Crafts from Ryabina

Crafts from Ryabina

Berries and rowan leaves collected in autumn – it is an excellent material that is used to create a different kind of craft. Autumn applications, figures and decorations from the fruits of this tree like both children and adults.

Work features with material

To crafts from natural material served quite long, berries and leaves before work you need to properly harvest. Collect these gifts of nature is needed in the correct time. So, Ryabina begin to harvest at the end of August. The leaves are collected and dried at the end of September or in early October. Choose material to create crafts need very carefully. Leaves must be neat and monophonic, and berries are not too ripe.

Soft fruits with any embarrassing movement burst and dirt all around. So working with them will be inconvenient.

The collected rowan should not be washed. This will lead to the fact that it will quickly deteriorate. To save berries, they must be processed correctly. For this you can use different products.

  • Glycerol. So the berries always looked bright and beautiful, they can soak them in Glycerin. This product must be dissolved in hot water in proportion 1 to 2. When the solution cools, it needs to put all berries in it. Need them you need about a week. As the solution evaporates, it must be gradually adding. If the liquid darkens, it is necessary to merge and replace the new. A week later, berries will become soft, elastic and shiny.
  • Wax. This material for berry processing can be prepared literally in a couple of minutes. For a start, the candle must be cut into pieces or grate on the grater, and then melt in the microwave or on a water bath. The bunch of berries goes into the wax mass for a couple of minutes. So that the wax layer was not too thick, the branch should be removed from the tank after a couple of seconds. When wax freezes, berries can be shifted into a jar or immediately use to be appointed.

To process wax or soak in glycerin and rowan leaves. Do it need a few days before the creation of crafts. In addition, they can be simply sued. So that the leaves do not twist and do not crumble, they should be stored between the pages of the book. If they need to dry quickly, rowan leaves stroke the iron. To do this, they must be put between two pieces of fabric or sheets of paper, and then try.

If you put the leaves in this way, they can be used in work immediately.

How to make squirrel?

Prepare the required amount of materials, you can proceed to the creation of crafts. Using rowan berries, kids can make simple appliques. One of them – a volumetric feature of proteins. To create it, the child will need a dense piece of cardboard, berries, scissors, pencil and paints.

The process of creating a figurine consists of five stages.

  • First you need to prepare the basis of the picture. It needs to be cut out of a piece of tight cardboard. The edges of the future painting should be placed by decorative scotch tape or colored paper strips.
  • The basis of the crafts should be painted in the appropriate color.
  • When it will dry, on the cardboard it is necessary to draw a pencil to draw a piece of squirrels.
  • After that, it must be thoroughly wrapped with glue.
  • Harvested in advance rowan need to quickly lay out the picture. This is done so that the glue does not have time to dry. Figure turns out beautiful and volumetric.

You can make the finished handicraft with a bow or attach a small bump to it. The basis of the picture will also decorated with thin fir branches.

Bear do it yourself

From bright berries rowan and fir cones a child can easily make a big bear. Step-by-step instruction consists of three stages.

  • First of all, you need to make the basis of cones. They are connected to each other with hot glue.
  • Providate the right shape, decorated with acorn and chestnuts. They are attached to the face of the animal in place of the nose and eye.
  • Rowan in this case is used only to decorate crafts. Bunches of berries are attached to the paws of the animal.

The craft is obtained cute and pretty. It is quite possible to attribute to school or kindergarten.

What else can be made?

There are other interesting crafts from rowan, which are suitable for children.


Bright red beads from ripe berries The child will be interesting to do even in 3-4 years. Ryabina to create can be used fresh. Before working, it will have to prepare a little: berries should be washed to get rid of dust, and then add good at room temperature. The process of creating rowan beads consists of four stages.

  • First you need to select a fifth color thread. It needs to be inserted into the needle and tie a nodule on the edge. This is done so that the thread in the process did not slip away. Thread length need to be selected with a margin.
  • Each rowan berry should be neatly pierced with a needle and wear on the thread.
  • Bead you need to bring almost to the end of the thread.
  • Having driven by a sufficient amount of beads, the thread must be cut off from the needle. Ends of the decoration must be associated with each other.

If the berries are not harvested very much, they can be alternate with other decorative elements. Rowan beads are perfectly combined with beads, wooden figures and pasta, painted in suitable color.


Another exercise, with the creation of which even kids will cope – a rowan caterpillar. To create it, you can use brushes in black and red rowan. In addition to them, the child will also need toothpicks and markers. The process of creating figures consists of five stages.

  • For the start of Ryabina’s brush, you need to disassemble into separate berries. Selected for work is the details of the same size.
  • Every berry needs to pour into the toothpick in the place where the flower was.
  • Berries on the toothpick can be mounted on one distance or at different things. In the second case, the caterpillar will get a wavy.
  • From small sprigs rowan need to make short mustache. They are attached to the top of the caterpillars.
  • When the craft is ready, the head of the figure should be decorated with a black marker.

Such a simple caterpillar will be an excellent decoration of the school composition on the topic of autumn.


Child 6-7 years old from autumn leaves can make a beautiful vase. For work, in addition to the main material, you will need PVA glue, brush and air balloon. The process of creating the original autumn vase looks like this:

  • The balloon must be inflated to the desired size and place in a cup or bowl+
  • His upper half must be abundantly lubricated with glue+
  • Pre-peeled from cuttings and dried by iron leaves are attached to the base+
  • so that the vase turns out the volume, the ball needs to stick several layers of leaves+
  • This workpiece must be left to dry overnight.

In the morning, when the craft is ready, the ball must be accurately blown away. So that the vase is more durable, it can be covered with a layer of transparent varnish. Instead of rowan leaves, you can use any other.


Dried rowan berries are often used to decorate ready-made paintings. Crafts are very beautiful. Understand how you need to do, you can use the picture with a kitten. The background for this work can be drawn by a gouache or watercolor paints. When the basis of the picture dries, on it a pencil you need to portray the shape of the kitten. After that it must be missed by glue. Figure is filled with red and black rowan berries. Complete this crawl dark seeds, dry leaves and blades. Ready handicraft you need to dry well.


To decorate the room, you can use the original compositions of leaves and other girlfriend. In the work on such an ordered to the child will be useful:

  • Dried leaves+
  • Breaks Ryabina+
  • Wild apples+
  • Acorns and nuts+
  • Scissors and glue+
  • Wooden spanks+
  • Colored ribbon.

The process of creating a craft consists of four steps.

  • To start wild apples you need to put on wooden spats.
  • Dried leaves should be folded in small bundles.
  • The resulting billets must be collected in a small bouquet and fasten it with a rope or decorative ribbon.
  • To decorate crafts, rowan berries, nuts and acorns are used. They can be fixed in the right places with glue.

Ready bouquet need to put a suitable size in a vase. The autumnalist looks very beautiful.

Owl from leaves

Cute bird from rowan leaves with their own hands can make even a small child. To work the kid will need dried foliage, colored paper, cardboard, glue, pencil and bunch of berries. This figure is done very simple.

  • To start the leaves you need to dry with iron.
  • On a sheet of dense cardboard, you need to draw a figure of owls. This workpiece must be carefully cut out of paper.
  • Leaves are attached to the sides of the figure and play the role of wings.
  • Eyes and nose of owls are made from colored paper. They also glue with glue.
  • Paws birds are made from rowan twigs. They must be smooth and neat.

The finished owl can be glued to a row with rowan berries. In addition, it can be done part of a large volumetric applique.


Of the dry leaves and berries of Ryabina, you can make a beautiful autumn garland. It is done on the same principle as beads. But, in addition to the berries of Ryabina, dry leaves, nuts and other natural materials are also used to create it. Complement such autumnar figures cut from duplex colored paper. Such a garland can be used to decorate the room or the courtyard. You can admire the finished craft to the onset of cold.


Beautifully in the interior of modern premises will look and wreath made of girlfriend materials. The process of its creation consists of five stages.

  • First you need to prepare a frame for craft. It can be cut out of a piece of unnecessary box or several sheets of dense cardboard interconnected.
  • I need to wind up the basis. The edges are attached with the help of glue or double-sided adhesive. Fix various decorative parts on it will be much easier.
  • Decorate such a craft Survening bunches of rowan, fir branches, moss and dry autumn leaves. All these details are attached to the base with hot glue. You can have them in any order.
  • To the back of the crafts, you need to attach a neat loop, for which the wreath will be tied to the wall.
  • Ready wreath you need to dry overnight. In a couple of hours, all the details will be perfectly accustomed to the carcass.

You can also decorate this wreath and fir slices and dry flowers. In the upper part of the crafts and color bows often fasten. Such a decorative item is able to make a wreath brighter and more beautiful. To decorate the crafts, the ribbons of red or golden color most often use.

All these bright autumn crafts from Ryabina will become an excellent home decoration or a gift to a close person.

On how to make a cute white-rowed squirrel, see the following video.

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