Ways of Walland Spider Methods

Ways of Walland Spider Methods

Plasticine’s modeling develops fantasy and trains fine motility hands. From different colors of the plasticine mass, you can perform almost any figurine. Today we will analyze how you can make a beautiful cracker in the form of a spider.

Tools and materials

Before proceeding directly to the manufacturer, you should prepare all the necessary devices and materials:

  • Plasticine (colors are selected depending on personal preferences)+
  • Stack+
  • Plasticine Board.

In addition, other materials, including wire, chestnuts, acorns, bumps may also be needed.

Such elements will allow to make an external craft design more interesting. You can purchase and finished eyes for spider. They will give a ready-made completion and funny look. But if you wish, they can be made and independently.

Simple option

First you need to prepare a plasticine mass of two different colors. Often take orange and brown material. Then you need to roll out a small piece of one coloring, divide it into two parts and form two balls (one of them should be larger in size). They will continue to serve the torso and spider head. After that, the two obtained parts are connected to each other, slightly flatten them. As a result, a single blank should be.

The transition of the balls do not need to smooth, it should be well visible.

Then you should roll eight paws. They must have the same size and thickness. In this case, it is better to twist one long harness and cut it with a stack to separate equal parts. The resulting paws neatly attach a spider to the body and give them a natural look. Their tips should be made slightly pointed, all formed unevenness smoothed fingers.

Later rolling another big strip and two smaller. All of them are slightly sprinkled with hand and pose on the back of the spider. The basis for the eyes is better to take white. Two small mugs roll from such plasticine, which are attached to even smaller black. All this is also slightly flattened and attached to the head. With stacks you can make a spider smile.

How else can you make?

Next, we consider other step-by-step schemes of how to make a plasticine spider.

With walnut

In this case, they are preparing a shell from walnut. Her neatly crossed various bright colors. Make it better immediately in several layers. All items will have to dry.

At the same time, it will be necessary to take a cinene and form 8 of the same legs from this material. All of them will be attached inside the shell. You can do it with a small plasticine piece. At the same time, the legs should be beatened so that the spider will eventually stand on them.

Later out of the plasticine mass form nose and also attach it to the base. Eyes can be created in several ways.

Most often take ready-made details purchased in the store. You can also make them and do it yourself from old beads, beads.

On web

For a phased creation, such a craft should first prepare the basis. As it, you can take a piece of bark, a board or just a piece of cardboard. If you are planning to hang the finished product on the wall, then on the reverse side there is a small loop. After that, plasticine white color is taken. Many thin flagellas that will be needed to create a web. The thinner they will be, the better. The basis of the strip is laid in the form of snowflakes.

Then in the formed triangles lay short elements in such a way that the web could slightly “resign”. At the same time, two any other plasticine colors are taken, they roll out one ball of different sizes. They are connected to each other. Also need copper wire. Eight pieces of the same sliced ​​from it. Each of them insert into the side pieces of a small ball. On each side there should be four such elements.

Instead of eyes, you can attach minor white beads or beads of the same color. The resulting spider is planted on a web. In this case, the main place of fastening will serve as the central part of the body. At the end, you should straighten the paws to the sides.

With chestnuts

Even children under 5 years old will be able to make such a simple handicraft. Dried chestnut is taken for this. In its lower part, fasten a cake made of brown plasticine. As spider legs can serve fine branches that are a little overwhelmed in those places where they are flex. Branches must have about the same sizes. They are inserted into brown plasticine. Each side should be 4 paws. Next glued eyes. You can use ready-made details from the store, and you can make them with your own hands from white and black plasticine.

Sometimes the paws are made of wooden spamps. In this case, each foot will consist of two such elements. They are connected to each other at right angles. The connecting element will serve a small piece of plasticine of any color. It is pre-rolled into the ball. On Spider You can wear a hat from the acorns.

So that she can normally hold on to the craft, follows in her middle to lay a small piece of plasticine. In this case, it will become a connecting element.

With rhinestones

First form two smooth plasticine balls. Best take a black mass. One of them is flattened, it will act as a spider body. In a large ball, you need to fix a small piece of toothpick or matches. Only then the second element will be attached to it, which will be head.

There are two flattened white mugs on the head, which will become eyes. Little black plasticine points are fixed on them. Under the eyes join oral appendages. It is better to make them from the same material: it is rolled into a thin “sausage”, bend at once from two ends and fastened to the base.

On the head and torso spider should draw a simple texture. Make it better with wooden skewers. Paws can also be made of black plasticine. Eight separate thin flavors form out of it. Each such details are preferably drawn the volumetric texture. All threads carefully bend and attach to the body of spider. Sometimes to create legs use simple metal wire.

Next, the torso begin to decorate various decorative elements. You can attach several small beads of gray coloring. Then there should be a few more small shiny rhinestones. In this case, you can take both monophonic and multicolored parts. Sometimes one major decorative stone is fixed on the craft, and then fraamed it with smaller samples. Small rhinestones can be attached to the head of the spider. If you wish, you can make a separate stand under the craft. It is also performed from plasticine.

Ready-made compositions are often covered by a protective transparent varnish, which will make the product more solid and give it shine.

About how to make a spider from plasticine, see the following video.

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