Snake Gorynych from Plasticine

Snake Gorynych from Plasticine

Snakes Gorynych from Plasticine – a simple and elegant handicraft, and quite a few people will be interested, how to make it with your own hands with a sideways. Another important point – how to step by step to make a picture of Gorynycha from plasticine on cardboard children. There are other ideas, including the creation of a composition with acorns and volume figures.

    How to make on cardboard?

    Immediately it is worth indicating that the snakes of the Gorynych from plasticine on the cardboard – a rather time-consuming handicraft. But it will be clearly different from other items. Cardboard will be a good stand. Will have to prepare quite a few plasticine – even many dinosaurs go less. Over the sample you can take any thematic picture of this fabulous creature.

      Most often it makes a pure green color. To work, even prepared adults will need an average of 30 minutes. For children, it is better to stay up to 1 hour so that they do not worry that they do not fit.

      Plastic knife will help work with the material. Getting Started in stages, it is worth starting with the cooking of the heads – that is, 3 approximately similar largest plasticine balls.

      The next step is to roll the neck + they should also be roughly homogeneous. One edge is somewhat coat, and the second is expanding. Then the workpieces are combined and scrub joints. The following steps are:

      • Formation of the harvesting of the case (first in the form of a drop)+
      • Cooking 4 balls that will become sweets+
      • Giving these balls of the boolel shape and wrapping the sharp edge+
      • gluing improvised paws to the body+
      • Check the stability of the figure+
      • Fixing 3 heads on the front of the workpiece+
      • Preparation of spikes on the back (they are created by applying a sprinkled workpiece, cutting spikes with a knife from one edge)+
      • Attaching these spikes on the back+
      • Preparation of wings (with lubrication of joints)+
      • checking how imitated creature looks like+
      • rubbing paste and nostrils on the heads+
      • Sticking 1 black and 1 white bowl for each of the heads (black on top of white shapes)+
      • Installation on a cardboard stand.

      How to make natural materials?

      With shishkoy

      This technique is also very popular. The modeling of the snake Gorynych is step by step with a lump – or rather, with 3 cones – not too complicated. It will take 1 major pine escape for the main head and 2 more or 3 bumps are smaller for secondary heads. Next, it will be necessary to twist from red or pink plasticine “Paws”. Their billets are fused in the form of “sausages” + these designs are finalized by a plastic knife, getting “fingers” – whether to make such work until the attachment to the shishke is on the bottom or not, purely personal matter.

        Eye couple on heads preferably form from white and purple plasticine. In order for the old-Russian dragon to look more organic, it is recommended to additionally make ears. Their shape and the magnitude are not too fundamental, but it is better if they are clearly a beast species. Then the heads join the body. Wings are cut with a knife of the manually plasticine “lepsek”.

        With acorns

        You can make such a composition to school, and even in kindergarten. In addition to the acorns, they often need chestnuts. Throws in them holes with a sequel or other long island, cut a cinema wire for 3 plots. Attaching them to the acorns, get heads. Further:

        • fix heads to chestnut housing+
        • Fasten to this body of legs (cut into 2 parts of acorns)+
        • Pliers to the stomach plasticine to improve stability+
        • Prepare heads and assemble them on put places.

        Surround figurine do it yourself

        This option more often implies imitation of not an old fairy-tale image, and its presentation in modern cartoons. These cartoons better watch a couple of times to remember.

        The best frames are more correctly printed separately. Mostly volumetric figures make red. It is advisable to choose plasticine of darker shades.

        The billet under the body and the tail will be like a drop. Semi-finished legs make, stretching plasticine in the long irregular shape “tube”. After bending the arc, you need to make a couple of round pellets. These pellets will become a kind of “feet” + to get “claws”, take a gray or non-timber white material.

        Next will have to:

        • glue legs+
        • Decorate the tip of the tail with a heart or brush+
        • Shape cervical billets+
        • Slide plasticine in the cakes and stretch them into the wings (better if they are modest on the background of the figure)+
        • Create “Handles” (Plasticine Pellet and Thin Lands)+
        • stick to “handles” again of claws+
        • pull the nasal+
        • make a cut under the mouth and squeeze the nostrils with a match head+
        • Add to mouth fangs (optional)+
        • put small sharp ears.

        About how to sculpt the snake of the Gorynich from Plasticine, look in the following video.

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