Methods of laying Penguin from plasticine

Methods of laying Penguin from plasticine

From plasticine you can make a huge number of different figures. It can be both extremely simple and very unusual crafts. In this article we learn how to make a plasticine of a charming penguin.

Simple option

There are many different ways to model Penguin from plasticine. There are complex, and there are extremely simple techniques that are ideal for children.

Using simple instructions, small masters can make very pretty penguins.

To easily and just make a penguin, you will need to prepare such necessary components:

  • Plasticine black and white – these colors are basic, so they are better not to replace+
  • Some more colorful and bright plasticine pieces, for example, blue, orange, red.

If all indicated components are ready, you can move to the pincine modeling by the simplest scheme.

  • Simple figurines have no need to clearly highlight the head and torso. It is possible to prepare one egg-shaped foundation, and then on its front part of the Penguin, white breast.

  • At first it will be necessary to peel plasticine well to make the central part of the craft. At the same stage, you can prepare a small piece of white, but before that, it is advisable to remove all the remnants of dark plasticine mass before it.

  • Plasticine components should be crushed alternately, and then immediately apply them for Penguin modeling.

  • From a black piece need to form a detail, on the form resembling an egg. This element will play the role and head, and torso. From a piece of white, you need to make a small pellet. Her outlines must repeat the contours of the previous main detail.

  • White crushed pellet should be attached to the black piece of egg-shaped. This procedure should be made as accurately as possible. The item will need to be carefully smoothed with your fingers so that the top of the snow-white mass was smooth.

  • In the top of the ovoid detail, 2 small holes should be sold. Eyes will be located here. It is better to make them enough close to each other. Next will need to prepare the beak of yellow or orange shade.

  • Pieces made for eyes, you should fill in pieces of plasticine in black. Slightly slightly sticks the beak penguin.

  • The obtained central part must be supplemented with black wings. These components must be made oblong. We will also need foots made in the form of yellow pellets, outcropped in two places.

  • All components will need to be accurately pressed. The legs are attached from below, and the wings – on the sides. A figurine of a small and cute penguin is ready. It can be supplemented with plasticine accessories in the form of a strolled scanty or tiny headphones composed of thin plasticine sausages and two slightly flattened balls.

Finished handicraft will look very beautiful and funny.

How to make a light plasticine

Cool Penguin It is possible to extend from light species of plasticine. Such material after all manipulations soon freezes, making homemade more durable and sustainable.

But it must be borne in mind that with a light weight should work without unnecessary delay so that it does not have time to dwell, lose the sufficient level of elasticity.

Supports such components for work:

  • Plasticine Mass of Black, Blue, White and Red+
  • stack+
  • water.

We will examine step by step, how to properly draw a penguin figurine from high-quality lightweight plasticine.

  • Blue lumps need to be carefully arched between the palms, and then roll in a neat sausage. Needless to squeeze this workpiece in your hands should not.

  • Next, a piece of blue should be given the form of a future pingguard. The workpiece will need to slightly add. As a result, it turns out a detail in which the smaller half will play the role of the head.

  • Cut off a piece from white plasticine bar. From it you need to make a small sausage, and then stick it into a pancake. White item plipping to the frontal part of the blue body. We are talking about the side where the head of the Penguin will be organized and belly.

  • Nose and legs need to be loosened from a plasticine bulb of red. Next, these components are connected to the main billet. From the black mass you need to blind eyes for crafts. It should be carefully walking with moistened hands on the workpiece to smooth all the available uneven elements.

  • From the remaining plasticine blue are made 2 sausages. They must be planted, and then put on the sides. It will be the wings of Penguin. All the contours of the elements should be thoroughly smoothed so that they can be securely fixed on the body.

  • If you wish, the craft can additionally decorate, making, for example, scarf, hat or other interesting details. Ready product need to be left to frozen overnight. After that, Penguin will type the desired level of strength, they can play.

Lightweight plasticine is a very fitful and high-quality material. In order to get truly reliable and durable products from it, it is recommended to purchase material in specialized stores.

Light plasticine is often found in retail outlets, where everything is being implemented for art and creativity.

How to do with bumps

Crafts from plasticine can be very unusual if it is additionally used to use bumps. Let’s wonder in gradually, how to make a beautiful penguin with similar natural materials.

  1. First, from black plasticine, you need to make a ball that will play the role of my head crafts. This component should be fixed on the top of the bumps. The components must be combined as tight and securely. Void should not be. Eyes and beaks are created from colored plasticine.
  2. Next rolling 2 sausages from the main color. It will be wings. They are also connected with a lump. Paws made of colored plasticies. They are fixed to the lower half of the body.
  3. From the plasticine mass of white color form a cake. Then it is attached in the central region of the belly of the Penguin.
  4. On this, the manufacture of the original Penguin from plasticine and cones will be completed. Crafts will be very interesting and funny.

Such an original and beautiful craft can be made even more spectacular, painting the base from the cones to any color.

Basic colors are ideal – white and black. In this case, imitation of the body of the Pingguin will turn out more aesthetic. Additional decorations in this case will also be unlisted.

Lusher on cardboard

Original and cute plasticine penguins based on cardboard. This is a kind of unusual volumetric appliqués.

Crafts of this type are ideal for children of senior kindergarten age, preschoolers.

To implement all stages of work, certain skills are required, the young master must adhere to the faithful contours of the crafts.

Appliques of the type under consideration are made quite just. The first thing on the cardboard foundation will need to draw a planned character.

It is possible to use for these purposes printer.

It is worth printing through such equipment an image of a funny bird. Plasticine can be applied to a similar basis.

From the plasticine of all the necessary coloring, the balls of small sizes should be prepared. These details will be necessary alternately “smear” on the basis of cardboard. Thus, all the contours and details of the sketched or printed image will be spectacularly drawn. Plasticine strokes should be made smooth and neat. It is advisable to act exactly, not go beyond the boundaries of the main drawing.

The finished original picture after all stages of work can be covered with special varnish, and then put in a beautiful frame.

However, it should be borne in mind that under the glass crafts of this type is usually not stored, since in such conditions they will soon lose the right form, impenet.

Idea with acorns

Very nice and pretty penguins it turns out to make it possible to make a combination of plasticine and an acorns. In the manufacture of these crafts will be extremely simple, so children of any age can cope with all stages of work.

Consider stages, how can you make a beautiful Penguin from Plasticine and Zhomria.

  1. First of all, you will need to prepare all the necessary components for the manufacture of cute birds. Acquired, as well as segments of plasticine black, white, red or orange.
  2. Acorns must be perfectly clean and dry. These components will serve as a body and pingguins head. Natural “Hats” on the acorns should be left.
  3. It is necessary to prepare all plasticine parts. First you can take black plasticine, roll it into small sausages. These details should be chopped a bit. The obtained components will play the role of Penguin wings.
  4. Next you need to take a piece of plasticine red or orange. From this material you should make the keyboard and paws of the future character. Klyuk must be triangular and slightly volumetric, and the paws are rounded and surrendered.
  5. Next is the white plasticine. From it you need to roll a couple of little balls. Then they will need to be chopped. The components received will play the role of eye penguin.
  6. When all the components are ready, you can start touching them on the base of the acorns. Black wings should be attached on the side surfaces. Eyes and spout attach to the front side of the crafts. Flusted legs stick to the lower half of the acorn. On the white bases of the eyes you need to fix small blacks (other colors are suitable) of plasticine mugs.

If you do everything right and stages, the craft will succeed in very interesting and attractive.

If there is a desire, penguin from acorns can be supplemented with different decorative components.

In the Verserated Lifehaki, it can be plasticine scarves, hats, headphones and so on.

How to make a Penguin from plasticine on paper, see the following video.

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