Sweets from plasticine

Sweets from plasticine

Make sweets from plasticine – quite a pleasant matter even for adults, but you also need to be able to tell how to make a lollipop to children. Having gained experience, lovers of such art will be able to figure out how to make a cake with their own hands. Interest them can, of course, and modeling other figures.

How to make a lollipop?

First you need to decide on the desired form of a candy. The easiest way to refuse to imitate animal figures, and blind ball. But so that the workout looks original, it is necessary to vary its size and coloring. Often in one product combine at once 2 contrasting colors. The sequence is as follows:

  • stretch white and colored ground to the state of thin thread+
  • twist them with each other on the manner of pigtails+
  • form a two-color spiral.

But it can be done even easier: Wrap a spiral without creating pre-braids, but just laying out the thread. The result will look something like that.

It will only be left to add to plasticine lollipops. They are imitate using matches or toothpicks. The photo shows several such options.

Masper cake

For such a task, not all plasticine is suitable. It is better to give preference to pieces of medium density. Soft, easily spreading in hand, as well as too hard bars are completely inconvenient. For additional decoration of the future cake prepare:

  • Buttons+
  • Sequins+
  • buttons.

The base of the plasticine cake can have any color chooser. White and gentle pink tones mimic cream, and the fruit calculation can be reproduced using bright and juicy plasticine. Suppose it was decided to make a cream cake. To do this, flatter a white ball to the state of the cylinder, which will have a width more height. If necessary, show a layered confectionery, prepare pieces of additional shade.

Roll all portions of plasticine on the manner of cakes, carefully watching all of them have the same magnitude. Make a pyramid from these pisels, alternating them in colors just like confectioners do. If necessary, align the outer edges of the cylinders, rolling them on the boards. Form from plasticine ribbons and thin “sausages”+

Split sausages like braids, and from ribs make spiral roses. Make a moster framing, and roset set in the middle. Put the cake on the stand. Add it twisted with candles twisted from multi-colored strips, on the top of which an orange light is installed.

What else can you make?

Of course, lollipops and cakes modeling sweets from plasticine for children is not limited to. Imitation of cakes can also be quite interesting. Plasticine of bright juicy colors are used for their manufacture. Small pieces are plugged with hands and roll in balls. They can look like this (this is only a shape illustration – the colors are chosen to their taste). Then:

  • Press the balls so that it happens like something similar to big pills+
  • ride them on the board, aligning very carefully+
  • form cylinders of 3 layers – the main part of future cakes+
  • Preparing leaves or petals+
  • make flowers on the surface+
  • prepare the second layer of flower+
  • complement them with rhinestones and balls.

But you can still make a face of ice cream with your own hands, and it is also not too difficult. Sequence of steps:

  • Formation of pink lump and brown pancake+
  • Enveloping pink filling brown outer layer+
  • Inserting sticks (you can take a wand from real ice cream)+
  • Reproduction of nutpit with a piece of yellow plasticine.

About how to make sweets for dolls from lightweight, look in the following video.

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