Plasticine rainbow model

Plasticine rainbow model

Rainbow modeling from plasticine, including the modeling of the bulk rainbow, can be a very exciting business. But it is important to understand how to make it the children in stages, how to send their efforts. A separate important nuance – how to make a cardboard.

    Tools and materials

    Plasticine for work will be needed by several colors. Not be sure to focus on some unambiguous collections of the tones, but 5 or 7 colors must be present. Plasticine itself is estimated by the ability to keep the form. Than this ability is more, of course, better. Additionally, you will need:

    • Strong base – Board for modeling+
    • cardboard (not always, but in most cases)+
    • Stacks that cut plasticine and form it+
    • Plastic scissors or knives+
    • molds+
    • Textural sheets (providing imparting the required texture)+
    • Plastic containers and buckets (plasticine laid there for a while, if you finish the modeling quickly)+
    • Cloths for appliqués.

    How to make a cardboard?

    This kind of modeling is quite common. Start work with the formation of plasticine “sausages”. Such blanks will have to be afraid to bend in arc. Such arcs impose on each other. Colors need to alternate at their discretion. For many beginner masters, it is difficult to hide, straighten the tips of the arc.

    But in fact, this is no problem – because they can be beat. Just use white material and roll it in Koma, then in pancakes. Having obtained the cloud, you can cover the problem spaces.

    IMPORTANT: the clouds perimeter should be uneven, and it is necessary to attach them to the edges of the rainbow. Having finished work, you can carefully transfer the craft to a dense cardboard sheet.

    You can approach the composition of the composition and otherwise. But anyway Start training you need from cardboard size with a notebook sheet. Too fine substrates will be forced to work out miniature details, and create a rainbow on the A4 sheet for children is extremely tedious.

    Melting Mass needed with a thumb, making an effort. It should be understood that sometimes the strength of the thumb is missing. Gradually, you can connect to work all. Mixing green and brown paints forms something like soil. The free section of the cardboard is deceived by blue plasticine – it is better if the mass does not save, and it will hide the whole substrate without a residue.

    Spectacility and persuasiveness of the sky will provide clouds. White plots make thickening. If they are too thin, the blue color will be shifted. Slices for the rainbow themselves rolled up on the “sausages” manner. Then they roll them, as if the arc, connect and look, is everything well adhesive.

    How to make a bulk rainbow?

    Get such a figure out of plasticine in stages easier than it seems. At the same time, both for children and adults it is necessary to choose compact discs. They are much more practical than cardboard and paper. The sequence is as follows:

    • Preheat plasticine in hand+
    • smear it on a disk or a few disks is possible homogeneous+
    • Overlap the opening of the disc from the back side, sticking the cardboard fragment there with a tape+
    • spend the horizon strip+
    • roll 7 typical strips+
    • Sun with rays and a couple of clouds around him+
    • bend strips in the arc and lay them on the disk+
    • cut off the excess of the preceded line+
    • put on put places of clouds, sun and his rays+
    • Add an animal and bird figures, flowers as desired+
    • glue the rope on the tape so that the rainbow can be switched.

      There is another way. True, for him a rainbow will have to first draw. Parandress arcs of ordinary gray color will show where to sculpt strips. The flower sequence is not necessarily – the main thing is to show the idea. You can line the boundaries using a stack.

      How to make a rainbow from plasticine, look in the video.

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