Lajk castles from plasticine

Lajk castles from plasticine

Lrack castles from plasticine – one of the most exciting activities. Knowing how to make a bulk lock with their own hands step by step, you can help them master this hobby, including explaining how to make it on cardboard. It is also useful to take into account some tips on the laying of the castle for the princess.

How to make a cardboard?

Such an occupation will like not only lovers of history. Castle from plasticine on cardboard will also become a visible confirmation of their creative talents, the ability to make. It is easy to hone the skills and gradually move to even more complex products. Let the world of the feudal era and are boundlessly far from modernity, reproduce its piece bye even for children. You can spend this occupation for several hours in a row, but the result is worth.

The basic base ideally should be blue, because it allows you to imagine the castle on the background of the heavenly space (or on a rock with a marine background, if you like). First, with your own hands form the first turret, it must remind an oval. This design is fixed exactly in the middle of the cardboard. The right turret should be a little higher. One of them will be yellow, and the second is green.


  1. In the first tower form the gate+
  2. Dorify the brick wall using stacks+
  3. shut down the roofs on the turrets and decorate them with patterns+
  4. Bind the turret with a stone wall of gray plasticine (it is also decorated with patterns)+
  5. Window design+
  6. put a yellow grid on the gate (just using a plasticine strip)+
  7. form a red triangular roof on a large tower+
  8. take the stack and put this roof so that it seemed from slate+
  9. If the background depicts the sky, paint the sun (either the moon and stars)+
  10. decorate the resulting impregnable stronghold banner.

How to make a bulk model?

But the modeling of a simple fortress, whatever elegant and thoughtful, it is not enough. You can always come up with a whole story. For example, you can compose a story that some people built a nearly real castle for princess. The bulk product will not leave indifferent almost no one. The princesses themselves (as well as other characters) are easy to cut out later. For work you will need:

  • Plasticine of several colors+
  • Acute stack+
  • Plastic knife+
  • Toothpick either spat.

The base of the castle has a rectangular shape and brown color. To wrapping the designs created design, a beige strip 0.2-0.3 cm wide.

If you cut too much, the surplus is removed with a knife. Stack will allow smooth the joint. Then the orange pancake is fixed on the base, overlapping from above the same, but already brown.


  1. use thin harness to arrange the top of the building+
  2. give this fire relief+
  3. form the texture of the gate and complement them with handles+
  4. Put notable towers+
  5. crowned their blue roof+
  6. put the top of the castle on the laid place+
  7. Fill the edges of the base with additional thin turrets+
  8. Blue roofs on them+
  9. complement the opposite side of the castle of the highest tower+
  10. shallow details are smeared+
  11. decorate green landings areas along the walls+
  12. There are flags above the gate and on the highest tower.

Useful advice

If you plan to reproduce the real lock, it is better to thoroughly study photos, drawings and paintings. But it is not always necessary. Fabulous and fantasy fortifications are created with an arbitrary scale. Chasing behind the fine detail hardly worth. Exactly reproduction of profiles even quite real historical buildings need to be left for professional models.

For crafts of children and other lovers of fairly simple recognition and close similarity. Stylized locks leave even more freedom for creativity. Usually create round or square towers. More complex forms hard to sculpt.

It is necessary to understand that irregularities and deviations from perfectly accurate forms in the present medieval building were inevitable, and therefore, some of them are desirable, even necessarily.

To work it is necessary to purchase high-quality plasticine. If there is no experience, it is better not at all for the laying of the castle, but it is not possible to hone your skills on some of its elements. Large volumetric buildings are highly recommended to create on wire frame. Otherwise the risk is that with any careless movement will have to start working from scratch. Another recommendation: It should be taken for business in a calm, measured arrangement of the Spirit, because both too sad and too optimistic attitudes can damage the craft.

How to make a castle from plasticine, look in the video.

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