Creating Easy Plasticine Earring

Creating Easy Plasticine Earring

Plasticine’s earrings will greatly decorate the casket of dolls with jewelry. Since to create one pair of earrings will require a minimum of plasticine, the set will be enough for a wide variety of models: Earrings in the form of fruits, flour products and others. Decoration of beloved dolls Earrings will be for a child cheerful pastime. Consider in the article Bright and common ideas for creating earrings from plasticine.

How to make roses?

Roses – Some of the most common colors. Few people can resist their beauty and incomparable aroma.

Earrings-rosets are easier than simple, and you will need the following for them:

  • Red plasticine (optionally can be replaced with pink or white)+

  • 2 small carnations.

It is best to choose for accessories juicy cheerful shades – they will be able to complement the stylish image of the doll.

For reference: cloves from comical or out of order of jewelry are suitable as fixtures.

We list the stages of work.

  1. The first thing is well smearing red (or other color) plasticine in hand.

  2. Press off on a small piece and make a petal cake mass. Do not forget to flick them.

  3. We like a rose, applying one pellet to another to the base (carnations). We repeat the same steps, manufacturing the second earrings.

Delica is ready! It is good because it is pulled out very quickly, and only 2 things will need to create.

Earrings avocado do it yourself

Earrings-avocado are made of polymer clay, lung or conventional plasticine. Consider the variant of the modeling of bright earrings from a light plastic material.

For modeling you will need:

  • Lightweight Plasticine – Green, Brown, Black+

  • Plastic knife+

  • Fasteners from earrings.

Consider how it is done.

  1. We knew in the hands of green plasticine, giving him an avocado shape. We get 2 such earrings.

  2. We make small deepening in earrings. In the recesses put the strolled brown balls.

  3. Insert the handles from the earrings to the earrings.

  4. You can go further – and attach earrings a smile and eyes from black plasticine.

Homemade earrings can make even a child. To create them will need a minimum of time.

Other ideas

There are many ways to smear earrings, everything is limited only to the child’s fantasy. You can make a hanging earrings, for this you will need:

  • Plasticine – red and lilac (can be replaced by any other colors)+

  • Carnations.

Stages of work:

  1. take 2 small pieces of plasticine, scraps scraps+

  2. cut them in half and alternately intertwined in the spiral+

  3. every earrings singe a carnation+

  4. Accessory for doll ready.

For reference: If you plan to play with earrings, it is best to freeze all products in the refrigerator.

You can also make beautiful worms earrings.

To do this, you will need:

  • wire+

  • Plasticine – Blue, Purple, Black and White.

Stages of work:

  1. fold 2 small pieces of wire in half and tighten into the spiral+

  2. Lepim the worms, make eyes from white plasticine, and then pupils from black+

  3. We insert the wire in the worms, and we attach the handles from the earrings to it.

Using sweater materials, you can make more difficult earrings, for example, a cake or lady bug from air plasticine. The mass of red is rolled into the mugs, and then cover paint. When the paint is driving, on the earrings are attached with glue small balls obtained from black plasticine. Such an accessory can wear not only a doll, but also a girl who plays her. Use the possibilities of your fantasy to decorate a doll box with jewelry!

How to make seelings from light plasticine, you will learn from the video below.

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