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Production of crafts is considered simultaneously useful and interesting occupation for children. The child develops his creative thinking, uses the shallow motility of the hands, its artistic skills are formed. In addition, so the baby can get acquainted with the world around the world, creating animal, plants, different items from various materials.

Evalnamed joint classes of parents and children. After all, it is the senior who can explain to the baby that he will be incomprehensible to send him to advise.

In kindergartens and elementary school, there are constantly thematic exhibitions, which are necessarily necessary to bring their work. We offer several master classes to create a craft “Butterfly” with their own hands.

How to make paper?

Butterfly figurine can be made of a wide variety of materials, their diversity will surprise you.

For example, you can create such a craft of colored paper on a stick. To do this, you will need the following materials:

  • Dense double-sided colored paper+
  • Wooden spanca+
  • awl+
  • pencil+
  • Flomaster+
  • scissors+
  • Adhesive Pistol
  • Beads.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. From the sheet of colored paper, cut out two identical square 10×10 cm+
  2. fold them as shown in the picture+
  3. Get rolled blanks on a wooden skeletal, making the necessary holes with a sewl+
  4. Draw on another sheet two identical bodies of our butterfly and cut them out+
  5. We glue the calf on both sides of the center+
  6. Make your eyes from two black beads, which fix with the help of a glue gun, draw your mouth+
  7. Decorating the body of butterfly by beads at their discretion.

Butterfly-Beauty is ready!

This option is perfectly suitable as a craft of the autumn exhibition.

Ideas from natural materials

There are many ideas of crafts to kindergarten or school on the topic “Autumn”. Beautiful figures do it yourself, children do, using various natural materials (cones, acorns, nuts, leaves and much more).

We offer step-by-step instructions for the manufacture of autumn butterflies from natural materials for children. So, for this you will need:

  • Set of plasticine+
  • Different leaves+
  • Thin blasting and dried small flowers+
  • PVA glue+
  • 2 bumps (pines and spruce)+
  • Artificial eyes.

The course of work consists of several steps.

  1. We connect two cones among themselves with a piece of plasticine to make the body and the head of the future butterfly, as shown in the picture.
  2. We take two big maple leaves – wings. Cut out the middle of the sheet to get double wings.
  3. Decorate the wings with small leaves and flowers, trying to place the decor closer to the base so that the finished wings do not fall.
  4. Go to the decoration of the body of the insect. Glit eyes on plasticine. We form a round nurse. Make a mustache from blades that attach to the head using plasticine pieces.
  5. Now kpripim to the body of the wings. To do this, the stuffs are fixed on a plasticine ball and stick it on the back of the insect.

Beautiful autumn handicraft from cones and leaves is ready! You can take it in a flower pot.

Interesting handicraft, butterfly gets from chestnuts. For it, the following components are necessary:

  • plasticine+
  • Chestnuts+
  • Rowan berries+
  • leaves.

We will analyze the course of work.

  1. From white plasticine we make two round eyes, and the middle of blue plasticine. Nose roll in the shape of a ball of brown tone. Little Rotik Lepim Red Plasticine.
  2. For connecting head and torso, we form a neck – a ball from a piece of plasticine white.
  3. For the mustache roll two small yellow balls. Insert two thin twigs with rowan berries. And fasten them on top.
  4. Connect the torsch and head.
  5. Podks make an oblong shape from green tone. The tips are slightly pressed by forming palms.
  6. We carry out the legs as well, only a stop a little bend.
  7. Wings Create from two sheets of yellow color whose tails insert into a yellow plasticine ball.

Colorful handicraft ready!

Options from plasticine

No less interesting butterfly made of plasticine.

For modeling you can use plasticine of any shade. In addition to the main material, you will need a cardboard sheet, toothpick, stacks.

List all stages of work.

  1. For the torso, we take plasticine of dark color. We form three blanks from it: the ball – the head, the oval – the body, elongated oval – tail.
  2. Connect the parts with each other using toothpick. Stacks draw transverse strips all over the tail.
  3. We sculpt the eyes and swirling a mustache from black plasticine.
  4. Wings do steam. Top must be a little more lower. In shape they resemble flower petals.
  5. Lepim the wings on the cardboard and draw their relief using the stack, as shown in the picture.
  6. In the center of the wings glue the finished torso.
  7. Lepim from yellow plasticine a lot of small balls. Distribute them on the wings, slightly pressing on top.

Autumn beauty is ready!

Another equally original plasticine butterfly option. To create crafts needed:

  • Large set of plasticine+
  • Plank for layout+
  • Stacks+
  • toothpick+
  • rhinestones.

Consider how it is done.

  1. From a small piece of light plasticine form a sausage – insect torso. Draw a stack of transverse strips throughout the body.
  2. Take 4 shades of pink plasticine. For upper wings, form two balls of each color of different sizes. The color of the balls should go from the dark to light, in order to reduce the size of the blanks. That is the biggest – dark, the smallest – light. All you should get 8 balls.
  3. Each ball is a little appropriate to get a pellet. Give them a droplet. We collect the upper wings, adhesive the drill parts to each other – from more to the smaller.
  4. Also make the bottom wings. They should be smaller and symmetrical upper.
  5. On ready-made wings with toothpicks draw strips, put points along the contour of each layer, as shown in the picture.
  6. We connect all the details in one composition. Form swirling mustache and stick them to the head.
  7. There are two small rhinestones. As well as for decorating the butterfly, we use two large rhinestones that we stick to the base of the upper wings.

Gentle butterfly is ready!

Manufacture of fabric

One of the more complex variants of the crafts is the manufacture of a butterfly of a fabric. To do this, you will need:

  • Two types of fabric+
  • scissors+
  • iron+
  • Threads with needle+
  • Portnovo pins.

We offer a detailed master class.

  1. Cut out two rectangles from different fabrics of 8 to 12 cm.
  2. Sew them from three sides by the involving parties outside. Cut the corners, turn the blank. Gently flashing the fourth side.
  3. Fold and sew, as shown in the picture. Consider that the front side should be outside.
  4. Following the instructions, fold and sew. First, the right lower corner bend to the left and fix the pin, then turn over and do the same. All sewing.
  5. Next, following the instructions in the picture, fold our butterfly. Every passed stage stroke the iron. Use pin to bond. Stitching all the bends, check that the butterfly work is symmetrical.

The finished butterfly can be glued to the hairpin.

How to make a butterfly from the wrapping?

From plastic bottle

As materials for the manufacture of crafts, you can use even the vents (plastic bottles, packaging from tea, coffee, shampoo bottles and so on). Of these, very beautiful and original products are obtained.

For example, you can create a butterfly from a conventional plastic bottle. To do this, you will also need:

  • Printed drawing butterfly+
  • Black felt-tip pen+
  • scissors+
  • Nail Polish Different Flowers+
  • Dry glistening+
  • rhinestones.

We list the stages of work.

  1. We take a plastic bottle, cut off from her neck and bottom. The middle cut across the rectangle.
  2. Apply a plastic blank to the butterfly pattern. I will supply it felt-tip pen.
  3. Cut out the drawn butterfly.
  4. We start painting our butterfly nail polishes. Use bright shades of varnishes so that the craft is colorful.
  5. We take a transparent varnish and apply it point in places where we will stick rhinestones. Eyes make two small rhinestones.

Multicolored plastic bottle butterfly ready! You can make a lot of such blanks and decorate the wall in the bedroom for the girl. It will look very gently and romantic.

From Capron

Gentle and elegant butterflies from Cappon can be made with their own hands. To do this, you will need unnecessary categories tights (better than a bright shade). In addition to them, still needed:

  • wire+
  • widescame sleeve+
  • toilet sleeve+
  • scissors+
  • Ostrogubs+
  • Thicks+
  • Super glue+
  • Adhesive Pistol+
  • Beads.

Work consists of several stages.

  1. We wake on the sleeve from under the tape wire to get a circle. It is necessary to leave 4-5 cm. A piece of wire from the ring, I cut off all too much.
  2. Pull out the sleeve and form a wing of the shape from the circle that we need. This can be done either with hands or nasidogubs. Left pieces of wire binding.
  3. In the same way we make the second wing. To make them the same, we apply the second top of the first, forming the same bends.
  4. To make the lower wings of smaller diameter, use the bushing from under toilet paper. We do the same actions as with the upper wings.
  5. Give the desired shape to the bottom wings.
  6. The second wing is done by the same principle. Apply it to the first to give it the same form.
  7. Cut out a square piece of stockhing, in size it should be twice the wing. I turn around the wing of the trap, and the edges we collect where the wire is connected.
  8. The collected tips of the material are fixed with the thread, then cut off the extra piece of Capron.
  9. By the same principle, we make the rest of the wings. It is important not to deform the shape of the wings when tightening Capron.
  10. Cut the wire tails using Ostrogubs. We connect all the details in one composition, fasten them with each other threads.
  11. We straighten our butterfly, straighten all the wings.
  12. Cut off 10-12 cm wire, fold it twice and put on it two big beads. The bottom will keep the loop from the wire, and the upper fixes superclaim.
  13. Free tails folded wire will become crafts. Their tips are wrapped around the beads, glit, using a glue gun. We connect the ready-made caller with the mustache and wings with a glue gun.

Elegant butterfly is ready! It can be decorated with rhinestones and beads.

About how you can make a butterfly from the jute thread, see the following video.

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