Crafts of animals from natural material

Crafts of animals from natural material

From natural materials you can make a lot of interesting crafts. Children like working with branches, cones, foliage. Frequent animals are obtained from such components. In this article will understand how they should be done properly from natural materials.

How to make squirrel?

Charming red rodent from natural materials can be done very easily. With such work, even a very small child will cope with such work.

Of course, all manipulations are recommended to be conducted under the control of parents.

To make a funny whistle, you will need to cook 3 cones. One of them should have small sizes, the second is larger, and the third cone must be oblong, because the role of the rodent tail will play. In the legs, the homemade squirrel will keep acorn, and for imitation of the earth it is worth stocking leaflet from any tree, for example, from maple.

Consider step-by-step protein manufacturing instructions.

  • From the plasticine mass, first it will be necessary to make a fruit of a red animal. The finished face should be kept to the small size. At the tip of the face you need to fix the black ball – it will be the nose of proteins. It will also be necessary to make eyes from plasticine and consolidate them in the right places.
  • It is necessary to make ears from red and white plasticine, as well as brushes for fixing on their tips. The beast of foot should be made it from plasticine. Details can be fixed on a chish through superclone or plasticine pieces.
  • Between the front paws of the animal, a plump acorn must fix.
  • The finished figurine should be put on the maple leaf. The oblong cone, which will play the role of the tail, you need to fix behind the body.

    The child can be reeded by such a craft not only by means of acorns, but also some other elements. Here children’s fantasy is not limited to anything, so you can contact other interesting decorations.

    Making a giraffe

    Every autumn can be observed as nature dumps bright colors in the form of a rich leaffall. From false foliage, you can make a huge number of curious crafts that look original and interesting. From the yellowed leaves it is possible to make handsome giraffe. To do this, you will need to make a neat herbarium.

    Appliques made up of yellow leaves are made extremely simple. Static and beautiful giraffe without difficulty can make even kid of kindergarten age. For this you only need to assemble the sheets of the appropriate form.

    A simple application is not so difficult to do, however, there are more interesting techniques for the manufacture of giraffes with the use of stencil. To do this, it is necessary to attach a sheet of white paper with autumn leaves. Their color must be as similar to the color of the giraffe skins. A cardboard sheet of any bright accent takes, after which the tall animal figure is cut. This cardboard sheet is then glued onto white paper. As a supplement, you can resort to decorating by autumn leaves.

    Other ideas

    From natural materials you can make a lot of other cute little animals. Children love to produce such crafts with their own hands. There are a lot of options and schemes suitable for young masters of different ages. There are simple instructions for kindergarten, and there are methods that are more suitable for elementary school.

    We will get acquainted with some interesting master classes on the manufacture of different animals from natural materials.


    Cool bunny can make it easier from vegetables and autumn foliage. With the right approach, the craft will succeed in a very funny and original. The process of its manufacture accurately hobble.

    To make a cute bunny, you will need to prepare such components:

    • Zucchini+
    • carrot+
    • Kochny cabbage+
    • Bulgarian pepper+
    • ribbon+
    • plasticine+
    • Toothpick+
    • Flowers.

      Depending on which “ingredients” are involved, crafts of different types are obtained.

      • 2 zucchini need to cut along. Through the toothpicks connect 2 cabbage kochana. So it turns out to make the body of the future bunny.
      • 2 halves of the zucchini should be cut again, but already across. From these components will be able to make the paws and the ears of the animal. Nose and eyes should be loosened from plasticine mass.
      • Red Bulgarian pepper will be used for the manufacture of mouth. This component will also need to fasten on the head, as eyes and nose.
      • Shorter parts of the zucchini are fixed as ears, and long – as a holy paw.
      • A homemade hare’s neck can be decorated with a bowl of beautiful ribbon. In the front of the head, the toothpicks should be fixed, making a mustache.
      • Flowers can be used to decorate the animal’s head, if the manufacture of cute bunnies is meant.
      • To the paw of the finished hare from natural materials it is necessary to attach clean carrots.
      • Mouth and brovation can be drawn through a marker. Very cute eyes will turn out of a welded chicken egg. To make a nose, you can use the half of the tomato.




      Original Cat Mordea will succeed in a transparent package filled with leaves. For the manufacture of unusual crafts you need the following:

      • leaves+
      • package+
      • cardboard+
      • Hot pistol+
      • scissors.

      Consider a simple master class.

      • It will take to collect a full package of foliage. Cat must have pointed ears. For this package, the package should be gently tied with rubber bands.
      • You should take a black cardboard. It needs to cut eyes from it, and from white cardboard – pupils of a cat. Cardboard sheets of pink and red are suitable for the manufacture of the nose and smiles.
      • The final stage of manufacture – production of feline mustache from black cardboard.

      Crafts can make it easier quickly and just. Surround cat face without difficulty can make even a very small child.

      The main thing is that his parents or teacher in kindergarten followed his actions.


      From natural materials, a child can make this graceful animal. Often beautiful horses Mastery for school exhibitions and competitions. Made beasts simply, and get attractive.

      The original horse can be made of raw carrots. All design details should be collected by means of toothpicks. Tail and mane can be made of grated radish, cabbage or ordinary paper.

      Horse can also be made of potatoes. Crafts will be no less interesting. Of course, the potato animal will not be so graceful, but much more fun.

      If you want to make a beautiful horse from natural materials, you can make a neat panel of autumn leaves. The latter can be fixed on the background painted in different colors. The child has the ability to create very aesthetic compositions.


      Funny crocodile can be made of the following components:

      • 3 fresh and clean cucumbers: 2 must have medium sizes, and one must be small and rounded+
      • currant or olives in black+
      • carrot+
      • Toothpick+
      • a tomato+
      • knife+
      • cutting board.

        Consider the instructions for making a crocodile step by step.

        • The smallest cucumber will need to cut off the edge. On the other end you will need to make a small incision. From the core of the vegetable you need to carefully cut a triangular element.
        • Next comes the largest cucumber. It is necessary to cut it part so that the head of the crocodile.
        • From carrots need to cut up the top to make a small hat from it. Additionally, you can make a small scarf for crocodile. All prepared elements must be assembled into a single composition, making fasteners by means of toothpicks. From the bright part of the cucumber you can make eyes.
        • Eyes attach to the head. In the mouth of reptiles from natural materials, a piece of tomato should be fixed. From the cucumber of large sizes you need to make paws, and then attach them to the body. His role will play the part of the cucumber, from which the head was cut off.
        • From another part of the cucumber, it is necessary to cut the harmonic.
        • Should not forget about the tail of the crocodile. All items must be connected to each other neatly, but firmly and reliably.


        Very cute mouses are obtained from natural materials. For the manufacture of such animals, you should be as follows:

        • walnuts+
        • Plasticine mass+
        • Chestnuts+
        • foliage.

          Consider the order of action.

          • A pair of nuts will play the role of the body and the head of the mouse.
          • To make a muzzle, pusy 2 round ears. Black Plasticine Ball will be a spout, beads – eyes. From white plasticine with a collar will turn out the neck of the mouse, and from the red – tongue.
          • All prepared details must be consolidated on walnuts.
          • A couple of flags rolled out of the plasticine mass of white. They are pressed to the edges – it will be palms. Paws attach to the neck. Lower paws make two colors from plasticine.
          • As an add-on, you can make mushrooms. You must not forget about the long plastic ponytail of white.


          With your own hands you can make a charming dive. To do this will be useful:

          • 4 raw potatoes (1 big – torso, 3 smaller)+
          • 2 black olives+
          • Toothpick+
          • knife+
          • Melted cheese+
          • carrot.

            We will analyze the course of work.

            • From small potatoes make paws. The second small potatoes cut into 2 halves, a cutout is made to put a carrot circle in it. Oval elements are cut out of cheese – it will be eyes. They are fixed to the head of the bear. Maslina make pupils and spout.
            • 2 potato slices are taken, reminiscent of a bearish ears. They are fixed to the head on the toothpick.
            • From the potatoes, the bottom is cut down for stability. All items are connected together. Upper paws fix to the body.


            The frog can be made extremely simple.

            • Need to take a fresh cucumber. It is cut into 3 parts – 1 large and 2 small.
            • Details hang up so that they look like paws.
            • Through the toothpicks, all elements are connected to each other.
            • Cranberry berries on the head of the frog can be fixed as an eye.


            From natural materials it turns out a very original turtle. For this will be needed:

            • 1 cabbage kochan+
            • Zucchini+
            • Toothpick+
            • Black pea pepper.

            From a longer zucchini, cut off the elements for the head of the turtle, as well as the 4th paws. These components are attached to the toothpicks to the half of the cabbage coach. Next, the zucchini is cut on the mugs of about equal thickness. From these elements, a turtle shell is formed along the cappusion attachment. Eyes can be made of black peppers peppers.


            Deer can be made of:

            • Couples of cones for the head and body+
            • Plasticine+
            • Splits.

            From white plasticine make a detail in the form of sausages. With its help connect the torso and head. From the same material they prepare eyes, attach to the head, pressed. Pupils make black plasticine. From brown material you can make the ears and the nose of the deer. All items need to be fixed on the right places.

            8 balls roll from plasticine. It will be hoofs and connecting the elements of the paws and body. 2 short branches are failed with black plasticine, attach to the ears. It will be horns. From brown material it turns out to make the tail.

            A fox

                  Chanterelle can be made in different ways. It can be volumetric, and made in the form of appliqué. For example, wild forest animal may turn out of carrots. To do this, it should be cut off all the main parts of the animal body, to be cut into their toothpicks, and the eyes of the nose and ears will turn out of the plasticine mass.

                  Even more interesting ideas on creating animals from natural materials you will find on the next video.

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