Crafts from cardboard

Crafts from cardboard

Cardboard is considered a popular material for the manufacture of all sorts of crafts. It perfectly absorbs the paint, it is easily cut with scissors, without problems is pierced with a selection, and in general it is convenient for work.

What to do from white sheets?

Finger dolls are quickly and simply created from white cardboard. For the base, several rectangles of a length of 3 centimeters and 5 centimeters width are prepared. Each over one turn twists in the cylinder and fixes on the junction with glue. In parallel, cardboard circles are cut out of the dense material, on which faces of characters are drawn. After they are glued on the tubes, you can go to the game.

Undoubtedly, White cardboard becomes the basis for a variety of postcards – from the easiest to complex, decorated with quilling and origami techniques. Such pleasant souvenirs created by their own hands are offered to complement buttons, beerts, glitter, sequins, laces, foil, lacing, dried leaves and other details. From a large box with thick walls with parents, it turns out a great house for games, toy storage or even pets accommodation. Sufficiently cut the windows and the entrance door, and then trust fantasy – paint the walls, add a pipe, spend flashlights for lighting, stick from the inside wallpaper or hang curtains. If the design is intended for street use, then its roof can be collected from real branches.

Very original turning pumpkin made of white sleeve for toilet paper or paper towel. In addition to the cardboard blank, it takes scissors, a rope, a slice of a rather thick branch, PVA and sequins glue. The process begins with the fact that the sleeve is cut by circles. Everyone is launched by glue and sprinkled with gold sparkles, curious alternative to which the page of old books can be. After all the circles are dried, they will need to assemble on the twine to form a pumpkin.

In the middle of the composition gluits a small stick.

Colored material

Children 6-7 years old will probably like the design of a cardboard airplane. From materials you need to prepare just a color cardboard, for example, black or red, PVA glue, matches and colored paper. Work begins with the fact that the T-shaped outline of the aircraft under construction is drawn on white paper. Cutting a template, the contour needs to repeated twice already on the cardboard. The resulting details are glued together on top of the matchbox, and the other below.

The tail of it is additionally connected in the tip itself. The propeller and a pair of stars are cut out of colored paper contrasting color. The propeller is fixed on the nose of the aircraft due to the use of decorative paper clips or glue. Each wing is also decorated with an asterisk. By the way, in this master class instead of a matchbox, you can use the sleeve from under the toilet paper.

Of the fine cardboard, illuminated by transparent scotch, are beautiful bookmarks, and from bilateral shiny – figurines for interior decoration. For example, if parents will cut the silhouette of the ballerina from the sparkling material, and the child itself will create a bag of snowflake, then the resulting composition can be suspended on the chandelier.

Pretty fast from cardboard of different colors is created aquarium with fish. First, the cardboard box, freed from the covers, is painted from the inside into blue shades, as well as, as desired, decorated with “underwater” details from colored paper, plasticine or sequin. Next, the design is set in such a way that one of the side walls remained empty. Along the top of the box, 3-5 slots are cut down, and through each skipping through a dense thread or a piece of yarn. Beautiful fish cut from colored cardboard are tied to them. From the outside of the aquarium, each thread is connected with its holding a large button or lid from a plastic bottle.

A fascinating craft for the child will be the theater of Shadows: it will be interesting not only step by step to embody it into life, but also use after. Materials and tools for creativity will require a cardboard box, tracing, black cardboard, white pencil, wooden spanks, tape or glue, scissors and stationery knife. To get a frame, the box will have to get rid of covers and bottom. Next, a piece of carting a little larger size will need to be gently glued to the sidewalls of the structure, without forgetting about a small tension.

From the remnants of a boxed cardboard, you can cut off the platbands, which, after coloring, remain only to fix the scotch on the body of the theater.

Black cardboard applies to cut the characters of the future performance. The more detailed the silhouettes, the more realistic is the idea, and therefore it is better to use ready-made templates. Each figure is attached to a wooden skeleton in a convenient way. Before starting the view, you will also need to light a small lamp and arrange it before the manager, but on the figures.

Color cardboard suitable for the embodiment of numerous products on the topic “Autumn”. For example, it can be autumn garland from cardboard leaves of various shapes, acorns and cones. Everything is done very simple: double-sided paper parts are cut on the template, which are further suspended on thick thread or twine together with natural materials.

For children age 2-3 years old Acquaintance with the material is better to start with applications. After the parents draw the contours of the trees, the sun, a house and other items on a white background, the child will only fill them with pieces of color cardboard, plasticine harnesses, dried leaves and other details.

Another simple handicraft is a rainbow in the clouds. In addition to color cardboard 7 shades, scissors will use, adhesive pencil, stapler and wool. 7 strips of different colors are cut from thick paper in such a way that each subsequent turned out to be shorter than the previous. As a result, the Red should turn out the longest, and purple – the smallest. Strips are fastened by the stapler in sequences: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple. After that, 3 cotton balls are fixed on each side at the foot of the rainbow as the clouds.

What to make from corrugated cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard has greater strength than normal, as it is formed from several layers. If you cut such a piece, then in the section you can see “waves”, glued in a checker order. This material is customary to use for the packaging of expensive equipment, but also when creating crafts it turns out to be indispensable. For example, the corrugated cardboard is very easy to make a photo frame. Cutting out a strip of 5 centimeters wide and a length of 30 centimeters, it will be required to roll on the rings, the ripping ends. On the one hand the design is attached to the back wall of a paper mug, and on the other – a photo is placed.

The surface of the material will be issued depending on the general direction of the interior.

As a gift, the father of a corrugated cardboard will be able to make a tank. It will take a paper box for work, for example, from under shoes, corrugated cardboard, tight paper of green and red colors, PVA and TITAN glue, scissors, pencil and green gouache. In addition, to prepare half a stick for balloons, toothpick, a plug from plastic bottle, a needle with green threads and a brush. The first thing is the design of the case of a tank of the box. It is placed from 4 sides with a green cardboard in such a way that the upper side is obtained by 3.5 centimeters more than the lower.

Next, a strip of a width of 2.5 cm is cut out of the corrugated cardboard, after which it breaks one side. The resulting caterpillar is glued to the tank body on both sides. Top on the design also fixed corrugated cardboard with a paper substrate. The tank turret is constructed from the corrugated width of which the width of which coincides with the height of the box used. It is important to leave small tails, with which the tower is fixed on the basis. The tower closes with a lid, in addition, a hatch is glued on it.

The trunk of the cannons will be able to make a crown in the center of the plastic bottle. It is most convenient to do this by using a split awl. In the resulting hole half the tubule for balloons and is fixed with glue. The design is glued directly to the tower or on a green cardboard circle cut by the lid size. Wheels are created from the Gofropolos width of 1 centimeter. Each up to half is removed the upper side, after which they are folded and clamped with rubber band. After some time they can be glued.

For fuel tanks, you will need to roll the paper strip with a tube and close with a circle. The finished tank is scoring with a mixture of Guoshi and Pva. The technique is decorated with both sides by the stars and a red paper flag planted on toothpick.

18 ingenious crafts that can be made from cardboard will see in the following video.

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