How to make paper flowers?

How to make paper flowers?

Flower compositions from paper are unlikely to replace living plants. Nevertheless, they can become a good decor element for holidays and a stylish addition to the presentation. At the same time make them quite easily, and the result is exquisite and original. Today we will tell about the fastest method of making flowers from paper in various techniques.

Simple options

There are many a variety of techniques that allow creating flowers for interior design. Some of them are die even kids younger. As a rule, children make applications, but if you wish, they can give volume and decorativeness.

So, a fluffy flower will be released from ordinary paper. You will need 16 blanks in the shape of hearts of the same size – they will be the petals of your future craft. Each heart must be folded twice as shown in the photo below.

Each workpiece on one side of the seplace of the bend should be lubricated with adhesive pencil and combine with halves of another heart. The second side of the workpiece is connected to the third figure, and the third part is glued, respectively, to the fourth. After that combine the second and fourth hearts. Of the 16 billets you should get 4 volume details.

Next of the paper of the same color cut the circle and gently glue all four petals on it, the bead is fixed in the center. Bottom placed leafs cut from green paper, it is desirable to be slightly bend them to the accordion. So quickly and easily, you can make a craft for a gift to a native person or a contest for a kindergarten.

If you wish, you can add a little decor – then the flower will turn out even more colorful.

There are many other ways to create cute bugs from paper sheets, consider one more. For the manufacture of the flower composition, there will be colored paper, while one sheet should be green, and the rest – any other shades. Also for work it is necessary to cook adhesive pencil and scissors.

First, the leaf of green paper is folded in half and perform small cuts from the side of the bend.

The resulting workpiece is folded into a roll (it should not be too tight) and fixed with glue, so that the figure does not break. After that, you need to flip out the cut strips so that they resemble the growing herb.

When the base of the bouquet is collected, you can move to the decoration of the flowers themselves. To do this, they are cut on the template from paper bright shades and glued a white or yellow core.

A bouquet is almost ready. It will only be to glue ready-made flowers on green blades. This tender spring composition will become a decent decoration of the children’s room.

Crafts from colored material

In schools and kindergartens, paper flowers are often used to decorate the room in which the holiday will be held. Make them work out of simple paper A4. Consider a step-by-step master class on the assembly of a volumetric flower.

To create an interior craft, you will need several sheets of colorful paper, as well as a set of standard tools: pencil, scissors and glue.

  • First, cut several square blanks of different sizes. In this master class, the largest square will be the square with a side of 15 cm, and the smallest – 6 cm.
  • These squares will be the basis for petals. You need to start from the most voluminous. The workpiece should be collapsed in half.
  • Then perform another transverse bending. The resulting square turns over again diagonally.
  • Next form another fold, for this, the workpiece again needs to be collapsed in half.
  • The edge of the resulting triangle is cut by semicircle with sharp scissors.
  • The resulting paper blank you need to straighten.
  • After that, you should walk with scissors between the petals, a little not aroused incisions to the central point.
  • On each petal you need to make a bend with your hands – it will give the composition a greater volume. All manipulations need to be repeated with the rest of the workpieces.
  • Petals impose on each other so that the biggest were downstairs, and the smallest – upstairs. In the central point they are connected by glue.
  • This way it is necessary to connect all the petals with each other.
  • For the cutting of the core cut the strip of yellow or white color width 2-3 cm. Fold it along the long side, and then with the help of scissors form a fringe – do shorts, not reaching the edge.
  • The resulting element is screwed into a thin rod, from time to time fixing glue. Thus, it will be a middle of the flower – get it on the composition, and fluffy flower is ready.



A good gift for a woman can be large volumetric roses, make them even kids preschool age. This will require double-sided colored paper.

It needs a lot, because the more your future rose will be petals – the more volumetric, fluffy and elegant will get a bud.

Schemes and templates of leaflets, petals, as well as chashelistic. They must be printed or redraw on a strong paper and cut. For such billets prepare the main compositional elements of the future bouquet. In our master class, we will take 5 petals in the form of “droplets” and 15 cellets “hearts”.

Billets need to give volume. For this, pointed corners of “droplets” are spinning with a pencil or pen. If desired, the same action can be repeated with hearts. Next, two segments of the wire are folded and wrapped with a decorative floral ribbon – it will be a skeleton of a future flower.

Next begins the most difficult stage of the creation of a flower. From petals carefully collect bud. To do this, in the upper part of the stalk glued one petal: first – “droplets”, then – “Hearts”.

So that the composition does not break up, each billet of the petal is fixed with thin tape.

Next of the paper of the green color on the finished template, a cup is cut out, winding it on the base of the flower and fasten the teipnel ribbon as in the photo. After that, only cut the petals will remain and fix them on the stem. That’s how quickly and just you can make a wonderful rose and give her mom, grandmother or sister.

Make unusual flowers can be from ordinary glossy magazines. The technique does not differ in difficulty, but the cannon is obtained very stylish and spectacular.


  • Any unnecessary magazines+
  • Green tape+
  • scissors+
  • Wooden sticks+
  • Termoklay.

      Work is performed in stages.

      • First, disobey the logs on separate pages and select the most bright and colorful- it is necessary to use them to create decorative products.
      • Each page is four times folded along the long side. Then cut the fringe along the fold line, not reaching the edges of 1-1.5 cm.
      • After that, you can proceed directly to the creation of bud. For this, the resulting tape with a fringe turn around the tops of the wooden spanks, fixed on the glue either fix the scotch. In this technique you can create buds of ASTR, chrysanthemums and other volumetric flowers.
      • So that the craft is more magnificent and decorative, you can make a couple of turns around the stem. The free edge of the workpiece is fixed with glue so that the buds do not collapse.
      • After that, it remains only to wind up a shine of adhesive tape, cut out of the blanks in the form of plant petals, give the necessary shape and fix.

      According to this technique, a very beautiful decorative composition can be made from the cast material.



      Flowers from another paper

      Flowers can be made not only from ordinary paper and cardboard. There are many master classes for making crafts from other materials. By the way, some of them can be used even in cooking. We give instructions for creating them.

      From waffle

      Waffle paper flowers conquer with their beauty due to flower ornaments. Finished products are obtained light and air, so perfect fit into the design of the festive cake.

      To decorate a confectionery with flowers from this unusual material, you will need:

      • pair of waffle paper sheets+
      • Sponge or brush+
      • Alcohol / Vodka+
      • pliers+
      • wire+
      • Beads or Rhinestones for Decor.

      To start, draw six petals of different sizes on the wafer paper. Then plunge the sponge into the alcohol and richly moisten the workpiece, paying each line. Put the wire inside the petal or outside – depending on the shape you want to get, and let it dry a couple of hours.

      When all the petals are dried, gently fold the resulting flower – it is best to do with pliers. Stylish cake decoration is ready, it remains only to sprinkle with a brilliant powder.

      From rice

      Very simple and quickly can make flowers from rice paper. Such crafts, like waffles, were distributed in the confectionery sphere. The flower turns out moisture resistant, its structure does not change when contact with cream and glaze. At the same time, he edible – his crunch and taste resemble chips.

      Such flowers can be collected directly on the cake, for this petals stick straight into the layer of cream.

      You can paint in any available way: a liquid or dry dye, a tassel or airbrush.

      Despite the fact that the flower is quite large, its weight is minimal.

      To begin with, heat out a bit of vegetable oil without smelling in a pan, brush the rice paper into pieces of different sizes and fry in oil 3-5 seconds before the whim. Put future petals on a paper napkin to all oil glass.

      After that, melt chocolate or glaze, pour on the film and place a support for petals. Everything that will remain after that is to simply collect the composition and give chocolate to frozen.

      From crepared

      From the attached paper you can collect giant flowers and make up a luxurious garland of them. You will not even need templates and schemes. Similar products look attractive and effectively.

      For work, the crepe paper of several tones is needed (it is better to take bright and light), a fishing line or thread, glue, stapler and scissors.

      • Rectangles cut out from the cool paper and laid in a stack of 5 blanks. Decorative compositions from colors of several tones very effectively look. For example, well combined pink, purple and lilac, as well as blue, blue and silver. If you plan to make the autumn composition – take yellow, red and orange bloom. The magnitude of the rectangles is selected at their discretion.
      • Each pile folds harmonic.
      • In the center of the harmonica fasten the stapler, thread or glue. Edges slightly spinning, cutting out the similarity of petals.
      • After that, it will only be done from the harmonica beautiful buds. To do this, they are neatly straightening in different directions. After a few seconds, you will see what beautiful fluffy flowers have turned out.
      • Everything that will remain you after that – just riding the buds on the thread or rope. Festive garland ready.

      From corrugated

      Corrugated paper resembles a fastener, but it is slightly dense. From her you can collect gentle spring daffodils. This requires paper yellow, white and green colors, as well as scissors, glue, wire.

      First you need to make the stalks of future colors. To do this, thin strips cut off the green corrugation roll, drain the pva glue from the reverse side and spirally wound on the wire base.

      Do it need to be a mustache so that the edging of each subsequent turns can be slightly visible to the previous.

      In this technique, all three pieces of wire are finished, after which they postpone the finished stems to the side.

      For the manufacture of compositions on one flower there are 5 white petals, they all must have about the same shape. Therefore, it is best to cut off the required number of blanks from a sheet of paper, to add them to a heel and cut one template. They must be oblong and slightly pointed from above. Paper is a bit straightened and stretch vertically, petals should look delicate and practically weightless.

      To make a narcissus heart, three thin strips are cut out of paper. They are laid along the long side and twisted into the tight tube.

      Narcissal flower makes petals and middle. First glued the petals, and after the center neatly attach yellow pestles.

      To the bouquet turns out more realistic, from green paper, you can cut the leaves and wind them on the stem.

      The most difficult job is the connection of flowers and stems. Keep in mind that in the natural environment of Narcissa head turns a slightly lobby, not up. Accordingly, the paper buds must be placed on wire stems, in this kind they will be easier and strong to hold. Flower fixation site to the stalk masked with a small grid of corrugated paper of a green spike.

      If you want a bouquet of spring paper flowers to look festively, wrap it with double-sided colored paper or tie the bright color ribbon.

      On the same scheme, you can collect a tulip.

      From velvet

      Velvet paper is different from its usual density and texture. She is pleasant and rough to the touch, and crafts out of her look out, festively and expensive.

      However, it should be borne in mind that velvet paper is quite dense. It is badly twisted, the velvet cracks, the unaesthetic basis begins to shift.

      That is why such paper is more often used to decorate postcards and drawing up festive flower collages.

      Kraft paper

        Lightly popularity in recent years, craft paper crafts enjoy. They are indispensable for sebbi-chic and boho interior. For the manufacture of flowers, you need to cut off the band with a width of 2.5-3 cm and on both sides of the workpiece to perform transverse cuts, slightly reaching the middle, with a step of 3-4 cm. The top corners of the cuts are spinning on a sequel or rod diagonally, and the lower glued in the form of scales. After that, the band turns into the tube and slightly flexing the petals. To give the flower of greater decorativeness, it is worth sprinkling it with a transparent varnish with sparkles from a spray or manually to peel the tips of the petals.

        Still from paper will work out of unusual beauty rose. Detailed master class you will find in the following video.

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