Methods of laying sharks from plasticine

Methods of laying sharks from plasticine

Knowing the methods of smearing sharks from plasticine even just to explain to children how to make a step-by-step hammer shark. It is no less important to find out, however, how to make a tiger shark in stages. Some people may interest both how to sculpt a white shark.

      Simple option

      Terrible inhabitants of the seas and oceans have long challenged people’s attention. Plasticine predators may be very interesting for preschool children.

        Material for modeling should have white, black and blue colors. It is better to take it more so as not to encounter a flaw. From the tools only need stack.

        Work begins with a torso fish bookmark. Blue lump rolling on the manner of “sausages”. One edge should be relatively wide, the other makes a narrower. Pilotted with a narrow face of plasticine goes to the manufacture of tail fin. Very good if there is still a material for 3 balls for the modeling of other fins. It is advisable to keep the photo with the sample. Two fins fasten on the sides, and 1 “plant” on the back. Then:

        1. prepare “sausage” and flatten it+
        2. attach this element to bug predator+
        3. Decorating fins on sides using small white triangles+
        4. form a mouth (the billet of the teeth are made additionally using the stack)+
        5. Eyes produce, creating a base of white plasticine to which small pupils join.

        How to make a hammer shark?

        For children at the age of 7-8 years, greater information about the world around the world than preschoolers. And an abstract shark figure for them is no longer too interesting. But you can offer them a more unusual creature – a hammer shark. For her take gray mass. The body in shape resembles a conventional marine fish, but the head outward will imitate home hammer. The abdominal part should be covered with white calculation, proportional to the predator size. Finishing the image will help fins and tail.

        Eyes will be located on the edges of the oblong scary head. Variating their execution, you can express emotions: interest or surprise.

        Rough gowns are not necessarily shaped with a knife: a regular pencil helps to pump them. Large gill slots are not needed: enough if they are clearly visible.

        On it all work and ends.

        How else can you make?

        Consider a step-by-step smell and other types of sharks.


        This predator also makes gray plasticine. Basic sequence of steps:

        1. separated mass on 2 parts+
        2. Less part leave on tail and fin+
        3. from the main part of the plasticine puffed the body+
        4. one facet “sausages” is cut off with a stack so that something like the mouth+
        5. prepare tail like the most ordinary fish+
        6. Form the remaining fins (not forgetting about the above)+
        7. eyes create from beads+
        8. put the sharp white teeth inscribed inside.


        Main steps:

        1. Rocking lumps and dividing it into 2 fragments+
        2. Stretching big “sausages”+
        3. Pulling tail with hands+
        4. Refinement of the tail to expressive and clear shape with additional movements+
        5. giving the whole figure of the elongated form+
        6. Head blend and flattening+
        7. slit wide pasta and small jaw treads down+
        8. Diguring to give additional relief+
        9. gluing a white cardboard strip on belly+
        10. Inserting a pink tongue+
        11. Completeness of grazing for complete authenticity+
        12. Fastening of reels.

        On how to make a shark from plasticine, see the following video.

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