a children’s room or kitchen. For the construction of the design you should take a glass and turn it down the neck. Using a wire with a LED ribbon, the glare. Inside it, you can lay out wool in the form of snow or put small toys.

Thanks to the glass surface, the light will be very nice to reflect and overflow.

For the manufacture of New Year’s beauties, a cinema wire (Shenille) is perfect. In order to get a fluffy tree, it is possible to wind a cinema wire on a paper or cardboard basis, on top of which tinsel, garlands or small toys attached. This option is the easiest. Those who want to build a more complex masterpiece, you need to work a little more.

To make a New Year’s Beauty, you need to take:

  • Sinel (Fluffy) Wire – 1 Motor+
  • Rule and scissors+
  • Adhesive Pistol+
  • Decor for decoration, wand.

From the cinema wire make improvised branches of different sizes, then pick up the Christmas tree. For this, a wooden wand is used as a barrel of 10-15 cm in size and fasten the twigs, trying so that the entire surface is covered with a dense. Branches need to be distributed so that the finished tree is fluffy and volumetric. Using the adhesive gun, the Christmas tree decorate the New Year’s toys.

Additional coziness will give a tree made from threads. To do this, the frame of the wire of any form is wrapped with threads. You can just wind the thread on the basis or tie a kind of hook chain.

Decor options

As decor, traditional decorations in the form of Christmas tree toys, various beads and tinsel, as well as garlands. Also for decorating finished products use spruce cones, toys from felt or fleece. Corrugated paper and cardboard are also suitable for christmas decoration. Of these, you can quickly make any original decorations, giving them the right form. Such an original Christmas tree will stand for quite a long time, while you can not be afraid that the tree dries off and reset the needles. Various bows, satin ribbons, beads will complement the design of New Year’s beauties.

Beautiful examples

Present a festive mood bulk installation from a wire, it will become a decent decoration of the living room or office.

Such a Christmas tree is perfect for premises decorated in minimalism. Wire fixed on the wall in the form of a Christmas tree and decorated with little New Year’s toys, will be a sophisticated wall decoration in the central part of the room. This is a wonderful alternative to the bulky Christmas tree.

Angular design will be very unusually looking at a wire framework and installed it in the corner. Framing of improvised branches by a New Year’s garland from small light bulbs give the product of mystery and uniqueness.

The village from the wire in full growth, placed on the wall, gives the placement of solemnity, adds moods.

Even a very miniature Christmas tree, made of cinema wire, will give a New Year’s mood. Cork from wine or champagne will serve as a miniature stand.

Creative Golden Pine from Wire Even without tinsel and toys can become the main decoration of the room.

Christmas trees for the holiday made in the style of Hi-Tech and Modern

Such crafts look easily and air, they do not require special care or irrigation. The product can be put on the desktop, without fearing the wrath of the head.

All the secrets of the manufacturer of the Wire of Wire See next video.

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