Plasticine airplane

Plasticine airplane

Plasticine modeling develops motility of hands, positively affects the child’s thinking. Creative gusts of the baby should be encouraged. We offer to make airplanes – military, civil, plasticine and natural material. Our master class will like creative children, especially boys.

    How to make a passenger plane?

    Making a passenger aircraft, try to achieve a certain similarity with this technique. This model will be able to make children 5-6 years old and older.

    1. For the workflow, you will need a board, stack, napkins (wipe hands) and plasticine of the desired color. The choice of shades depends on the appointment of the aircraft, we scratched the passenger model, it means that we can use white, blue or gray material.
    2. Take briquette plasticine suitable color, frolite it well in your hands so that it become warm and soft, roll into the ball. From the ball, create an elongated figurine, similar to carrots, wide – from the cabin and a narrowed – in the tail.
    3. Make a small smooth deepening for the cabin glasses and proceed to its manufacture. To do this, take a piece of white material, roll out and flatten in the form of a light crescent. It is important that the workpiece coincides with the removal, which was prepared in the frontal part of the aircraft. For greater realistic, you can stick across the windows thin dividing plasticine flabby flare.
    4. Go to the manufacture of the tail. To do this, cut out a flat detail, similar to the tail of the aircraft, and install it in a slightly bevelled position (at an angle of 120 degrees). Well smash your fingers to a homogeneous connection with the case.
    5. Next, proceed to the manufacture of wings and turbines. Cut the two plates with the extension, they will become wings, the same small billets will be needed for the tail. Tourbins roll in the form of a strokes, neatly match with a wide hand, make a deepening, it will give them realism.
    6. When all the details are ready, proceed to assembling the aircraft. From the sides, a short distance from the windshield, at the angle, set the wings. At the top of the tail glue small blanks. At the base of the tail Fix the turbines.
    7. It remains to make portholes. To do this, from white plasticine, roll the tiny balls of the same sizes. Unlock them so that they are one diameter. Install the portholes on both sides of the case.

    It turned out a beautiful passenger plane, which you can play, and friends show not ashamed.

    Other ideas

    There are many aircraft in the world except civil, consider and other types of flying technology. We have prepared master classes for kids who are 3-4 years old, and for older children, tell them step by step, how to cut out beautiful models from plasticine. Let’s start with a combat aircraft.


    Military aircraft are distinguished by their special color, which we will try to repeat as much as possible in our work.

    1. Connect blue and green plasticine, remember in your hands to become soft. From the blue-green mass roll a few cylindrical blanks, they will still have to refine. To do this, prepare a long harness from yellow material. Immediately postpone a piece of white plasticine for a cabin, green – for screw and three pieces of red – for stars. That’s all we need to work.
    2. Yellow harness divide into two parts, wrap large blanks and disarm them with your fingers, smoothing out each separately. Pay attention to the plasticine acquires color similar to the color of military equipment.
    3. From one cylinder, make the aircraft housing along with a tail directed at a light angle. The second workpiece will be needed for wings. Carry them out of one rectangular plate, the same item, only smaller sizes, make for tail.
    4. From white plasticine Prepare a drop-shaped pilot cockpit. Red billets Split, and cut out of them with stars stacks. From green material Make a three-blade screw.
    5. Getting to assembling the aircraft. Large plate (wings) fix the center below the case. Small wings set in the tail part. Screw fix ahead of the aircraft. Cabin glue to the top surface between the wings. It remains to decorate wings and tail with small stars.

    Military plane is ready at least to the game, even at the exhibition.

    From light plasticine

    Everyone knows that plasticine is able to be tight, especially at low air temperature. Little fingers of a three-year-old child can not cope with him. Therefore, for kids, invented lightweight, plastic safe material, based on milk wax. This is a colorful product, not leaving fat spots.

    Store briquettes of different color is better in individual packaging, as they are easily mixed with each other.

    We propose to perform the most simple model of an aircraft designed for young children. The kids will easily master the laying of large parts, but for working with small elements they will need help parents. Phased by performing work.

    1. Prepare two plasticine balls – White large and blue small size. This is enough to cool down a cute children’s airplane.
    2. From the White Bowl Separate a piece for wings and tail. From the remaining plasticine, form the aircraft housing, thickened by the cabin and a narrowed from the tail.
    3. From the Blue Bowl Separate a piece and tack the trapezoidal plate, it will perform the function of the windshield. Set the item from the cab.
    4. So that the airplane looks fun, get two eyes on the viewing window. Perform them in the form of white round cakes with tiny points from black plasticine. Under the eyes of a stack. Draw a smiling mouth.
    5. It’s time to make wings. Leave a small piece of white plasticine for the tail, and from the rest of the material, cut two triangular wings with soft contour lines. Install the wings perpendicular to the housing from two sides.
    6. Crack and fix Tail.
    7. To the airplane look brighter and more beautiful, from blue plasticine roll a thin harness. Slicate pieces from it and decorate the housing, two wings and the tail of the aircraft.

    Such a cheerful handicraft will definitely like the kids.

    With acorns

    If you connect nuts, bumps, acorns and other natural material to plasticine, it will become more exciting to engage in creativity, and the airplanes will turn out unusual and interesting.

    Make the craft from the acorns not difficult at all. Take one fruit together with a hat. Make out of plasticine nasal part, wings and tail. That’s all the aircraft.

    Now complicate the process. Take Acorn and Two Separate Hats. From plasticine make wings and tail. Hats will be needed as turbines, secure them on the wings.

    Funny stomach airplanes can take part in the game, started with friends.

    With bishie

    To craft, you will need an elongated bump and multicolored plasticine. We have a goal to make an airplane not so much reliable as fun and cute, therefore, the more plasticine shades will be in the craft, the better.

    We begin the fascinating process of manufacture of wings. To do this, make two long plates of different colors and connect them with each other. Two-color wings are ready.

    Further of plasticine Crack the triangular stuffer. Snap it on a pointed cone. Across the cones secure the wings.

    Make a two-color tail and connect it with the rest of the craft.

    So that the airplane is cheerful, add your face and spout. Decorate wings with colored stripes and plasticine dots. Plasticine-crank airplane is ready for an exciting game.


    Our recommendations are intended for those who have no work experience with plasticine, hope they will help you.

    • Plasticine fat, leaves tracks. To save the table clean, it is necessary to work on a special board or loaf.
    • It is possible to achieve the softness of the material by long kneading. Sometimes to accelerate the process, the briquette is placed in warm water.
    • Plasticine figures will look more spectacular, If they are decorated with beads, shells, pebbles and other natural material.
    • Much material will need a lot of material. So that costs are less, the framework is made and covered with a plasticine layer.
    • If the figures are performed for decorating, they are better Treat colorless varnish. So they will acquire hardness, brightness and will not collect dust.
    • Having finished crafts, hands should be carefully witching a napkin And only then wash warm water with soap.

    The process of laying from plasticine is so interesting that he can captivate children and parents. Sharely manufactured airplanes will be useful in the game or become a decor for the children’s room.

    About how you can make a plane plane, see the following video.

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