Variety of cucumber crafts

Variety of cucumber crafts

Decorative products from vegetables will be an interesting option and kindergarten, and for school. Of these, there are even small children crawling, and independently. Often, small products are made from such a material in the form of various animals. Today we will look at how to make a variety of cucumber crafts.

Production of crocodile

To begin with, we will analyze how step by step can make figurines in the form of crocodiles.


To create a simple handicraft, we will use the following:

  • cucumber+
  • tomato+
  • Piece of plasticine+
  • Match or toothpick.

First, you will need to cut off the tail of the cucumber, while forming a triangular form.

The core gets.

On the edges of the cut, small triangles are cut: they will act as the teeth of the future crocodile.

After that, plasticine black and white is taken. Two little balls roll out of it, and then squeeze a little. Should get eyes. Fresh residue form legs.

Next is the little tomato or red pepper. From vegetable, a thin and long strip cut off: it will become a tongue of a floating crocodile.

Such a figure can be used for school exhibition in 1 or 2 class.

Men from cartoon

To create this craft with your own hands, you should prepare two cucumbers of different sizes at once. First takes a greater vegetable. It is cut from two sides. The resulting part will be torso. After that, the vegetable is taken less. His tip is cut by mast. Next from the sharp end is also cut off a piece (to create a face).

On the same place we make a deepening for the eyes. Eyes themselves should be made of plasticine, as in the previous version, or from vegetables.

From the residue of the cucumber, the paint is cut out the core for the formation of the jaw. Also, small legs cut through this part.

Next proceed to assembling the product. To do this, the torso is fixed in a vertical position, and then the lower jaw is put on it. In the upper part, the teeth are fastened, cut out of the bow, and the language made from sausage or carrots. Mouth closes the top of the head.

Later the bottom paws are just put next to the figure. The upper limbs should be fixed using the dill, having previously done the holes in the limbs themselves and the body. At the end make the tail. From cucumber cut a small piece, cut it in half and make cuts with side parts. Top form a triangle. The resulting tail is attached to the body.

Frog of cucumber

Now we’ll figure it out how to make a small craft in the shape of a frog. To do this, from one end of the cucumber, the paint is cut off an oval to create a torso. From the other end, two oval smaller to create the rear legs. Thin strips for elongated feet and front limbs form residues.

Next on the torso grade a frog. On the stripes with the help of a knife make cuts for fingers. Both oval blanks for limbs are divided into two parts. As a result, it turns out the paws that are bent in the knees.

Separate parts of the crafts are bonded with each other with the toothpicks or matches.

Eyes better made from match heads. They are neatly glued to the muzzle frogs.

What else can be done?

From this green vegetable can easily make many other original crafts. Consider the most popular options.


To create a product, you can take and outgrowed cucumbers. Also need potatoes or sweet pepper, toothpicks. First, potatoes must be visually divided into 3 parts and cut off 2/3 of it. Then, with a spoon, it is necessary to clean the recess in the vegetable and reorganize the edge of the carved teeth. So will be ready pot for the future cactus. After that, one fresh cucumber is inserted into the recess. Next is taken toothpicks. Of them form spines for the plant. If you wish, you can paint.

So that the craft is more unusual, one big cucumber is placed in the central part, and several pieces of smaller vegetables are fixed on its sides. All of them are also decorated with sharp toothpicks.

You can decorate all this and dried yellow leaves. Then it turns out the product on the topic of autumn.


To make this light craft, you will need to take one cucumber. Its gently cut across two equal parts. Then make four identical cucumber rings, as well as two elongated thin flashes. After that, the biggest harvest is taken. She will act as a mouse torso. On the other side where it is thinner, create small cuts for the ears. There are placed earlier cucumber mugs.

Match inserts in the muzzle mouse, while their brown ends should become eyes. For the tail you need to make an incision behind. Nose can be cut from the same vegetable. Sliced ​​a small piece, with the help of vegetables, remove the peel from it and in this form they attach to the muzzle.

In the same way, you can make another mouse from another part of the cucumber.


For such a craft, it is better to pick up two cucumbers in advance. One of them should be slightly curved. Also need to prepare a small red pepper. From the cucumber milling shark fins, but it is worth it from durable peel so that they are sufficiently stable.

Next is the main cucumber, at one of the ends of which the mouth with teeth is cut.

Sometimes they do with a special curly knife.

There is a small piece of red pepper. At the end, the gills and the eyes of the shark cut the rig.


To create this product, you can take a simple ripe green cucumber either yellow vegetable. A small piece of square or round shape is cut out of the middle. Next is taken by carrots. From it you can cut separate elements of the aircraft, including wings, chassis. All items are attached to cucumbers with toothpicks.


In this case, it is better to choose 2 long and elongated vegetables. From one of them completely remove the peel, so that he will acquire a lighter color. Both elements are cut by rings, they all must have about the same thickness.

After that make a snake, just applying the received rings to each other. The first and last detail of the crafts is better to fix using the skewers.

To make a tongue, a carrot is taken from which a small thin slice is cut off. It is split with a knife.

As an eye, you can stick two small decorative sprockets.


To create such autumn crafts it will be necessary to prepare one ripe cucumber. From it cut off a small part from one of the ends. From this piece also cut a slightly thin rings, which will be the legs of the hedgehog. Eyes can be made of white plasticine. Next, the matches are taken and inserted into the hedgehog torso, while brown tips will be placed at the top.

To make a crawl on the autumn themes, you can put on the needles dried autumn leaves.


For the manufacture of this product it will be necessary to take green vegetable and gently cut the knife into 2 parts.

Then from one of them cut a small slice. The knife is converted into the wing. In a wing made a wooden skeleton insert. The workpiece is fixed on the second part of the vegetable.

One toothpick is inserted into the upper cucumber. Using her head (small cucumber).

In the section of the vegetable insert another spit or match. It is fixed to the curved slice, which will become the pillar’s tail. A separate element in the form of a crown is cut out of the cucumber. It will be feathers at the end of the tail.

Poultry paws cut from ripe tomato. From carrots form small eyes.

Also for this you can take peas pepper.

The Royal Family

To make this product, you need to take the cucumber and divide it in half. At the same time, tomato is taken. It is also divided into two equal halves. From one part cut everything inside. The finished element is attached to the end of the cucumber.

Then, with the help of toothpicks over the tomato, a smaller and more green tomato is placed. He will be the head of the king. From carrots it is worth cut the crown that is placed on top. All separate parts are connected in one figurine with spampers.

To create a queen, you will need to do everything the same, but at the same time there are small zigzags at the end of the cucumber, which is stacked by another little cucumber piece.


In this case, the green vegetable of a small size is taken first, which will be the basis for crafts. Also you need carrots. It is cut into thick circles. They will become wheels.

From the zucchini make a ring and cut into two equal half, one of which is attached to the top of the foundation. Next, several small grapes are fixed to the car, which will be headlights and glass.


Such a product is created almost the same as the snake. Prepare two green vegetables. One of them is cleaned of peel. Both vegetables are cut into mugs with the same thickness, and then connected to each other.

For greater stability, you can use toothpicks.

To make the eye of the caterpillar, it is recommended to apply plasticine.


To make cheburashka, it is better to take potatoes. One big vegetable (torso) connect with several small (ears, head, limbs). All of these components should be attached to the toothpicks so that the figure is hard and stable. From the cucumber at the same time you can cut your eyes, nose, mouth.


When creating a bird, you can take a special curly knife. With the help of it form wings with feathers. You should take two such elements. Also, a thin slice is cut off from cucumber, from which the body is cut. With the help of the same knife, he should give the right form. As an eye can perform black peas pepper.


In the manufacture of a boat, a small cucumber should be divided into two identical parts in the direction along. Then from one halm with a knife pull the flesh. Later from another part cut off a small and thin smooth slice. In it from two ends, the holes in which the wand is inserted or a wooden spanchka. All this is fixed to the base.

From yellow pepper, if desired, you can cut a small check box.

Also, a ready-made boat should be decorated with small elements made of olives, tomatoes or carrots so that the aircraft looked more brightly and interesting.


First you need to choose a more dense and large vegetable. It will be the basis for the product. Then the carrot is used. It is cut into separate circles with the same thickness. All of them are attached to the bottom of the cucumber with the help of toothpicks.

Also, the carrot is better to immediately cut off the pointed end. It is attached to the front of the locomotive. From the zucchini make a large ring that divided in half. One of the obtained parts also attach from above.

the Rose

Vegetable cut into thin elongated plates. Make it best with the help of vegetate. One of them turn into a dense and tight tube, holding the detail with fingers. After that, the rest of the workpiece is gently turned from ourselves 180 degrees. This action is repeated twice.

When only a small tip remains, it will be necessary to take the next thin strip and place it in place between this end and rose. Next turns another petal. At the end, they join the third and fourth cucumber strip.

As a rule, such a quantity is enough to form a flower.


Such a drink is created from cabbage and cucumber. First prepare half of the Kochan, which will be the basis for the shell. Simultaneously with this, another vegetable is cut on the circles of approximately the same thickness.

Each of the cucumber circles are attached to the cabbage using three toothpicks. They will have to be inside the basis. Next from the cucumber cut a small end, which will be head and neck turtle. The item is also attached to the Kochan toothpick. Eyes are created from black beads or black peas.

Christmas tree

As a basis for such a craft, you should take a wooden long skeleton. Fresh cucumbers cut on thin small mugs or ovals. All of them are gradually attached to the basis. All elements are slightly straightening so that the tree gets more voluminous and beautiful.

Next will need to make decorations for the Christmas tree. They can be made of red and yellow peppers. For this, small mugs cut off vegetables and attach to the Christmas tree. Star is also worth cut from red pepper.

Another way to create cacti from cucumbers and carrots You will see in the following video.

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