Plasticine Tractor Methods

Plasticine Tractor Methods

Children love to paint plasticine toys and cartoon films characters. Favorite characters in boys and girls are significantly different. Boys from early childhood show interest in technology. They love to play with a variety of cars, so the machine or tractor will be blinded with pleasure.

Such an interesting occupation will have to the baby in the soul, responds from downtime and will help generate. About how step by step to blind tractor from plasticine and girlfriend, and will be discussed in this article.

Classic option

Many boys are interested in technician, they will easily tell, what the same model looks like, which there are colors. The tractor for most of them is rare, because they can only occasionally see it during garbage harvesting from streets or when repairing the heating mains. Those who want to do a creative and fascinating occupation at the reconstruction of the tractor using plasticine, will help the picture depicting this technique.

To make such a craft, you will need some materials and tools.

  • Plasticine. Product color can be the most diverse. It is better that the child himself chose the desired tones, depending on his preferences.
  • Plasticine modeling board. Use it will help to teach the baby to order in the workplace.
  • Stack. With stacks, the child will apply relief on the finished product.
  • Knife for mass. This tool is used to cut out parts.
  • Toothpick. The presence of toothpicks allows you to securely secure different parts of the tractor.

Before starting work, it is necessary to make a plan showing how step by step and stacking of the tractor. To create a plasticine toy, the following steps are performed with their own hands.

  • It is necessary to take two pieces of plasticine blue and orange. Blue mass is used to create a cabin, an orange material takes for a hood structure.
  • Big Detail of blue put vertically. With the help of toothpicks horizontally, the hood of orange. For greater similarity, part of the cabin in the place where the windshield is located, sliced ​​obliquely.
  • After that you need to take a piece of white plasticine and roll out a thin pancake. With the help of a knife from it, the front and rear windows are cut out. Then proceed to the creation of side windows of the desired size and configuration. Made parts attached to the space provided in the cockpit.
  • For the wheels it is better to choose black plasticine. Rear wheels have a significantly larger size than the front. To make the wheels, you need to roll two small balls, then squeeze them from the sides. Fix them with toothpicks, fastening in the right place.
  • Blinding the basis, proceed to work with additional details. The headlights for the tractor make out of orange plasticies in the form of two small cones. They are fixed at the top of the front of the hood. In order for they “shone”, glue lenses in the form of white pancakes. On the side of the hood, vertically up, install a black exhaust pipe.
  • On the product using stacks apply a tread pattern on wheels and bands of the radiator grille.

How to make a blue cartoon tractor?

A good task for kids can be the manufacture of plasticine in the blue tractor – the hero of the beloved cartoon. For children, it will be easy if you have step by step the same actions as when with the pushing of the previous toys.

The main character of the cartoon has a blue color, so Blue Plasticine will be the main material for the crafts. For more similarity, you will need a picture of the copy object.

The manufacture of the blue tractor consists of the following steps. Work begins, as in the previous case, with the creation of a cab and hood. They make them out of blue strokes, given that the hood of the cartoon hero has a gentle, rounded shape.

On the cabin glue glass from white plasticine. Work is carried out similarly to the previous version. Lanterns at the hero also blue. It is important to give them a certain shape, in the form of eyes. For this, black pupils are pushing on white lenses, after which they seem to come to life.

To make the tires, use black plasticine, and discs are made of gray mass. It is better to make wheels thick, it will give a blue tractor a kind of funny, clumsy teenager.

From the strip of brown make the exhaust pipe to add a character of bright colors. Fasten it vertically up, on the side of the hood. After the blue tractor has gained its outlines, they are decorating.

Using the stack, the recent strokes are applied to the tractor, there are door contours, make a tread pattern on tires. Special attention is given to the grille of the radiator consisting of transverse recesses. The larger groove is attached to the shape of a smiling mouth.

On how to make a blue plasticine tractor, see the following video.

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