Autumn crafts from plasticine

Autumn crafts from plasticine

Crafts on the autumn themes look interesting, bright and help the kids better know the world around. From this soft and elastic material you can do both original applications and figures depicting animals or autumn gifts.

What Appliques do?

Beautiful appliques with their own hands in stages can do both kids and children from the younger group.


To create this autumn crafts from plasticine, you will need cardboard or dense paper. The process of modeling such a picture consists of five stages.

  • To start out of yellow, red and orange plasticine, you need to roll thin flagellation of different lengths.
  • They need to form spirals.
  • These small details are attached on cardboard. Of them form a crown of a tree. Play spirals need in chaotic order. In this case, the autumn tree will look more natural. Each of the elements need to be slightly pressed to the cardboard.
  • From brown plasticine it is necessary to cut down denser and wide flagella. They are attached to the lower part of the crafts and perform the role of trees. That the base looked more careful, it needs to be slightly fed up.
  • From the remains of yellow, red and orange plasticine, you need to form leaves-spirals, which will be filled by the space at the bottom of the picture. Part of color items should be made more blurred, pressing them to the cardboard and slightly smoothed the edges.

Fill out the free space can be details of blue, purple and white. They are attached to paper and slightly wagging over it. Such a landscape looks like a full-fledged postcard.

Maple Leaf

Such an exercise for preschoolers can be part of a postcard or a large flower composition. For the struts of colored maple leaf you need to use white paper, several pieces of light plasticine of different colors and scissors. The technology of creating such crafts is very simple.

  • To begin with a piece of cardboard it is worth cutting the maple leaf of the desired size.
  • From the bars of plasticine of different colors, you need to cut down a few small details.
  • Each of these pieces need to be demolished and decomposed on paper in chaotic order.
  • All these details must be smeared on the surface, gently mixing colors. Transitions between different shades should be smooth.

This maple leaf in autumn theme can be additionally decorated with black dots so that it looks more natural.

Gifts of autumn

You can portray on cardboard and still life consisting of autumn vegetables, fruits and mushrooms. Autumn harvest looks bright and effectively. You can see this on the example of crafts depicting a basket with mushrooms. Let’s give step-by-step instructions for creating it.

  • To begin with, you need to make the main detail of this applique – a basket. Its need to cut out of a large piece of plasticine brown.
  • Flat semicircle is attached to the cardboard and decorated with stack.
  • Orange and brown flavors need to make a handle. It turns out more voluminous.
  • After the basket is ready, you can start the mushroom modeling. They are made of plasticine of different colors. Each mushroom consists of a hat and legs.
  • It is possible to place mushrooms in different parts of the applique.

Complete the picture green leaves, as well as small snails. Beautifully look at the composition created from fruits and berries. It can be completely cut out of plasticine or draw, and then supplement the volumetric items.

Beautifully looks like a handicraft, consisting of apples, pears and blue grapes. Complement her bulk green leaves.

Lushing volume figures

Colored volumetric figures are not less beautiful than appliques. Children can work with them any age.


An excellent version of the crafts that can be attributed to school is a snail sitting on a sheet. As the basis, you can use the collected blanks or crafts made of paper and plasticine. About how to make such leaves already said earlier.

  • To start out of plasticine, you need to form an elongated strip with a sharp end. Snail’s body with its appearance slightly resembles the usual carrot.
  • Complement the basis of the face drawn stack and ears made of plasticine or thin branches.
  • Cleancake can be performed from different materials. For this purpose, you can use nuts, acorn or chestnut. Also, the snail shell is made of colored plasticine, rolled into thin stripes and twisted into the spiral.

Such a handicraft looks simple, but it is pretty.


Even a small child can cope with the creation of a beautiful long caterpillar. For her modeling it is necessary to prepare several colored balls. It is best to choose for this figure “Autumn” shades: orange, yellow and brown.

All these details in random order are connected to each other. For their mounting, you can use a fishing line or metal wire. Due to this, they are securely fixed with each other. You can decorate such a caterpillar with short colored horns and legs.


As a basis for this craft, plasticine is green. For the modeling of bright amansor, the material of red and white colors is suitable. Such mushrooms are made very simple and fast.

  • First of all, you need to cut the legs of mushrooms. Make them of white plasticine. The basis of the leg can be supplemented with a thin circle of the same material.
  • To create a hat, a red ball need to be twisted and bend his edges.
  • After that it must be attached to the leg.
  • Complement to the municipal hats of a small white point of different sizes.

The resulting mushrooms are attached on green grass. To create the autumn composition it is worth using different figures.

Autumn harvest

Color plasticine vegetables and fruits can also add any autumn composition. Such crafts are molded very simple. So, to create a bright carrot, it is enough just to roll a ball of orange plasticine, pull it out in length and add a green tail.

Bright red apple cut out of plasticine, too, just. The base of the fruit is made of bright plasticine. From above, the workshop is covered with a layer of dark material. Thanks to this, the fruit will look beautiful even in the context. Complement the craft of a thin tail and leaflets.

A fox

Bright fox of orange plasticine can add a large craft on the topic of autumn.

  • From the main mass you need to form the body and the head fox. Both items must be volumetric and slightly elongated.
  • Fox legs need to cut out of long sausages. The front turns out shorter, rear – long and curved in the middle. Ready paws are attached to the body of fox.
  • Wildline of white and orange colors are used for tailpower. Bright redhead detail decorated with a white tip. The tail is attached to the body of the fox and bend a bit toward.
  • When the craft is ready, you need to decorate the fox’s head. For this, out of orange and white plasticine it is necessary to cut ears and eyes. Pupils and nose are made of brown material.

Such a handicraft in autumn topics is very beautiful.

What to blind with natural materials?

Natural materials can be used to create autumn crafts.

With bishie

Using soft plasticine and ordinary cones, you can learn how to create a variety of animals with your own hands.

  • Hedgehog. When creating figures of this animal, the bump is used as the main material. The remaining details can be cut out of plasticine of any favorite colors. The main part of the craft is a head that is formed from a slightly elongated ball. Complement her small eyes and neat nose. From the same material and paws are the same size. They are attached to a chish in the right places and slightly decorated with stack.

  • Squirrel. To create this craft, you will need colored plasticine, a bump and several acorns. The base for the figurines is peeled from orange material and complemented by white detail, located in the center of the crafts. Flasks of animal, as well as his head, which are complemented by ears, nose and eyes. The tail is attached to the body of the proteins with a small piece of clay. Instead of lower legs used acorns. The product is obtained volumetric and unusual.

  • Mouse. To cut such a cute animal, you need to pick up in advance and dry a long pine bump. It creates a fruit of white plasticine, as well as ears and legs of the same color. To the back of the figure attached a thin light tail. Complement the product dark color eye and nose.

Simple work from plasticine and cones can be attributed to kindergarten, because they look neatly and pretty.

With seeds

Cute small hedgehog can be decorated not only with a lump, but also seeds. For modeling such a craft, you need to prepare plasticine, stack and sunflower seeds. The process of its creation consists of three stages.

  • First you need to make the basis of the figurines. From plasticine black it is necessary to cut the body.
  • The face of the animal must be done more elongated. At her end the nose of dark color is attached.
  • Seeds that perform the role of needles are attached to the body of figures.

You can decorate such a cracker with mushrooms, berries and fruits flattened from soft plasticine.

Useful advice

If the child is difficult to work with plasticine, our advice can help him.

  • In the event that the baby is difficult to sculpt the figures from thick plasticine, the material is put in a package or wrap in the food film and omit into the water for a couple of minutes. During this time, he softens well – it will be much easier to work with him.
  • To draw various small elements worth using a stack or toothpick. It all depends on the size of these parts.
  • In order not to be staining the working surface, sculpt the crafts on a special board or on the table with a tracking surface. Hair when working with plasticine It is worth removing for a shock.

Autumn crafts from air or conventional plasticine and other girlfriend can make any child. The main thing is to determine the choice of topics and not be afraid to fantasize in the process.

How to make an applique of plasticine “Autumn tree”, see the following video.

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