Plasticine mosaic

Plasticine mosaic

Plasticine mosaic is very interesting not only with its appearance, but also by what allows you to diversify the skills of the child. Butterfly model for children and idea how to sculpt fish with a mosaic way – not the limit of opportunities. It is even available to the creation of whole original mosaic paintings.

Butterfly modeling

Mosaic makes fascinating for young children and promotes the development of their creative abilities. In addition, it will help to activate fine motility. Without difficulty you can form a variety of ornaments. Taking as the basis of plasticine, it will be possible to create an original stucco butterfly. Such work is available for children aged 3 and older. It is necessary to cook:

  • Tight paper sheet+
  • pencil+
  • Red, Green, Yellow, White and Blue Plasticine Bars.

The technology is exceptionally simple:

  • With the help of a black pencil, the contour of the insect+
  • Roll balls of various tones and sizes+
  • Form closer “sausages”+
  • Elongated parts from plasticine put inside the butterfly housing, orienting them horizontally+
  • Fill the tops of the wings (at the same time, the balls need to fasten a little)+
  • Decorating lower areas+
  • Take a color pencil (the color does not matter) and draw a characteristic mustache.

Original picture “Mother and Child”

This composition is already more complicated in nature. It is designed for at least schoolchildren. Even parents and teachers can consider it a rather serious challenge. First of all we will have to thoroughly develop plasticine. It must be achieved so that he smells at once, from the first movement.

Next, pressing sequentially small black pieces, immediately cover the sheet – should turn out to be solid background.

This mass must be sprinkled with a stack. To simplify the process, it is worth blowing the surface with a hairdryer. Sketch, selected in advance, placed on a sheet. Next perform actions:

  • Using a ball handle, squeeze out the contour, starting from the top point (traces from the process should remain on the background surface)+
  • Make balls+
  • attach them strictly along the contour, no worth rushing+
  • lacine fully completed work+
  • After drying, varnish is placed in the photo frame of a suitable size.

Mosaic fish

Scene mosaic from plasticine is available for children even in preschool age. True, you will have to use simpler motives and compositions. Sculpt the most correct not ordinary, and the goldfish to pass the preschoolers is stronger. Work to work on cardboard, and not on paper, as usual. Additionally, the blue gouache, artistic brushes, glue, scissors, silhouette of fish. Plasticine of various colors is meant by default.

Phased everything looks like this:

  • Tonat cardboard gouache+
  • cut the desired silf+
  • put it on glue+
  • split pieces of plasticine and roll small balls from them+
  • lay out these balls on the contour picture (with a slight pressing to the surface)+
  • form upper fin and tail (on their manufacture need plasticine “sausages” – yellow and orange)+
  • Yellow balls fill the image inside+
  • From the green “sausages” make algae+
  • Black and gray plasticine denote stones+
  • Purple strips lay down along the contour and slightly press up to look like the picture is in the frame.

In addition, it is worth saying that many other plots and figures can be obtained by a mosaic method from plasticine, for example:

  • Plot road with transport on it+

  • Cheerful pumpkin+

  • roaring lion+

  • Apple and Mushroom+

  • Turtle surrounded by flowers.

Fish from mosaic in the video below.

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