Plasticine modeling

Plasticine modeling

Often to school or in kindergarten it is required to make the craft on the autumn theme. Make it easy. To do this, you can use ordinary plasticine. In the article, let us know in detail how to perform the autumn cracker in the form of a red rowan storm.

How to make on cardboard?

Ryabina modeling from plasticine on cardboard is an unemployed occupation. Even kids can create such a craft, while not resorting to adult assistance. According to the result of this work, you should get a beautiful picture.

To create crafts, the following materials will be required: Yellow, orange, red and brown plasticine, blue cardboard sheet, plastic stack, melting board, as well as napkins, so that in the process of work it was possible to wipe your hands from plasticine.

Prepare all the necessary materials, you can start work. Do everything you need stages.

First of all, we take a plasticine lump of brown and, cutting off the stack from it a few pieces, rolling thin tubes – it will be branches. We fasten two together, thereby forming a thick twig, fasten them to cardboard. After that, add the remaining three tubes that will serve as branches. Rolling some more subtle, but already shorter tubes, attach them to one of the twigs – this is the basis for the future rowan bunch.

Having formed a sprig, you can proceed to the modeling of rowan berries. To do this, you need to take a red lump of plasticine, cut off from it with a stack small plasticine pieces and shape small balls. After that, the obtained balls need to be slightly flaming, thereby forming the berries, and fix them on the branch. Thus, we make a lot of berries so that in the end you have a magnificent row, while the balls need to have it so that they are close to each other.

Having finished with a rowan bunch, you can proceed to work on rowan leaflets. For this you need yellow and orange plasticine. So, from small plasticine pieces you need to form small dropped droplets, and arrange them on branches opposite each other.

To form two twigs with leaflets, we take the stack and draw it with it on the leaf leaves.

Autumn handicraft in the form of a rowan brushes is ready! It remains only to decorate it with a beautiful frame so that she looks like a real picture.

Volume branch with their own hands

Make with your own hands the volumetric branch of red rowan from plasticine is also easy. For this craft, you will need a plasticine in red, green and brown colors, a plastic stack, a molding board, as well as napkins to wipe hands during the work. In addition, if you want to make your craft stronger, then for this you can use the wire, which will serve as a frame for rowan branches.

Prepare everything you need, you can proceed to the workflow.

First of all, you must roll out a large number of small red balls from red plasticies that should be about the same size. The more such balls will be, the more embellished your bunch.

Having finished rolling the balls, make real berries from them. This stage in the work is rather long and time consuming. From brown plasticine you need to roll small dots that serve the core for berries. With the help of the stack, we make them slightly rough and fastened to the red balls. As a result, each of your berries should have such core.

After that, from berries it is necessary to form a bundle, while brown meetings must be lowered down. Having finished working on berries, you can start forming branches. To do this, it is necessary to enclose the wire brown plasticine. Thus, you need to make some short twigs to which you need to attach the finished bunch of berries.

Green plasticine make leaves. To do this, ride from plasticine bruises Green balls and make out of them the drops of droplets, thereby forming the sheets. Stacks drawn at them a streak so that the foliage looks more realistic.

From the same green plasticine rolling short-lived sausages, and mounted onabine leaves. After that we connect all this with rowan sprigs.

Autumn Crafts from Plasticine is ready!

How to make brushes with berries in a vase?

It is easy to make it easily and craft from plasticine in the form of rowan in a vase. Even children without help from parents will be able to cope with this task.

To work on such a craft, the following materials will be required: Plasticine red and any other color, scissors, simple pencil, markers, PVA glue, green paper, white paper, as well as a molding board and napkins.

Do everything needed in stages. First of all you need to do the manufacture of vase. For this, a simple pencil need to designate its contours, and the brown marker – the contours of the rowan branches. After that, you can start working with plasticine.

To make a vase, you will need a plasticine of any color. It must be divided into pieces and form from them sausages of different lengths and widths. They fill in the vase.

Now from green paper cut out the foliage and draw a streak with a black marker.

After that, you can proceed to the formation of rowan berries. To do this, rolling out of red plasticine small, slightly flattened balls. We put the black or brown felt-tip pen.

Almost ready! It remains only to glue berries and foliage to the cardboard. Listers glue with PVA glue, missing them only their bases so that the leaves come out slightly curved and more realistic. Delica is ready!

How to make a brush rowan from plasticine, look in video.

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