Variety of corn crafts

Variety of corn crafts

Cornflowers from corn for kindergarten and school will definitely be delighted with any child. This natural material is distinguished by versatility, bright color, is well sufficient to various processing methods. Overview of master classes will allow you to learn how to create minions and other crafts on the topic of autumn with your own hand cubes or corn leaves.

Mainon production

Bright corn crafts for kindergarten – real hit among parents. At the next creative competition, you can imagine bright crafts with animal characters with kids. Best of all from corn minions are reached – bright yellow figures in stylish denim jumpsuit. 1/2 or 1/3 part of the corn card, a little colored felt, denim fabric.

Minion figurine is manufactured according to the following scheme.

  1. Cutting cigarette vertically. Place the hairs that are preserved after cleaning. They can be cut or put into funny hairstyle.
  2. From the felt of white and light gray color to make “glasses”, draw inside the pupil. Fasten on a black elastic figure. The eyes of minions can be both 1 and 2.
  3. Make clothes – denim overalls or apron on straps. You can also create all elements of decor from plasticine. A child like a creative task for sure.

Minions are ready. It is better to make them immediately a pair, but you can create a whole army of these tireless assistants.

What flowers can be done?

From the leaves of corn, you can create spectacular crafts on the topic of autumn in the form of flower bouquets. For example, to school, to participate in the creative competition.

The simplest options can be made with your own hands from the patch by cutting it into neat discs, securing on the toothpick, and then placing them in the base of the sponge.

More complex autumn crafts make corn leaves. Step by step this process looks like.

  1. Fresh or dry corn leaves spread. From them are cut with scissors pointed petals in the amount of about 20 pieces, rounded substrate and a strip of a width of about 50 mm.
  2. The strip turns into the roll, fixes. Prints to the center of the substrate.
  3. Petals glue on the base. They are fixed in a circle, in a checker, pointed end.

Fully assembled flower can be glued to the gift box, decorate them a postcard or headband.

Animal figures

Beautiful bright yellow figures of animals from corn can be made from painted pits. Dry material is separated by a hacksaw or sharp knife. From pumpkin seeds, black pepper peas and 2 rounded sleeps can be made of duckling figurine. The main details of corn are put on the edge, glued together, bright pumpkin seeds turn into beaks and legs. Out of peas peppers are made of eyes.

No less easily can create animal figures from corn. The most interesting of them deserve special attention.

  • Horse. Its body is made of corn cob, the sharp end of which is cut off – it will be head. Neck and legs are made of birch twigs, eyes can be formalized from sunflower or watermelon seeds, ears – from the halves of acorn. Tail and mane are made from corn urine, legs and neck are made with a pointed cut to easily stick into the base.

  • Rabbit. For this figure, 3 trimming of a thin corn machine of different widths are taken. In addition to solid elements, 5 halves of sleep also takes. Four are made of paws, 1 more will become a tail. For holy ears, you can take half the shell of pistachio nuts.

  • Hedgehog. It is made from a miniature corn machine with a pointed end and a piece of sunflower spilled from seeds. Details are connected, too much clipped. You can bind the elements with glue, threads.

Animal figures – popular view of corn crafts. They can be easily made with children, for an exhibition or creative competition.

Other ideas

Corn is a wonderful material used in creating simple and complex work for various exhibitions and competitions. Creative projects for children and adults can be made from the vegetable itself, its seeds, stems and leaves. Corn grains are well combined with other billets from natural material – berries, twigs (both with fresh and powder).


Sunny-yellow ripe cobs look interesting in various crafts. But if children can easily cope with simple variants themselves, then more difficult to do better together with parents. In addition to the cheating, you will have to take care of the toothpicks, dry leaves derived from purified corn.

The procedure for making crafts will be such.

  1. Large corn pillage to squeeze. It will be a car hull.
  2. 1 more cut into fragments – 1 wide and 2 luggage for wheels. 3 more approximately equal parts will be needed for the design of the top of the convertible.
  3. Collect the bottom of the car. Wheels fasten on toothpicks.
  4. In front of the windshield, fasten the curved cut from the corn tail.
  5. In the back – 2 fragments are shorter. Stretch over them “roof” from dried leaves.

It will remain to make the steering wheel of thin cut corn and toothpicks. Convertible ready.


Simple craft for kids in kindergarten can be made of cobs and colored cardboard. It is enough to put corn vertically, stick the portholes and wings on it, giving stability. Even child 3-4 years old.


Corn leaves (dry, as well as watered in warm water) are excellent material for creativity. Sticking them on the basis of yellow cardboard, you can create a beautiful sunshine. The leaves are well dyed, they can soak them in the food dye.


Puppet girl from Talash (corn leaves) is performed by weaving. This craft is widespread in the southern regions of Russia, in Ukraine, in other countries.

Preparing the material need according to the rules. The leaves framing the pillage are separated on the strips longitudinally, the fibers – quite a width of 10-25 mm, soaked, stored in wet napkins until the moment of use.

The order of work on the manufacture of a doll-girl will be such.

  1. Fold all stripes to each other, aligning them to a more dense edge. The more there will be, the more dense the doll will be.
  2. The subtle ends of the collected beam are binding to threads so that the strips are not knocked out.
  3. Remove the resulting sheaf node inside. Straighten the fibers, dealing them around the strapping outside so that it turned out the head. Dragging out the neck. For volume inside, you can put a little cotton wool or syntheps. Thread hawk.
  4. Produced Spit for Pupa Girls. For her, Talash leaf is divided into 3 strips, binds to the edges. The finished braid turns around the head, is tied up with threads left on the neck.
  5. 1 more braid flies – for hands. Invested inside the snop, under a breathtaking. It is leveled so that it turned out 2 hands of the same length.
  6. Left to drag the bodice, make a skirt. At the finished doll bottom of the snop hanging. Wicker Move Braided Wristband.

Girl in Russian folk style is ready. She can draw a face with acrylic paints or resistant markers, sew a sundress.


Talash and corncuts can be turned into a beautiful wreath in the form of a mature sunflower from the gifts of nature in the autumn gamma. It will take a frame-based frame for him, on which the product will be assembled. Catherine worth picking multicolored – so the decor element will be more like sunflower. They are fixed in a circle on glue, tightly pressing each other, you can additionally be cut into toothpicks or wire. Leaves (Talash) are abundantly fixed around the cheating, giving them a kind of flower petals.


Making a beautiful doll from the corn cob, the child can under the guidance of adults. Material for work is better to prepare in advance, since it should be quite diverse in this craft. Among the necessary components can be allocated:

  • Thin wire or tailoring thread+
  • Transparent non-toxic glue+
  • Fresh peeled Corn Copper, his leaves+
  • A twig with red autumn berries – Calina, Rowan+
  • Dried Fizalis Fruits+
  • Sustaine+
  • Fresh Plant Stems With Inflorescences – Clover, Vasilek+
  • Blackfoot Rowan Berries, Beads or Small Dark Color Buttons.

Start the manufacture of cube-based pupae is necessary from the leaves. They are preserved after cleaning them, dried. Then fold twice, getting a lush waist skirt. Corn reel placed vertically. At its lower edge, the formed skirt details are applied to each other, fasten the wire.

Subsequent steps to assemble dolls will be such.

  1. White flowers decorated belt belt. Thin stems wrapped wire fastening. Top of clover or corn lines.
  2. A little bit of the same decor sticks to the berries with berries.
  3. Corn stilts stick on the head of the pupa. They are fixed so that it turns out a lush hairstyle. It is decorated with woven from the remaining natural materials wreath. Berries of viburnum are woven in it, twigs. You can use ribbons, beads.
  4. Eyes are made from berries or buttons. They are glued where the face of the pupa.
  5. On the heads of the head, the berries of the Physalis in the shell are fixed – it will be earrings.

It remains to make a doll smile from red thread or felt. Beautiful handicraft on the subject of autumn is ready.


A bright lobster boy also may well be made of corn. The pillage is used for the body of the figure, the head is traditionally made from the side. Otherwise, you can follow the traditional tale canon, actively using plasticine to decorate crafts.

Further, see the Master Class on the manufacture of corn leaves horses.

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