Methods of filament powder

Methods of filament powder

From plasticine you can make a huge number of different figures. Children love to do from plastic animal material. From the plasticine mass you can make not only cats or dogs, but also charming piglets. In this article we learn how it can be done.

Simple option

From the plasticine mass you can make a very cute and pretty piglet. The process of manufacturing such animals will be extremely simple and rapid.

It is advisable to use small children to use the classic schemes that are most clear and not complicated.

To make the simplest piglet, it is necessary to use a plasticine pink shade. For the first children’s crafts, this option will be the most appropriate. Consider what other components will be necessary for the manufacture of cute plasticine figures:

  • Plastic stack+
  • Special plate, designed for a comfortable modeling.

Consider stages, how to make a piglet made of pink plasticine mass.

  • First you need to take the pink plasticine bar. It must be divided into 3 parts, one of which should be obtained by the largest compared to the rest. Smaller will need to be left for the manufacture of the body and tail. The second half of the plasticine should be cut on another 4 piece. In the future, the smiling of a small pig will be made.
  • From a large plasticine part it is necessary to cut off a piece, and then put it on the sideline. Remains will need to roll into a ball that will be used for the manufacture of the head of the animals.
  • Then you need to make a piglet piglet made of white material. In addition, you will need to make a small patch. For the manufacture of the latter, it is recommended to use plasticine of a darker, almost purple shade.
  • All prepared components of the face should be fixed on the right places. After that you should take the stack. With it, it will be necessary to draw a mouth on a pigtail muzzle.
  • From the residues of a piece of pink plasticine you need to blind ears. They need to be done triangular.
  • From a piece of medium sizes you need to form an oval part, which will then serve as a piglery. From one end you will need to insert a match, and then put on it already harvested head. After that, you can start making a tail.
  • There are still 4 pieces of material. They should be used to make a leg of a piglet. Smoothie can be made from purple plasticine.

After such a simple and understandable master class, the child will quickly learn to work independently with a plastic material.

How to make a yellow piglet?

From the plasticine mass can be made not only pink, but also a yellow piglet. It is believed that this animal brings well-being, good luck and happiness. Beautiful handicraft will become not only joy for a child, but also good home decoration. Before making the manufacture of such a charming plasticine talisman, all the necessary devices and materials should be prepared:

  • Plasticine Mass of various shades+
  • Several toothpicks+
  • Set consisting of several stack+
  • Skull for laying.

    Consider step-by-step instructions for the manufacture of yellow plasticine piglets.

    • Yellow plasticine piece needed Initially, sharing a stack into separate parts. It is necessary to take 2 big pieces. Of these, oval parts should be formed, from which the body and the head of the pig will be made.

    • You should make it necessary to make the blanks of the legs of the piglery. At their ends it will be needed to lock the pieces of pink. So it turns out to issue cute hoofs. The tail is made from spiral plasticine “sausages”.

    • From a pair of small plasticine segments of the yellow shade will be needed Sleep your ears. For these purposes, it is necessary to accurately roll oval elements, and then flatten them. The same actions should be repeated in relation to the pink plastic mass, and then place it in the middle of each ear.

    • The next stage will be Decoration of the head of a yellow piglet. A charming patch is made from a mug of small sizes. It will need to draw nostrils. To do this, you can use a match or toothpick. You should also cut out eyes, cheeks and mouth.

    • You can take plasticine of green, and then make a beautiful wreath out of it. It will serve as an original decoration of a plasticine pig. For the manufacture of such a decor you will need to take a green piece of material, make a “sausage” from it, and then closer to the ring. It will also be necessary to prepare several leaves and flowers that will be supplemented with a plasticine wreath.

    • Yellow pig paws are connected to her body. Insert a match in the upper half, and then the head is installed on it. In your place you need to attach and tail.

    Miloid yellow yellow plasticine pig will become an interesting interior decoration. Crafts can be delivered in the most prominent place in the children’s room.

    How to make a figurine on clove?

    Very beautiful and interesting are plasticine piglets on clover. They are made quite simple, so the children will not be too difficult to make them independently. To make such a figure, you will need:

    • Plastic bars of pink and green shade+
    • Special sheet for smearing+
    • Plastic stack.

      We will analyze step-by-step instructions for making a pig on clover.

      1. The first thing of the pink panel will need to be divided into several parts. Four pieces will have to be used for the manufacture of legs. They should be flattened because the pig will not stand, but lie on green plasticine clover.
      2. It is necessary to cut out oval item, which then serves to the craft. One part should be done slightly narrowed, because the face will be located here.
      3. The workpiece is necessary flat.
      4. Next, you should take a small piece of pink plasticine mass. From it you need to make a patch. This component is advisable to fix the closer part. Be sure to do small nostrils.
      5. From the material of the white shade Make peaks-beads. They put them in their place.
      6. Tail For a pig it will be easy to make it easily made out of a small pink “sausages”. Earns for a pig should be made in the form of triangular parts.
      7. Next will need to take a green bar. It will be necessary to roll out on the plank, so that it turns out a flattened part. Through a special deforestation it will be necessary to prepare the leaflets of clover on a green basis.
      8. On the finished base should put a pig figurine. At this, the manufacture of an interesting craft can be considered completed.

      Manufacturing of Peppe Pigs

      Peppa pig is a favorite character of many children. This popular little animal can also be made with your own hands from a plastic material. For this will be needed:

      • High Quality Platele+
      • Stacks+
      • Plank for layout.

      We find out what will be the algorithm of action.

      • Blonde plasticine bar. The ball roll out of it to form an oval detail. On the side of the plug in the form of a cylinder.

      • Decorate patch and mouth pig.

      • Then there are small pieces of light plasticine mass. Of these, there are ears and eyes of Peppes pigs. All prepared details should be consolidated in their places.

      • Next use red plasticine. From it is done torso pig. To do this, make a large “sausage”.

      • Of the thinner “sausages” form hands, legs and tail of the character. It is worth shaping and fingers on the hands of a pig.

      • All made parts are fixed on the right places. So that the figure is more stable, you can additionally make plasticine slippers. To create them, you should use a plastic material of black.

      Original toy in the form of pigs Peppp is ready. If desired, the crawler can be cooled: it will become faster.

      Modeling with a lump and with an acorns

      You can make very original and cute crafts from plasticine and natural materials. For the manufacture of a charming piglery often use acorns and cones.

        To make it necessary to make this original animal, the following components will be required:

        • pine bump of small sizes+
        • Justice+
        • Plasticine mass+
        • Stacks+
        • Special plank+
        • Wet wipes for hands.

          We will get acquainted with the instructions for making crafts from plasticine and natural materials.

          • It is recommended to use a bump that has tightly adjacent to the base of the scales. Be sure to erase all the dust and resin. Acorn also need to be cleaned, you do not need to remove the hat.

          • Next, they make a couple of ears, distinguished by an elongated structure. Plasticine of yellow shade should be used for the manufacture of these components. Using the stack, it is recommended to neatly draw the inner ear folds.

          • Rear limbs piglets are made. Xiets should be separated by a stack.

          • Small rollers roll. It will be the front leg figures. Here you should also highlight the empty stack.

          • At the next stage, a hat is separated from the stomach. The inner space of the natural element is filled with yellow plasticine. Surfaces are thoroughly smoking. Nostrils are done by means of stacks or matches.

          • Piglet gently couples with a round side of the bumps. To the muzzle pig attach mouth.

          • Eyes such a craft should be made more expressive and bright. To do this, you can make it possible to make a beautiful blue plasticine iris. Pupils should be made black, complemented by small white glare. Eyes need to firmly fix over the patch.

          • All limbs are connected to a torso from a cone. Details must be firmly pressing a piglery.

          • Combined ears are necessary Makushka piglets.

          The finished product can be realing in different ways. For example, it will be interesting to look at a large appetizing acorn, which piglets compresses his paws.

          How to make a plasticine piglery, learn from the video below.

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