Plasticine Bat

Plasticine Bat

Many children love to do with their own hands various crafts from plasticine. This hobby allows you to exercise well and develop fine motility. From such a soft material, you can make a variety of products. Today we will talk about how you can make a bat of a bat of plasticine.

What you need?

Before entering the manufacture of this craft, you should prepare all the necessary devices and materials:

  • Black and white plasticine+
  • Working board+
  • Stack.

Step-by-step instruction modeling

Now we will look at how step by step to blind a plasticine bat. First you need to take a black soft basis. It is divided into several separate parts that will be billets of the body, paws, wings and heads. In order to make your head, roll the usual small ball. Then it is sharpened to one of the ends. There should be two ear in the form of rozh.

Later the next workpiece is taken (for the formation of a mouse body). It should also be pulled out and sharpen at the bottom. Head and torso bond with each other. After that, embarks the wings. To do this, it is necessary to make thin pellets from the same black plasticine. Their top parts are a little curled and smoothed well. At the bottom it is better to make sharp protrusions.

Such work can be performed with fingers and stack.

Two wings glued on the sides. Connection locations should be smoothed slightly. Then it is necessary to form a volatile mood. This is recommended to use the stack. Need to make mouth and eyes with pupils of white plasticine mass. Also can be made from dark material. Purpose eyebrows. From the remaining black plasticine create legs.

It is divided into two equal parts, each of which is neatly pulled into small blades. At their ends, three fingers are cut, they will need to be slightly bent. Both paws are glued to the bottom of the mouse body. At the end, if you wish, you can make an image of a skull on the chest, using white and black plasticine.

Consider another option to create such a plasticine craft with your own hands. To do this, prepare the following materials:

  • Black paper+
  • cardboard+
  • glue+
  • scissors+
  • Plasticine (better to take wax)+
  • Stack+
  • Sucks+
  • Scotch for paper.

First you should choose a finished bat pattern. On it is cut out the base from black paper or cardboard. After that it will be necessary on the reverse side of the workpiece made of gluing a wooden skeleton. It is better to fix it with a paper scotch.

Next you need to perform eyes and teeth. They can also be made of colored paper or cardboard. Also often make them from plasticine of various colors. When they are ready, they are glued to the face of a volatile mouse.

Later plasticine yellow mass takes. It creates brings. For this, the material twisted into thin flagella. These details are glued over the eyes. Also need to make nose. In this case, it is better to take brown plasticine. From him tear off a small piece and make a thin loop. The stack is cut out nostrils. In this form, the element is attached to the muzzle.

Wings of a volatile mouse can also be decorated with various patterns made of plasticine. Often on the edges of both wings fasten the little stubborn mugs of yellow and pink colors. You can also make a small bowl of plasticine mass. You can make several similar products immediately make a whole interesting composition.

Useful advice

During the modeling, you should remember several important rules. Work is best done on a special board, because plasticine in its composition has fat elements that can leave traces on other objects and surfaces. Also in the process of modeling the stack should be used. This device will allow the most accurately to perform small elements on the craft.

When creating figures, it is best to use wax plasticine. This material has a special softness, while it is absolutely safe for humans, since there are no harmful components in its composition. In addition, it will not require careful kneading before making crafts.

But it should be remembered that such a basis is afraid of warm air and the sun, so the products from it will be less durable compared to samples from ordinary plasticine.

About how to make a bat of a plasticine, look in the following video.

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