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Flower topics loved by everyone in any manifestations. Flowers always carry positive emotions. They are given to women of different ages about and without. Flowers decorate interior, clothes, itemsByta.


Flower themes are widely used in training projects that help to develop fine motility, spatial thinking and aesthetic taste.

How to make paper?

The easiest way to do bulky and flat color paper sheets. Speecually looks like textured paper, with pearl, metal glitter. Children at the beginning are recommended to try to do something simple, for example, bells from molds for cupcakes.

It is necessary to simply cut the paper molds and twist, giving them the shape of the bells. For pestles, use trimming cotton wands, and the stem will serve as a green tubules for cocktails.

Then you can begin to master the origami and more complex techniques. According to the presented photo it is easy to learn to make from paper Calla.

Also just made Astra and Peonies. You just need to view a detailed video tutorial.

Manufacture of cones

Material provided to the Daris of Nature itself. Beautiful crafts do it yourself from different cones to fascinating in kindergarten, they are suitable for school and house. For “coniferous” colors will be needed:

  • Opened bumps+
  • Bamboo sticks+
  • brush+
  • felt+
  • Drill and drill (under wands)+
  • Ribbon green+
  • blasting.

First, the bumps must be painted and wait until the paint is dry. After that, from the bottom of each workpiece to drill a hole. Redurative sticks of green ribbon (turns). Insert wrapped billet tape in drilled holes.

If you wish, you can give the gloss composition, in the vase it will look incredibly effectively.

From scheek

Preparation consists in extracting the scales themselves. After painting, this material turns into petals. You can immediately cook felt mug to form colors.

Scales need to be removed with nipples. It is advisable to choose the material more. Paint them into pleasant colors and paste around a circle from felt. Scales are placed in a circle rows so that the flower gains a pomp.

We make fabric flowers

From rolling

For the future flower to prepare:

  • the cloth+
  • thread as well as needle+
  • iron.

How to do it:

  • Cut strips – 35 cm long with a width of 9 cm+
  • Bend in half+
  • Browse a large stitches prepared tape+
  • slowly pull the ribbon in the harmonica, trying not to break the thread+
  • Connect edges, sew ribbons+
  • Add beads and other decorations.

Roses “Country”

The technique of twisting of these peculiar buds is quite simple. It is necessary to prepare:

  • the cloth+
  • scissors+
  • Glue composition.

It should be in stages.

  • Cut long tapes from the fabric (from 50 cm and about 5 cm in width). From one edge, apply a drop of adhesive composition and fold on the side line.
  • Start twist the ribbon ribbon. Turn up to five turns. When the middle it turns out dense, direct the strip of the formation and continue to be cooled by the roll. So form floral petals.
  • For the fortress the product will need glue. When the bud opens the desired size, glue the remaining tape from the bottom of the inflorescence. If the tapes are left much, you need to trim more.
  • Pack the bud from below a piece of felt.

Satin flowers

With their execution, you can cope with them even without skills.

You will need:

  • candle+
  • air fabric+
  • scissors+
  • Thread yellow tint+
  • needle.

The process consists of 5 steps.

  • Cut 4 mug with a diameter of 12 cm and 1 circle – 9 cm. Start melting the edge of the edges of the circles. Do not bring fabric too close to fire. All edges should be wrapped only in a certain direction.
  • Next to cover the blanks so that 4 slits came out. In pairs, they must form a cross, but it is necessary to cut it so that each incision makes 1/3 diameter at its length. The middle must be left untouched. Melt the resulting edges.
  • Make identical cuts, as in the previous time. Need to observe equivalent gaps between the cuts.
  • Run a tychinka. Thread for about six times. Tinging a thread motility by their free ends and get enough. Cut a loop.
  • Stay out of the previously made flower blanks, install a sticky. Sew.

Flower options from napkins

Flowers created in this way are suitable for registration of a photo session area, a wedding celebration, birthday, etc.

The following is necessary for work:

  • Large napkins+
  • scissors+
  • Wire (wire).

We describe serial instructions.

  • Cut the napkin in half. Fold the harmonica both parts. It is advisable to take three-layer napkins.
  • Central to tie a twine. Cut all edges by semicircle.
  • Each layer is carefully painted, starting on top to make a bud uniform. For greater naturalness, the upper edges are a little smat.

In this version you will need:

  • Multicolored multilayer napkins+
  • Stapler+
  • scissors.

The process itself is quite simple.

  • The more use the napkins, the flower will come out more. Fold their stack and cut in a circle.
  • Prepare the right amount of blanks.
  • Each stack fix the bracket of the stapler in the center.
  • Gently lift each level and slightly smith with your fingers.

What else can you do?

From thread

Threads are different, but it is desirable to pick up varieties who are thicker to make the petals. A bouquet of a combination of colors created in various techniques looks very successful.

From Foamyran

With this elastic material it is easy to work, and the flowers are carried out gentle, but perfectly retain the form.

The material is also called “rubber paper” and “artificial suede”.

In fact, it is made of foamed rubber, changing the form when heated. Sometimes there is enough heat outgoing from the hands. This feature allows you to create different-dimensional bulk forms.

From beads

The easiest way to make a beads of beads for beginners – weaving in French technique.

Each element is performed as an arcuate boat (from the center to the edges), due to this, the desired form appears and the volume. Such flowers look realistic and picturesque.

From egg tray

Cardboard convex pyramids from which an egg tray is made, can be completely disclosed, cutting off rounded petals.

From the painted parts it turns out blanks for the manufacture of different types of colors.

If the petals lift in turn, bonding among themselves, leaving free from the edge, it turns out a rose. And if you put a pyramid with pestles in the open cell in the middle of an open cell – Narcissus will be released.

To give the shape of the bell, you need to do short-live cuts on the ribs.

From tapes

The most elementary version of the flower – rose from the tapes of all kinds of texture and width.

What will take this:

  • tape – the longer and wider, the winds will come out larger+
  • needle with thread+
  • Termocles in pistol+
  • scissors.

We describe how to twist a rose.

  • Take a tape. One of her ends bend on oblique.
  • To twist the start of the tape in 2-3 turns, forming the core. Skin it from below (flash).
  • Shape the petals, again bending the tape of the debris on the outdoor side and wrapping the core of the flower, fixing the bottom of the glue.
  • Wash the petals in layers, bending fabric to the outside, not forgetting to fix each new layer at the base of the bud.
  • When the rose becomes the desired size, press the edge of the ribbon to the base and glue.

There is another option. Of the two wavy intertwined ribbons, weave ribbon. Fit her around the edge so that the flower does not break up and pull. It turns out rose.

To form an arrest, you need to flash tape across the width of the zigzag. Shy, collapse.


Flower on cardboard

Cook cardboard circle. Make marking and consolidate special portno carnations on it. Wrap all the convex parts by moving in a circle. The number of circles is determined on the basis of ideas about the volume of the future flower.

Core make a contrasting threads. Connect all the central holes screwed on the thread cardboard. Ends tie with knots from behind. Sew a bead in the middle.

On the line

Dial to a long line four dozen loops in both sides. The wider the stationery inventory, the dimensioner turns out the flower.

Remove scored loops and form a flower. Sew core.

From pencils

Stationery for drawing in this case serves as a beon stem. This is a very creative solution suitable for crafts for the day of the teacher and September 1.

Also their multicolored pencils can be built a vase for a bouquet of flowers. Great gift option without extensive costs.

From masks

Living inflorescences and plants in a pot can replace flowers from blue and green disposable medical masks. A rubber band is cut off from the mask, and then the edge is cut with a fringe, a flower core is formed. Fixed by the hard edge of the mask. Petals are cut from the main fabric. Flower bud bonds with rubber band.

Mask must be unused or postgraded!

From wire

From the usual wire with a thickness of 1 mm or special decorative flexible materials easy to create volumetric floral compositions.

Wire frame you need to fill in threads Moulin or any suitable cloth.

You can also take advantage of the finished fluffy decorative wire.

From pumps and yarn

Round pumps from yarn easy to fasten on a wire, imitating stalks. Short remnants of threads can be simply screwed into a wire frame, fixed in the form of inflorescences with core and petals.

From burlap and jute threads

Vintage rose buds twisted from a strip of canvas, stylishly complement other natural materials: jute, bumps, branches, twigs.

Spoons for petals

The shape of this table appliance is a finished blank suitable for any inflorescences.

Details can be fixed as special glue and just put on plasticine. As for complicated compositions, the elements are heat treatment and painted with aerosol paints. Silver, bronze coatings, glitter look especially great. Such flowers can be used as a decor of a candlestick, place small LEDs in them.

Interesting ideas for the manufacture of colors from felt can be permeated in the following video.

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